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dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
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We had some good eats yesterday. Pulled pork, ribs, rack of lamb. I've been wanting to try making rack of lamp for a while now. All I have to say is wow wow wow. I cooked it to around 145 because of the company and I knew better than to have it to "raw looking". Didn't dry out and was juicey and tender and just wow.[p]laborday07002.jpg[p]laborday07017.jpg[p]laborday07010.jpg[p]laborday07023.jpg


  • dhuffjr,[p]Tri-tip weekend for me (1st time we have tried it...) ..... Friday night served hot - yum! Saturday on appetizers (no pics). (They went real fast). Sunday sliced thin with roasted peppers on a salad... (I highly recommend this for leftovers.)[p]Going to Costco today to stock up with more. Oh, my wife was craving shrimp on Saturday so we did some of those also (lots of garlic and rosemary.)[p]


  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    <p />dhuffjr,[p]That lamb looks great! Here are some Happyteasers from the weekend.[p]~thirdeye~

    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • rbeye1.jpg
    <p />dhuffjr,
    Nice looking lamb. I still need to try that.
    Steak last week.[p]Mike

  • Pace Yourself,
    What's the Costco in your area getting for tri tips? So many of our stores here in the KC area are very proud of tri tips selling for 6.50 to 7.00 a pound. Your pictures are great, my lips are watering.

  • mr toadmr toad Posts: 666
    <a href=roots.jpg</a>">
    <p />today i am planting the fall and winter potager[p]thinking a bit about cooking "roots" later in the season[p]mr toad

    In dog Beers - I have had only one !
  • Letts-Do-It,[p]I believe the tri-tip was 5.99/lb and I can not really imagine doing any other red meat for a while. It was real good hot or cold and went fast....[p]Cheers!
  • FidelFidel Posts: 10,171
    dhuffjr,[p]Here are a few from the weekend.[p]Chicken Wings Saturday:[p]P9010006.jpg[p][p]Spatchcock Turkey Sunday:[p]TurkeyDone.Small.jpg[p]
    And finally, Blues Hog Ribs a la Car Wash Mike Monday:[p]Ribs.Small1.jpg[p]

  • Pace Yourself,
    that looks great!!. .. one comment if i could. .. tri-tip has a really funky grain line to it. .. if i'm looking correctly, it looks like you sliced starting from one of the "points" of the triangle.. . you will actually get much more tender slices if you start cutting across the 90 degree corner of the roast. ...that is more square to the grain of the meat. . .it results in longer and shorter slices, but i think you'll find them even more tender than what you have there. .. just my 2 cents. . .oh yeah, and i love buying those big packs of tri-tips at my costco. ..i think i pay around 6 bucks a pound as well. .. [p]max

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    <p />dhuffjr,
    these are some cherrystones i did at about 500 (til they opened), with some grapevine and guava smoke. we've had a pantload of seafood in our time, but after doing paella with some cherrystones, my wife said she'd never bother eating another one again if it didn't have that hint of smoke. so, i just went ahead and did them by themselves. really nice. the broth is amazing, too.[p]followed that with some NY strips, on greens, with some good parmigiana, olive oil, balsamic v, salt, pepper. nothing better. chec k out them hipster vintage cocktail glasses, baby! got a hendrick's G&T going, with a spear of cuke from the garden (not my garden, though).[p]strip.jpg[p]last official day of summer was spent having a camp out with the boys. we listened to the sox game until we both fell asleep. hahaha. the younger boy didn't make it the first half hour, so it was just me and his older brother. had to dial in a sports chat station when i woke up at midnight to get the score. first thing he asks, maybe 5:30 in the morning "did the sox win?". i'll tell you, if i'm lying in a hospital bed fifty years from now as the lights slowly go dim, and he and his brother remember that night, i'll be happy.[p]here's base camp (our yard has four terraces, this is the uppermost).[p]basecamp.jpg[p]did some popcorn on the beheaded BGE chiminea. [p]popcorn.jpg[p]and here's a last shot that i took, with no flash. the end of summer. toasting marshmallows for smores. [p]HandTmarshmallows.jpg[p]

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • JeevesJeeves Posts: 461
    thirdeye,[p]Happy Teasers? I don't know if they would be Happy to me becuz I have no idea what they are![p]They look like scallops on a wood plank..???
  • burgerIMG_1945.jpg
    <p />dhuffjr,[p]How about a burger? [p]Mike

  • dhuffjr,[p]NICE looking lamb! One of my very favorites![p]Last night we had our best pizza yet![p]Started with foccacia dough from our local Italian produce etc. market. It made a nice, thin, crispy crust.[p]No sauce, just smoked chicken leg meat left over from Sunday night's cook, Mexican melting (quesadilla) cheese, pecorino, diced red onion, halved kalamata olives and fresh from the garden, diced ripe tomatoes, oregano and basil leaves. Although we used a lot of ingredients, we didn't pile it on, trying to keep the end product thin and crisp. On @ 550° for about 20 minutes. The B&B Oak lump gave these just enough smoke flavor.[p]Ground a little pepper and drizzled a little EVOO just before eating. Wow![p]IMG_2219sm.jpg[p]IMG_2221sm.jpg[p]
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Lawn Ranger,
    i thought it was gonna be a pic of the new baby!

