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Stump Baby Ban

You knew it had to happen. Once someone starts to censor it just starts snowballing. Where does it end? One of the things I've enjoyed here over the last 5 years was the different personalities, good or bad. The fact that some people can't stop talking to the occasional idiot is not always the idiot's fault.
This is supposed to be about creative people and their ideas but it's turned into judgement (dumbass karma idea) and retribution. All you have to do is pay attention to all of the respected names from the not too distant past, or shall I say the complete absence of those names from this forum to see the affect.
See Ya!


  • It never ceases to amaze me, those posting under the "Jolly-Rodger" of anonymity... cowardice at it's finest.

    It was I, WPB, who, in haste, circumventing the proper "chain of command" of WMK and Brenda, banned Stump Baby for what I thought was inappropriate, rude, and vulgar language in a post... the post and the language served no useful purpose.... my wife would have been offended... and "Baby Dee" is pretty thick skinned.

    I take responsibility, blame me. If you must have your pound of flesh dude, here it is. If it will satisfy your puerile need for bloodlust, I'll fall on my sword.

    My intent was to only ban Stump Baby for a short period of time. Within the hour of the post I had thought I re-enabled all settings required to un-ban him. However, due to my inexperience, I missed one setting that kept his profile banned. I apologize, it has been fixed.

    And just so you know, I have not received a dime of compensation for my efforts to code and deploy the new forum. I have been motivated by my love for my Egg, and my love of the Millers (WMK and Brenda, and for Willard Miller, father and husband, RIP, whose brainchild was this forum), I have done it on my own time, assisting WMK, who has been my close friend for over twenty years. I have spent countless hours working on code and reading complaint after complaint from the disgruntled, about how our efforts were lacking and coming up short. All WMK and myself ever tried to do was address issues of security, SPAM, email address harvesting, performance, and improvement of the user experience. I did this as time permitted, holding down a full-time job trying to run my own business.

    As for Karma.. it's gone.... it's history...outta here. Something that might have been a useful feature, rewarding those helping others, an "attaboy" if you will, has been terminated. It didn't work in this venue (and this is my personal opinion) because of abuse by, for lack of a better term, children, or if you prefer, a "monkey with a loaded gun". Most of you hated it anyway.

    And so, "nutcase", not wanting to leave you feeling the least bit unsatisfied, and assuring you get every last bit of gratification from breaking someone's spirit... I tender my resignation as your co-webmaster and forum co-developer... I wouldn't dare want to make another mistake.

    In closing let me leave you to reflect on your own words...

    "This is supposed to be about creative people and their ideas..."

    yeah right.
  • BigTBigT Posts: 385
    Sorry that you are letting an anonymous poster run you off...thank you for your efforts in getting the new Forum up and running.

    Big T
  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,773
    Celtic Wolf hands WPB a chill pill. :woohoo:

    Welcome to my world.. I was gonna change my forum handle to Mr. Negative Karma.

    OK you made a mistake. 99% of us understand mistakes. Max has his cookie, Chubby has his Bread, I have my 822 chicken, my partner calls himself 12 step because he was 12 steps away from turning in my brisket, and Nature Boy has a whole frakkin' house.

    We lub our Stump Baby and some people got real offensive; however, there is only one person you need to answer too.. Look in the mirror and you'll see him.

    Now get back to work, have a cookie, and a chicken sandwich. :laugh:

    In the words of Nature Boy

    Beers Mang
    Celtic "It's all good" Wolf..
  • RNLVRNLV Posts: 42
    I agree with the Wolf. All the atta boys seem to be doused with one mistake.
    So remeber that most of us appeciate all of your work. Take that cjhill pill and
    get back to work. :)
    Ron "been there and done that"
  • Michael BMichael B Posts: 986
    nutcase,[p]> All you have to do is pay attention to all of the respected names from the not
    > too distant past, or shall I say the complete absence of those names from this
    > forum to see the affect.[p]They are still here. Or rather...

