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Newbie needs help

Beef LoverBeef Lover Posts: 7
edited 11:28PM in EggHead Forum
I have done research and have decided to buy an egg to begin my smoking escapades. I will probably use it as my main grill too. I am going to buy the Large Egg. What are some of the "must have" accessories to get with it? [p]Thanks in advance.[p]Bill


  • Congratulations on your choice. Definitely get a plate setter for your smoking needs. Perhaps you will need an ash tool and/or grid gripper for removing your cooking grate when it gets hot.

    Hope this helps!

    Happy egging,

  • Bill,
    There are some way more experienced people on this board. However, I was in your shoes a couple years ago. I read that you should buy the largest one you can afford, and I did. Bought the XL and never looked back. If you want to use it as a smoker (which I do 90% of the time), you will need a platesetter for indirect cooking. Also, you will probably want to raise the grid. You can find some excellent directions at:

    [ul][li]Naked Whiz[/ul]
  • Also, a drip pan that fits between the inverted plate setter and porcelain grate for low and slow cooking, and a decent meat thermometer, possibly on with an RF remote display is nice to have too.

    Jack in Vienna, VA
  • Bill,[p]Start out easy as there are a lot of goodies you will want. Some are offered here on the forum.[p]You will want:
    . ash tool
    . Grid lift, however, I would contact thirdeye and pick his up
    . Plate setter is important as a first item.
    Lump of course
    . If you don't build or buy a table then I really like the wings (but not necessary).
    . Some starter's or a MAPP torch to light the lump. (you will find there are a lot of starting options).
    . Possibly a cover for your egg (not necessary)
    . some every day things, HDAF, EVOO, spatulas, paper towls just some of the common things that you would use with cooking.[p]That will get you started with some good cooking and you will learn there are a lot more things you want to add.[p]Not necessary but I sure like:
    . V rack
    . Rib rack (can use V rack)
    . Dutch Oven (wall mart has some inexpensive nice ceramic dutch ovens)
    . I really like the spider and adjustable rack from tvj
    . I also have the extender rack which I like and also use
    . good welders gloves (you will quickly learn why)
    . I also have a couple of pair of cotton gloves, keeps hands clean when handling grids (grates) etc.
    . I have a box of medical gloves for handling meat (food handlers gloves work just as well)
    . My next buy will be cast iron grate
    . Powered vent system (a bit expensive, but I sure like mine and I am going to get another).
    . second egg (I never thought I would but I did).
    . Pizza stone[p]There will be more...[p]You will really enjoy your egg.[p]Kent

  • Bill,[p]I have two eggs -- M & S. I decided NOT to build them into tables -- too hard to get in and out when I wanted to.[p]I build a very modest outdoor kitchen. The eggs sit elevated about 13" from the deck, side-by-side. Then, right next to the second egg is a built-in table "L" shaped table, 5' on a side, with a drop sink on the far end.[p]I leave my eggs out in all weather -- haven't had any issues, 'cept'n the occasional raccoon that stops by lookin' for handouts. For the most part, my dogs keep him away.[p]~ B

  • HokieBGE,
    I was going to suggest this site also. This site will give you all the info you need to get started and then some. As far as size goes, it depends on how large a family you have or how many you'll be cooking for on a regular basis. I have a family of four and never need more than a large 99% of the time. I do have a medium on standby for those rare occasions.

  • Daisy wheel (that usually comes with it), ash tool (ditto), and platesetter (have to purchase separate). A nest until/if you build a table. Some good gloves as the egg can put out some high temps.
  • Daisy wheel (that usually comes with it), ash tool (ditto), and platesetter (have to purchase separate). A nest until/if you build a table. Some good gloves as the egg can put out some high temps.
  • Mike-RRMike-RR Posts: 181
    Bill, I would recommend the following:

    - Plate setter
    - MAPP gas torch
    - Grate extender

    That should get you going to start smoking. Another thing I would recommend would be to install the cast iron grate with the beveled holes facing downward. During the first long and slow cook I did, I ended up with lots of small pieces of lump stuck on the grate. Since I've turned it upside down, all is well.

    Hope that helped.
  • Grandpas Grub,[p]Thanks for the input![p]Bill
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    "must have" means a lot of things to different people.[p]you really don't "need" anything other than the egg.
    you can do indirect set ups without the plate setter, but now that i have one, it's just easier.[p]i went a year without an ash tool, just stirred the coals (and raked out ash) with a stoopid $2 spatula i got at the hardware store (while buying lump), and which i bent over at the business end. ash tool is more sturdy, and i have that now too.[p]if you have deep pockets, load up. but you can cook right out of the box without anything else. except lump, of course.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stike,[p]Dad-gum-it stike, there you go again. All that thought and typing I did shot to heck in a handbasket. LOL[p]Bill, there you go, stike has best answer yet.[p]Yup, just get cooking. You will find plenty of to pick up all the accessories.[p]Happy New Year all. Kent[p]
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Grandpas Grub,
    just cuz i doan have them doan mean i don't WANT them![p]hahaha
    i just didn't want the guy to think he couldn't cook unless he got a Woo2, etc. etc.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stike,[p]I think your response is the perfect answer.[p]I walked out of the dealer $1,180 out of the wallet and the new large and a few must haves (but not many) in the Jeep. That was late summer sometime.[p]Now 180# of lump gone, my newest accessory was a Medium.[p]Still fat, dumb and happy, what more could and old fart like me want.[p]Except for that darn Spring (braggin about his new mini) Chicken[p]Happy New Years.[p]Kent
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