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I want to buy an egg!

BBQDanBBQDan Posts: 2
edited 9:22PM in EggHead Forum
I would like to buy an egg, but am really confused by the process. I am the kind of guy that likes to get the best deal. We have about 5 egg dealers in a 50 mile radius and each has a different price for the same set up. When I went to the closest dealer and asked him if he would sell me an egg for what the other dealers price he got really offended and said he is not going to start a price war. He said its the service that counts and if I think the other dealer has better service then him, I should buy it from the other dealer.[p]Question: Why does the Egg need so much service? This dealer told me he is available 24/7.[p]Question: Why do dealers get offended when you try to get a better price?[p]Then there are the internet deals. If there is no warranty with an internet sale why do some internet dealers claim that they are authorized dealers and the warranty will still be valid if the egg is purchased and shipped thru them?[p]Question: Is there or is there not a warranty on an internet sale?[p]Honestly I am really being turned off by the Big Green Egg distribution process. It seem to me like The Egg Company wants to only sell its product thru small retail outlets and develop a cult like following. I have been cooking for 20 plus years and I don't need anyone holding my hand or talking down to me when I buy a new cooker. I just want the best deal. I really want to try an egg but I am about to the point where it is not worth it.[p]I have been buying cookers for 20 plus years and never experienced this kind of frustration in trying to get a good deal when I buy a product.


  • BBQDan,
    I'm looking at your comments and really don't see where the dealer went so wrong. He just wanted you to know about "his" service and was selling you on that and the BGE. I'd go to the others you mentioned and talk to them, it may be just a personality clash or something.

  • BBQDan,[p]
    Answer One: It doesn't, but if something should break it is nice to know the dealer has the warranted parts available.[p]Answer two: They are in business to make money, but being inflexible isn't a good business practice. However, expecting them to cut into their profits too much isn't good either.[p]Answer three: There are NO authorized online sellers despite what they tell you. See answer two for the reason they lie to you.[p]BGE is actually trying to protect the buyers of it's product. If you hang out here long enough you will here all kinds of horror stories about online dealers noy honoring a warranty.[p]I don't work for BGE, but I do own five of them. Each one is worth it.[p]

  • RichardRichard Posts: 698
    What part of the country are you in? Are you able to get to Atlanta 19/20th Oct for the 10th Annual Eggtoberfest?
    Hang around you might like to join the "CULT"

  • BBQDan,[p]Look at dealer A and dealer B.[p]Which has the larger inventory, and which stocks lots of accessories? Who has been in business for a while?[p]There's a "dealer-A" close to me who doesn't know squat about the BGE. There's another [dealer-B]who will extend **excessive** amounts of time coaching me through difficult cooks and encouraging me... and this guy knows I don't have any more bucks to buy another egg.[p]Guess which one I send my friends to... even though dealer-A will beat dealer B's prices... if he has what-cha need in stock...[p]I wouldn't let $50 for a Large set-up make the sale. Look to the fellow who's going to be there for you... this is the one who's going to give you the biggest bang for the buck...[p]...and maybe it will be the "cheaper" sale up front... Only you can determine that.[p]====[p]But - Your firebox will eventually crack. The fire ring will eventually crack... These are covered by lifetime warranty... Have a dealer who will stand with you, not one who saved you $50 up front and isn't there any longer.[p]===[p]I'm one of the new lids on the block. EVERYONE says to avoid on-line sales... I really don't know why, but my gut says everyone can't be wrong about this.[p]Good luck --[p]Be sure to get an EGG. You'll never want to go back to a metal gasser or even a metal char grill...[p]~ Broc[p][p]
  • I don't understand the shopping frustration. [p]If price is your determining criteria for buying your egg, quit stressing, get on the phone, find the cheapest price, and go buy it. [p]If for some reason you need someone to look after you down the road, just remember that you sacrificed service to save some money on the front end. [p]Go get your egg - you're wasting cooking time!
  • BBQDan,
    I can see your point.
    It is hard to define a good deal!!! (Free would be a good deal to some) When I first looked into an Egg I thought the price was very high,(I was all over the internet to but have a hard time trusting it) but 10 years before when I had to have a webber gasser $700.00 was no big deal!!! When others heard that it was $700.00 for a gas grill they thought I was NUTS, but it served me well and for ten years. (A good deal to me but not others)
    Now that I have a large Egg I wish I was aware of the egg 11 years ago.(Same price as the old gasser) In my opinion a great product that comes with an even greator Cult, the forum is a tremendous support group. figure out which dealer you are happy with and get an Egg I believe you will be very happy in the end.
    I need the support from any company of a product that I purchase and in order for that to happen they need to make money!!!
    If you can get to an egg fest it will be the best deal possible and you will meet some of the nicest people in the world and learn even more.
    Good luck in your choice of cookers.
    Jim and KayNOcook