  • my suspicion is that you have been working way too hard for free and not only need but deserve a vacation and i would like to suggest that as an alternative to resignation. i agree with kent, please read grampasgrub comment a few threads down. .stumps post was vulgar[but i enjoyed it ] and i underrstand your removing it. personally i look forward to his posts and enjoy his creativity. actually i printed it out at work and took it home for my sons to read, but that is me and i do not have your responsibilty.
    as far as i know a few questioned why he was missing but only one guest [insert profanity here] complained.
    as i posted several months ago, i look at this forum as a family. we have the drunken uncle, the horney sister in law, grandpop farts at the table, someone alway picks a fight at thansgiving...but it is still family..
    if you are feeling un-appreciated you could both take a vacation, then see the uproar.
    anyway. please retract your resignation, no appology needed, come back to work and figure out how you can get some vacation time. once the smoke clears from this maybe we can have a poll on my suggestion of little green thank you eggs,
  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,508
    Yo WPB.
    A lot of folks end up way too close to this forum and it kind of sucks you in. Not only have you been too close (how could you NOT be), but many of the folks you have to deal with are also taking it way too seriously. It's just a freakin forum! Like Bill says, there's all sorts here....dats fo sho. But it's a good group overall, and 99 out of 100 have good intentions. Take a little break, and tell yourself over and over that 99 out of 100 here appreciate the hell out of what you are doing!
    Be well, and hope to meet you in Eggtober.
    Twitter: @dizzypigbbq
    Facebook: Dizzy Pig Seasonings
    Instagram: @DizzyPigBBQ
  • Thanks so much for all your work. I hope you will stay with us, don't let the occasional coward determine how you spend your time and with whom. We are good people here, I love the new forum, I hope you stay to enjoy seeing it mature as things settle in and more folks discover how great it is.

  • EddieMac66 ain't mad atcha.....Hell....I can't even log on with my new handle and's a bit frustratin'....But I still love the matter the matter that I can't log in....This is where the BGENation hangs out....So I'm doin' what I gotta do to hang....Don't let one bad day spoil years of fun.....Hang in with us.....Grab a breath.....We...the BGENATION appreciates you and your efforts.......


    Ed McLean
    Ft. Pierce, FL
  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    i hope you do not resign. i read the post and i have read several of stumps posts and have always wondered where the line is, maybe he crossed it. i think you should be able to ban people for offensive behavior. i think the ban was warrented and i think stump should watch what he is saying. and if he has nothing better to do than to talk like that then maybe he should go somewhere else.sorry to those who don't like my opinion.

    off to work ;)

    happy eggin


    Anderson S.C.

    "Life is too short to be diplomatic. A man's friends shouldn't mind what he does or says- and those who are not his friends, well, the hell with them. They don't count."

    Tyrus Raymond Cobb

  • SundownSundown Posts: 2,971

    Don't make me come down there! (said in the stern voice of a doting grandparent) get back to work and don't worry about some nitwit and his comments. My friend Socially Unacceptable said to pass along his feelings too. "Whats the problem? Stump is just that a pretty harmless Stump."

    I appreciate your efforts and diligent work. Thank you all at Miller House.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i quit my last job because no matter how much you tried to do something right, it was always wrong.and i was getting paid, too. i feel for you.

    thanks for your efforts and hard work.

    for what it's worth, i sometimes look twice to see if a post of mine has been deleted, but i always knew that the stump would be first in line if that ever happened. thanks for not truly banning him. in fact, i think that dumping a post every now and then gives it a sort of gamesmanship, as long as he's (or any of us) not permanently canned. see, i missed his post, and now i feel left out. i think it adds a certain sport to it all. "did you see the post before they deleted it? " hahaha

    perhaps i need to get out more

    one tip... don't feel like you need to justify anything to us. for one thing, it's not a democracy, and you have other interests to attend to rather than whether stike is entertained by a stump-baby post, versus whether someone else might be insulted.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • WPB,

    Please do not take "nutcase's" stance as the norm.

    I really love the forum. I can not think of a better feature for a product such as the EGG.

    In fact, I do not believe that I would be the EGGer that I am today (only 3 months in) or would I enjoy as much as I do without this forum.

    Most of us really do appreciate you, WMK, and the rest of the team for your efforts.

  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 22,718
    stike, just so you dont feel left out
    WPM, the stump has been writing this stuff for years, its not new to the forum and its been allowed so long that i dont think he knows its wrong. there are lots here that would plead his case. if the forum is getting to you, take some time off and let it go for a while, the work you have done here is great and the forum works fine for what are needs are.
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597

    i don't think people realize how intelligent someone has to be in order to act stupid. that dude is a genius.
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • tjvtjv Posts: 3,715
    Morning WPB, just want to say thanks for your energy and efforts to make this place better. There are not many bar rails around where the chatter can be so diverse but still held together by one constant theme. So again, thanks.

