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Is there another brand anyone uses that burns as well as BGE brand? BGE starters are expensive when you have to buy them every two weeks. I use my Egg 5-6 times a week. Thanks for your answers.


  • RRPRRP Posts: 13,274
    upteen answers to that question! Though an electric starter sounds like what you want, though people swear by MAPP gas, I prefer Weber cubes or Char-Broil's Sure-2-Burn packets. Some folks even buy those fireplace starter logs and whittle off a chunk. Heck even a paper napkins with olive oil does the trick.

    Dunlap, IL
  • Bryaninatlanta,
    How many are you using to start your fire? I find that one (I've even gotten half of one to work) is sufficient. I cook 5-6 times per week on my BGE as well... I got my BGE (Large) a month or so ago and I'm still on my first box.

  • Lee Clark,
    2. That's what the directions say. I have never tried just one, but if you say it works I'll give it a go. Thanks

  • jwirlwindjwirlwind Posts: 319
    This is the way to start the Egg. I promise you will NOT a better or safer way to start the fire, quick and without sparks burning your arms. [p][p]Chef Jerry

  • Jwirlwind,
    Looks scary. I HATE propane. That's why I own an Egg. If you endorse this I'll give it a try for $25.00. Thanks!

  • KingerKinger Posts: 147
    Bryaninatlanta,[p]I have been buying something similar to the BGE starters at Academy Sports. They have an end that you can strike like a match (although I don't use them that way). They are about 5 inches long and an in wide. I break off two 1x1 pieces and start the egg with that. Works great. Sometimes I break the 1x1 pieces in half and spread them around into four spots in the egg.[p]Kinger
  • Kinger aka JNK,
    That is exactly what I have been using. They are called "Strike-A-Fire" made by Diamond, the maker of strike on box matches. They come 32 to a box for around six dollars. One starter broken in half lights the lump everytime for me. I like it alot more than the BGE starters as it smokes alot less and doesn't seem to have as many VOC's.

  • smutttsmuttt Posts: 14
    If there is an ACE hardware store near you look in grill section for a product called "fatwood". They are 3-4in. long little pieces of wood made for firestarting and really easy to lite. If you split them little pieces like I do one bag will last several months.

  • BENTEBENTE Posts: 8,337
    i just gradguated to mapp gas. but i have been using the BGE brand when i could find them. i found rutland makes fire starters that are basicly the same thing as the BGE brand. they are mush more econocamicly(sp) sound they run $9 at ace hardware for 144 squares. i usually broke them in half then split them in half again to make 4 pieces they worked like a charm.
    mapp gas is the way to go IMHO tho![p]happy eggin

    happy eggin


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  • Bryaninatlanta,we use "Futures Firestart'r Sticks". We like them better than the BGE sticks. I use just one stick broke in half to start my fire. They are $1.99 a package in Tampa, Fl. at the BGE dealer.

  • Bryaninatlanta,
    I have never used more than one. One works great.

  • Bryaninatlanta,
    I use one BGE starter and cut it in half. Got a 600 degree fire in 20 min.

  • Bryaninatlanta,[p]When I got my egg earlier this spring, I was concerned about firestarting, based on all the different methods and tools people described here. I almost bought a MAPP torch, and I'm glad I didn't waste the money. I've tried a couple of 'free' methods, all of which seem to be working just fine. [p]I started off using wood shavings from the jointer in my wood shop as fuel - just made a little hole in the middle of the lump, put some shavings in there, put some lump over it, and dropped a wooden match into it. Lit right up, and quickly got the fire going. Just close the top once it's lit, leave the top and bottom wide open until the lump catches, then adjust the temp. [p]I ran out of shavings after using my new egg way too much and my shop not enough, and so tried using paper in the same way. Half a sheet of newspaper, or a side of a cardboard beer 6-pack works fine too. I twist them up, put some small pieces of lump inside the twisted part, and light them with a wooden match. If you want to get a fire going quick and hot, you can do either method in a couple of different spots. I found the wooden matches are important to getting this to work - we tried with a friend's lighter this weekend, and that didn't work at all.[p]Not sure that this method is any better or worse than the firestarters, as I haven't tried them. However, it is free, and seems to work fine. Anyone have any thoughts as to why not to do this?[p]-John
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