  • BBQDan,[p]What makes you think that all BGE dealers get offended? How many dealers have been offended during your search? Maybe it's your approach. Just ask the dealer if he'd like to match a price or sell you one at your price, and don't take it personal if they decline. Then move on to the next dealer until you get a deal that you are happy with. I don't know for sure but I imagine that the reason BGE doesn't warrant internet purchases is that damage can occur during shipping and that's beyond their control. However, if you want to take the risk and get a better deal thru the internet, that's always an option, but you'd be taking the risk of shipping, etc. Where do you live? I can put you on a dealer that provides competitive prices as well as great service if you are in the Atlanta area. Another option is to buy one directly from the company at an eggfest in your area. You won't be sorry either way. Be ready once you have on to obsess over lump charcoal, pork butts, ribs, steaks, accessories, and this forum!
  • BBQDan,
    I'm a newbie, have had an XL BGE since May, when I bought it at the Waldorf, MD "Eggfest". From what I've seen and heard, the fests are really the only place to get a material break on prices - plus they're a lot of fun, and you really learn a lot about this particular cooking device. [p]I'm not sure what the service issue is all about either, but I keep hearing how good the "mothership" (home office in Atlanta) is for after-the-sale service. I'm sure I'll want a replacement part sometime, and I'll contact the home office. [p]In terms of finding someone to do business with, my bias is to get someone that is very convenient - I live in a very busy, high-traffice metro area (WDC), and don't like driving all over the place to save a few dollars. So I probably would just find a dealer I like, get their best price, and learn to enjoy your new toy, and you will enjoy it. [p]Good luck. [p]Don B.

  • BBQDan,[p]I have the same problem when trying to buy a car. Every dealer is trying to sell me on their service, while they're all telling me that their cars are so reliable, so why do i need all this service? Then on top of that, they hate it when i tell them the dealership across the street is offering a lower price. They get really offended when i take a nice long test drive and play dumb, but i already know the lowball price out there. FInally, there's those internet price deals that seem much lower than the dealers are willing to go whenever i talk with them. I guess i'll go feed some oats to Mr. Ed, i'm at the point where its just not worth it.
  • Just Plain Mike,
    Your last sentence it the real truth!!!!

  • BBQDan,
    Hey you guy's KayNocook want's to know if you know that there is football games on the tube? I tell her that I can watch the game and surf the forum at the same time!!!!

  • BBQDan,
    if you don't want the egg, try the grill dome, it's a similar product and less expensive. Just search the net for it's site and forum. You will love any ceramic dome type cooker, regardless of what you choose.

  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    Barring a fest demo Egg. Which one is closest? How many accessories do they carry. Ask about warranty parts.[p]I've heard of some guys having their dealer drive parts to them on weekends. If that is the kinda service your getting then I'd say paying a few extra bucks at a more expensive dealer may be worth it if that is what your looking for.[p]All dealers are not equal. The guy telling you he is there 24/7 sounds like one of the better ones. [p]I can understand him not wanting to start a price war. I suspect these guys may know each other and each has different price points based on a number of factors. I just this week found out that the Sears closest to me pays a much higher rent than the mall store which was a surprise to me, the did however match the price I noticed the difference on when I commented on it. I was going to pay it (3.49 vs 2.99) because I needed the staples but the offer was appreciated. I've never had a problem with a craftsman product failing, a reason for me to pay the extra few dollars for them.

  • BBQDan,
    I didn't read all the replies, but I can tell you of my experience.
    I got my egg from the closest distributor who also happened to have the lowst prices-good prices, just lower than the others (in one case, $100 less).[p]When I wanted to get a plate setter he had to order it and I had to cover S&H so a $29 platesetter cost me $39 and a $20 pizza stone cost me $30 and it was all ordered at the same time. Now a year later he carries these things.[p]Also re: warrantee- in the first year my fire ring broke (which ddn't affect performance). so I asked to get a replacement. The free part was going to cost me $30 in S&H, so I declined.[p]Therefore, ask the local guy with the great service what happens if you need accessories that he has to order, do you pay more as a result? Warrantee service-are you on the hook for S&H or is that something he can make go away? Some of the regulars on this board are dealers and they thought it was unconscionable that the S&H costs were passed on to me.[p]Ask the other dealers too.

  • I think there are at least two issues here. The first has to do with the price. Shopping and comparing are a life style for many. The other has to do with the way that the Big Green Egg company does business. Neither of these two issues should cloud the discussion about the main issue: the quality, dependability, etc. of the Egg and the things that are cooked upon it. I too have issues with the way the company operates but if their current practices don't change that's fine by me. I REALLY am impressed with the product, and that's where it all ends up.

  • Dear everybody that reads this post and to the person that wants to buy an Egg. [p]I am a BGE dealer in Eastern Pa. and fellow Egghead. [p]If you are in that general area, contact me off list and I am sure I can satisfy you.

