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The good, the bad and the BGE

egger aveegger ave Posts: 580
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This afternoon I finished cooking shrimp for an appetizer marinated in coconut milk, garlic, ginger and lime juice. Easy deal on my BGE, took about 5 mins to cook 30 shrimp, turned out great. [p][p]Later on we went the party at a friends house who have a rusty Nxx Bxxxxxxxs grill with a warped lid burning Kingsford lump. I got to cook chicken, beef kabobs, onions, mushrooms skewers and garlic for 30 people on this clunker. What a nightmare, no temperature control for 2 hours! And me trying to keep everyhting in site from burning to crisp! The lid would seal if you pushed down on it hard enough.[p][p]In the meantime, another friend brought his Large BGE over to cook the chicken on the same patio. No comparison in the ease of use and work for pit crew. he got to drink a lot more beer than I did and even sit down.[p][p]Lots of harassment from the gasser guys about the BGE but no complaints on the food. [p][p]It easy to forget how much work grilling is with the wrong tools.

1 Large BGE, 1 Mini BGE, 1 Minimax BGE, Original wife and 4 dogs living in the heart of BBQ country in Round Rock Texas. "Friends don't let friends cook with propane"


  • eggerave,[p]Yep, after getting my Eggs I've lost almost all interest in steel cookers.[p]
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    was at my in-laws last year. no grill, so we borrowed the neighbor's next door. he was hovering constantly. was like a hobo on a ham sandwich. he taunted "oh, i keep hearing how your steaks are the best in the world. what's so special?" so i'm smiling and kissing his *ss because i'm cooking his steak and about 12 others, and my wife tells me to play nice. well, effing gasser P.O.S is flaring up, ribeyes are burning to sh!t at maybe 400 degrees. to top it off he says he likes his well done.[p]i pretty much just sucked it up and let the thing incinerate the steaks. basically spent fibe minutes shuffling them away from the fire.[p]he says, begrudgingly, "damn good steak, man". yeah right. but what did he know inna first place? worst steaks i ever cooked. just goes to show you, most folks dunno nuthin bout steak. took me a year of BGE steaks to know what was what.[p]they just had an expose' in the boston globe about restaurants touting their 'prime' steaks, but ends up it's 46 bucks for choice.[p]the actual defense offered by the chef was that most people don't know or appreciate the difference, and no one ever asks any questions.[p]you know what? he's right.[p]

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stike,[p]I understand. I have friends who are gassers that are not conent until their food is properly incinerated. Then, they complain about me using charcoal.[p]I agree, the chef you talked about is right. Most diners would not appreciate a prime steak.
  • eggerave,
    My wife says I don't know how to play nice with gassers. But I love to rub it in. LMAO My neighbor is always bragging on how he is the best on BBQ. Every time we have a community party. I sat back and listen to this time after time and kept my mouth shut. Well the last time got to me. So I gave him a Bobby Flay challenge. A good old throw down on any type of cook he wanted, everyone one was having a good time and was laughing now. I told him accept my challenge or shut up. Now some of my friends and neighbors new and kept quite. My wife was getting real pissed off at me by now. A couple of my buds step up and said they were going to go out buy Steaks and Chicken for the following week end and have a cook off by the community pool. He was so embarrassment he had to accept. Now the wife is real pissed off at me. She says why you don’t just leave it alone. I just hate it when gassers think they’re the best and think the BGE is a joke.
    That week got my rubs all made up no thanks to the wife. Saturday morning came my buds came over to move my large BGE, I just can’t do it because of my health. We started out cooking the chicken parts. Well I sat back and watch and was having fun now. He (Tom) was going crazy with his gasser flaming up and was using all kinds of excuses. The chicken came off and I did not even use sauce, just lemon pepper, salt and fresh lemon. He was done way before me, and was now feeling good. The guys grab three people two woman and one guy, for the taste test. Started our steaks, I put on my spider and cast iron grid. They cooked up so nice. The same three people tested the steaks. Needless to say he had no chance, the scores came back the BGE won hands down. His chicken was so bad no one wanted it, full of sauce to cover up the burnt skin. Steaks came out over cooked. I went over to him to shake his hand to say nice try and he would not shake my hand and storm off and left his gasser there. I let the BGE do all my talking for me and it was fun. After that everyone wanted me to do all their community cooks and he wont come around anymore. Tom will not even talk to me now and I did not want that to happen. So you know the wife was not a happy camper. [p]Dolphine1.jpg
    Pork Butt Mike

  • eggerave,[p]I know what you guys mean. Went to a party recently, brother-in-law of a friend is cooking and he said, "Give me a gas grill, a couple of beers, you'll think you are dining at a restaurant." Ugh. Overcooked chicken, hot dogs were shriveling the moment they hit the pans, burgers were uninspired. He's off bragging to his buddies how good he is and I am biting my tongue so hard my teeth met.[p]I have to work real hard these days not to say anything to these idiots and that includes my own brother-in-law. He thinks he's such a great cook. I don't have the heart to tell him he isn't that good.[p]Tom[p][p][p]

  • Pork Butt Mike,[p]Great job and must have been a great time too![p]Simple question: you mention the cast iron and spider. What is the spider you refer to?[p]thanks,[p]eddy-turn
  • eddy-turn,
    I use the spider alot with my cast iron and also if I want a fast low cook with a 15" grate.[p]Dolphine1.jpg
    Pork Butt Mike

  • TomCPA,
    Just let your egg do your talking for you. Thats what I have to learn to do from here on out.[p]
    Pork Butt Mike

  • Pork Butt Mike,
    You could give him a BGE as a makeup/consulation present:-)[p]Think about it he could roast his crow on it and brag about how good it came out vs what his gasser would have produced.

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