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    Jeeves,[p]Happy Teasers? ... They look like scallops on a wood plank..???[p]Bingo. "Happyteasers" is thirdeye lingo. I serve stuff before the meal as a teaser or appetizer if you wish. I tag them happyteasers when they are a hit. BTW, ones that are a flop are tagged "crappytizers".[p]~thirdeye~[p]
    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • JeevesJeeves Posts: 461
    I want them carb-sticks!
  • JeevesJeeves Posts: 461
    Yeah - what the heck is he doing giving birth to a hamburger and fries @ 8:30, unless that's what she craved after labor!?! Ah, labor day, cute!
  • Pace Yourself,
    Thanks for the reply. I just called a place where I haven't purchased meat for awhile and they gave me 4.99 a pound and less when on sale (no price).The place has been around for ever. The butcher shop is called Bichelmeyers. I hope Car Wash Mike is listening.

  • ChubbyChubby Posts: 2,939
    DobieDad,[p]That is outstanding Rodger!![p]Daaammmm near.... "Art", is what that is!!!![p]Ann's looking over my shoulder...and we're both thinking....Lunch!![p]Hope the both of you are well!!![p]Evans n Ann
    I spent most of my money on good bourbon, and bad women...the rest, I just wasted!!
  • dhuffjrdhuffjr Posts: 3,182
    That is most excellent. Awesome times with your kids.[p]Matthew and I had the best time on our Omaha road trip.[p]I just got him on the bus for kindergarten. The kid has bugged me for the last two hours...."is it time yet"....I suspect his eagerness for school won't last forever. LOL[p]H

  • Chubby,[p]Yeah . . . I know. And not even one bite left over :([p]I was thinking of running out for more dough as I put that post together.[p]Greetings back at y'all.[p]R
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    believe it or not, we have yet another day off before school starts wednesday! [p]i like being able to be around for the boys. one of the reasons i dropped out of the game (rat-race) was to be around while the little dudes were actually still little. [p]i think next year we're going to get a bigger tent, and go actual fer-real camping.[p]...didn't take enough vacation this summer. poorly planned. i like to take a week a month during the summer, and a couple weeks over the winter. didn't come together this summer, so it felt like "let's hurry up and sleep out tonight"[p]the boys like school, thankfully. as you said, we'll see how long THAT lasts

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,426
    cool - thanks for sharing. BTW that tent looks rather small for all three of you so I assume you slept under the stars - right?

    Dunlap, IL
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    oh. trust me. it WAS too small. four and a half by five and a half feet.
    my little guy didn't even go in. he grabbed his "buddies" (stuffed animals) and said good night. and i walked him in the house. that left me and H.[p]he fit fine, but i couldn't straighten my legs out. hahaha i woke up every couple hours and tried to stretch. but my legs are a little hinky today.[p]

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,993
    Ok I feel properly punished now for not making it up there.

  • Bobby-Q,[p]Haaaa![p]Didn't you know that I was testing those lamb spare rib recipes solely in anticipation of your visit?[p]That's OK. My BGEs still cook in your 'off' season.[p]See ya when.....
  • stike,
    Those are some very cool pics, My Friend!

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Lawn Ranger,
    thanks boss![p]it was fun... great day.
    congrats again, to you, too.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • 61chev61chev Posts: 539
    dhuffjr, These are some spares I did Sunday for the nascar race
    1st pic 1 hour into the cook and spritz
    2nd 3 hours in and spritz
    3rd 5.5 hours in sauced and ready to slice
    4th sliced and ready to eat

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    Lawn Ranger,
    Congrats, how many is that now? Great looking burger! -RP

  • SSN686SSN686 Posts: 3,003
    Morning dhuffjr:[p]Nice looking lamb...we did some chops a couple of weeks ago that were very tasty.[p]This weekend was a bit crazy. I had planned on doing a brisket for Saturday, Ribs on Sunday and finish with 4 pork butts Sunday night/Monday. I put the brisket (6.08# flat) on early Saturday morning thinking it would take until at least 2:00 or 3:00 to be done. Well, it was in a hurry and got done closer to 12:30. The son, DIL and grandson weren't coming over until 7:30 so I tried keeping it warm in the oven at 170. It kept warm, but also dried out too much. It was still tasty, just dry.[p]P9010008.jpg[p]About noon we found out we needed to go to Tallahassee and back on Sunday (four hour drive each way), so I threw the ribs on after the brisket came off. These came off after 5+ hours and while not CWM quality, I was happy with them.[p]P9010005.jpg[p]Once we got home Sunday night at about 10:00pm I threw the 4 butts on and ended up taking them off between 1:00pm and 3:00pm as they got done. Then wrapped these in foil while we went to a party where I took the mini along and did shrimpburgers (no picturs). Once we got back from the party we pulled the four butts. This was when I checked on them after about 9 hours Monday morning. [p]P9030012.jpg[p]A busy, but fun weekend of cooking.[p]Have a GREAT day!

    Have a GREAT day!


    Brandon, FL


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