    [ul][li]Fred's Music and BBQ Supply[/ul]
    Fred A. Bernardo , owner of Tasty Licks BBQ Supply in Shillington, Pa. 
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Flashback Bob,
    shipping shouldn't cost you a damn thing because the dealer SHOULD be getting the replacement from the distributor, not mailed up direct from HQ.[p]the presumption is that your dealer is selling enough stuff that they can either have one 'tossed in' the next delivery from the distributor, or they take a part off the floor and they deal with getting a new one to replace that.[p]hold one. can't type. waitning for dustin to homer...

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • BBQDan,
    I don't know all the circumstances... maybe the guy that got upset about the price shopping maybe has a high rent for his building or is having a tough times with his business. My Sister and her husband were run out of their small business when Wal-Mart opened in their town. People flocked to it like Buzzards to a dead animal. My best advice is to shop around silently and then look at all the factors and make an informed purchase. BUYING THE EGG IS A NO BRAINER!

  • BBQDan,[p]The quality of the green egg product and cooking results is unquestioned. Your issue is with the independent retailers that handle the process. It helps to keep in mind that each of them has different margins based upon their overhead costs. Also, unquestionably, there are differences between retailers.[p]My recommendation is to first choose the green egg, second choose the retailer that you are most comfortable with, and then ask if they can meet the price you believe to be the lowest available.[p]I haven't shopped the eggs in the way you have. But, my guess is that the variable difference (on a large egg) could not be more than $75.00 between dealers.[p]Another way of looking at this is to consider the dollar cost of 1) shopping these dealers (mileage?) and 2) of your time.[p]Any way -BUY YOUR EGG ASAP AND GET ON TO THE TRANSORMATIONAL EXPERIENCE OF COOKING ON THE BEST PRODUCT ON THE MARKET![p]Respectively,[p]eddy-turn

  • BBQDan,
    I went through the same thing in the greater Okla. City area. I was pricing a whole package with the Large. The cheapest price was not the closest. I asked the closest dealer (Everything Barbeque) if he could match the other quys. He offered to drop some but not the full amount. He was not offended by my asking. In several subsequent conversations with all the dealers, I decided that the closest (and most expensive) was by far the better deal. They put it together for me. They very carefully loaded it into my wifes vehicle. They know the answers to my questions and have helped me with(good)advice, as they are all "users".
    I now have two Larges and one Small Egg, and didn't even think to ask about price after the initial buy. I know when I get real value for my money. On the Friday right before Labor Day, I asked my wife to go pick up a Small Egg, along with a bunch of goodies. Even though they were 15 minutes from closing, they offered to round up everything on the list, put the Small together, and get us off and running. This kind of service is worth a few bucks! When they don't have an item in stock, they order it fast and don't charge a shipping fee. None of the other (cheaper) dealers gave me any indication they would give this level of service. I don't know that the most expensive is always the best over-all dealer, but is sure worked for me. Good luck, and most of all....get an Egg!

  • BBQDan,
    I have 3 slightly used Eggs left from a competition that have been used once at sell for $699 in California. But price shouldn't be your only consideration. I keep 3-4 large, 2 medium and small Eggs in stock all the time. I have more accessories than my distributor. I sell wood, rubs, sauce and books. ALL of my staff have Eggs and we compete on them and know them well. We pride ourselves in being the best retailer in our region so if my regular price is higher than the internet wannabes it's because we've earned it. I think you would be best served to toss out your location and get some feedback on where your best dealer is within reason. The folks on this forum won't hold back and won't steer you wrong. If you're out this way we would be happy to take care of you. Just keep in mind that my manager can put his arms clear around an XL and carry two larges at one time. When customers get to whiny about price he tends to squash them like bugs.

  • hiseggcelency,[p]Thank you for your comment and example. You are exactly the type of dealer I am talking about. $699 for a slightly used Egg give, me a break; I can buy a new egg locally for $699. Plus your egg knowledge, know it all attitude, better then all the other dealers, big inventory, and I am doing you a favor by charging you more because I earned it does not mean a hill of beans if you are out of business tomorrow, which you well could be if your manager continues to squash your customers like bugs.[p]To all the other’s who responded, thank you for your comments. I continue to research my purchase and will let you know if I end up buying an Egg.

  • hiseggcelency,[p] Wow I am so glad I meet Darryl Smith before I had the dishonor of meeting you. I may not have bought an Egg. Smitty is hands down THE BEST Egg Retailer in California. I know for a fact that Sierra Distributor has a lot more accessories then you claimed to have. Furthermore the last I knew there was only one Egg dealer in Sacramento and that was BBQ Galore in Elk Grove. The last place I'd buy an Egg or Eggessories from is BBQ Galore. [p] As an active member of the CBBQA I know most of the competing Eggs teams in California. Who did you say you were again?[p] Dan had some legitimate questions/concerns and all you did was mock him.[p] Seeing as I can also put my arms around a XL and I have a NY attitude I tend to turn aggressive managers into Mincemeat. Glad I didn't meet yours. I wonder how the Sacramento BBB would feel about retailers threatening potential customers.

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