    Tom ACGP, Inc.
  • I really do miss the old forum :angry: . WessB :sick: had to go whine to the owner because he had a problem with another poster and look what we've got now :( .
    Having said that I'm sure in time the problems with this site will be worked out.
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    I for one wish that you would re-consider your resignation. You're resigning is not the answer in my opinion. I'm also sure that WMK can use the help; not only now but in the future as this new forum progresses. After all, you are a fellow egghead!
    I took your suggestion and re-read Stump's post that lead to his ban. Like other's have said, this one is milder than some he has posted; but it was also in my opinion more funny than some in the past.
    I cannot speak for Stump, but I don't believe that he would want you to resign. He just want's to be noted as a contributor on a forum that he has been a part of for a lot of years.
    I did not agree with your Karma ratings; it was negative in my opinion. Now that it is gone; in my opinion-great. It was being used for the wrong reasons, and a lot of folks were getting dinged negative Karma for the wrong reasons; again in my opinion.
    With all this said; I ask that you re-consider your resignation.
  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    I for one (and I believe most of us) really appreciate all the hard work that that you, WMK and anyone else that have worked so hard to get this new forum up and running.

    Hope you feel better and hang in there, if not, thanks for all of your volunteer time and efforts in helping the forum out.

    Best Regards,
    Bob Beecher

    aka: Bordello
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i for one know that stump was thinking of ditching the forum a while back. he'd write stuff, and there were no responses.

    i hope he doesn't take this too seriously and stay away permanently
    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • HammerHammer Posts: 1,001
    I've traded e-mails back and forth with Paul going back to 2002/2003. He's not a bad guy as you know. I know that he talked about the lack of responses to his posts. I believe that the forum was going through it's proverbial changes of time, and a lot of forum members didn't or couldn't appreciate his posts; plus someone called him on it a couple of times. So he quit posting like a lot of us do. I quit for a year one time.
    He'll be back I hope.
  • Ditto. I just went back and re-read Stump's post...the one that got him banned. I have to say, I laughed harder this time than ever.

    I can't express enough how much I appreciate WPB's hard work and dedication to the development of this new form. I feel equally as appreciative of StumpBaby's clever, fun-loving creative comedy.

  • Big'unBig'un Posts: 5,909
    There is no way that I can fully understand your frustration right now,so I won't pretend to. I will say that, so many of us are very thankful for all of your colosial efforts and major contributions to this forum. I feel confident in saying that over 99% of us feel that way! Without all of your help, we wouldn't be able to read this post online and the forum would be in tatters.

    There have been a lot of growing pains as yall helped us to make the transition. Most of the reason folks were so upset and whiney at times(me included) was because this forum means so much to the folks here in Inet land who use it. Two years ago, I never would have thought that I would care so much about perfect(and not so perfect) strangers. This forum has become a family of sorts, granted, at times a rather dysfunctional family(we put the fun in dysfunctional), but the greatest majority of people who peruse through here, are the kind of people you proud to call friends. I've made some friendships here that I hope will transcend into my boys as they grow into adult hood. What a great legacy Mr. Willard Miller has left behind.

    How is this your problem? It isn't, except in the fact that you are also a part of this cyber family. There is no doubt, that when you signed on to help this forum, you did it out out love, friendship, and kindness for the Millers and the rest of us eggers too. A truly caring gift that has been tarnished by the rantings of so many of us acting in, at times, ungrateful ways. I apologize for what ever part I played in this. I hope you will stay on the forum as a fellow poster, and I hope you can regain the feeling of enjoyment and fellowship of this forum again.

    I don't know if we have ever met; but I hope some day that we do so that I can shake your hand in person, say "Thank you" to your face, for all you've done for me, my boys and my friends!
  • Well said, as usual. My feelings exactly!

  • RollocksRollocks Posts: 570

    I agree with you that language used in the offending post was offensive and inappropriate for this forum. This forum is about grilling, smoking and cooking with the Big Green Egg. So for someone to talk about his body parts in the crude manner, and not expect their to be consequences is absurd.

    An hour ban is hardly a consequence. And then when he is back, one of his post is that he can't talk about lawn mowers. Do you really think he learned his lesson?

    As to those who find his post funny, great, that doesn't mean they are appropriate for this forum. Certainly his post is not of the same nature as some one posting something about their favorite team or some event involving a family member. Those posts are generally not offensive. Personally I never read Stump's posts because I have many of them to be crude and offensive and having to do with his body parts and functions.

    To the free speech advocates, your way off base. Free speech protections apply to government actions limiting speech. This forum is owned and run by private individuals, if they want to ban, censor or limit access to their forum they are free to do so. Sure many would rather have the forum ran differently, well start your own and run it as you would like. Allow crude, offensive and obscene language. But don't fault those who run this forum for sharing your sense of humor when they take action.

    And Nutcase, I hope "see ya", you mean that you won't be back.

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