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Lighting the Lump

edited 4:15PM in EggHead Forum
I'm sure this topic has come up many times before but I haven't been checking out the forum lately.[p]My question is if there are better alternatives to lighting the lump than the electric starter? I'm on my second starter in a year and it is becoming costly to just light the Egg. How about cheaper electric starters? Will any old Walmart starter work even though it doesn't have the cool angle to it?[p]Thanks in advance.[p]Flomster


  • Flomster,
    I use an starter I got from Lowe's and it has held up for three years now. It IS getting a little crusty-rusty though. My local BGE distributor carries little starter lumps, but I imagine that over the long run, they are more expensive than electric starters. Not sure about the Mapp torch in regards to cost.

  • BraddogBraddog Posts: 212
    Flomster,[p]You'll get lots of opinions on this topic, but I expect any electric lighter would work. Good thing about Wally World is that if it doesn't work they'll probably take it back.[p]Personally, I use starter sticks. However, I ususally bust them in two or three pieces and never use a whole one. They work well for me.[p]Good luck,[p]Braddog

  • tach18ktach18k Posts: 1,607
    Flomster, I use a Mapp gas trigger start torch, For $39 at homedepot you get two tanks and one torch, after 3 years I'm still on the first can of mapp. New cans are about $7 each.
    Clean and easy.

  • SlotmercenarySlotmercenary Posts: 1,071
    Wally World electric starter $10.50
    or you can use a papertowel soaked with veg or olive oil as someone mentioned here in the past

  • Flomster,
    Go with the Mapp torch,I use to use the starter sticks before & The Mapp torch gets the Egg ready to cook in no time.

  • SneezixSneezix Posts: 40
    Flomster,[p]I've had good luck with my chimney. The newspaper
    I use to light the lump is free!

  • DarnocDarnoc Posts: 2,661
    Cheap three sheets paper towel with some cooking oil on it
    Better Mapp torch.
    Best weed burner from harbor freight.

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    The MAPP torch is probably the easiest, cleanest, and most efficient method, but it is not the safest. Safety glasses are a must, some lumps spark more than others but they all are capable of throwing sparks. -RP

  • Flomster,
    I know a few on this forum might disagree but I have found that Emergency Road Flares work really good, just strike the flare and toss it in the center of the lump. They give the food a really special flavor that even the finest rubs and marinades can’t duplicate.

  • GaryJ,You have got to be crazy. LOL

  • BabyrayBabyray Posts: 250
    Flomster, Have been Eggin since 99 (2-6 times per wk). Use walmart electric (with starter cubes on hand if electricity fails) now on my 3rd or 4th lighter @ $5.00--7.00 each.They are quick enough for me.. sometimes not enough beer time while getting up to temp.[p]Ray

  • Flomster,
    before i switched to a MAPP torch, i used a cheap electric starter that i put a gentle bend into. i didn't try to bend it as much as the "fancy" models are bent, tho, for fear of breaking the element.[p]ken[p]

  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,387
    I wasn't going to post but this thread is nearly one sided in favor of the electric starter followed by MAPP gas - I instaed find both of those a hassle! Foe ease I used to use a Weber cube, but have since switched to the little packets called Sure-2-Burn made by CharBroil and sold at Wally World. Drop one in light it and relax!

    Dunlap, IL
  • slotmercenary,
    How funny. I got home from work and wanted some burgers but realized I was out of starter sticks. I thought your paper towel idea was a joke but was willing to try it as I was desperate for meat. It actually worked like a charm. Not proud of it but it was succesful. You always learn somehing new here.

  • Judy MayberryJudy Mayberry Posts: 1,701
    Here's another vote for the MAPP torch! I keep it in the storage box right next to my Small and it takes less than a minute to light the Egg in three places and put the torch back in the box. The Egg is at 300¼ or higher in 10-15 minutes.

    Judy in San Diego
  • AuntieEggerAuntieEgger Posts: 258
    I was using Weber cubes and I now have ZIP cubes[p]

  • Flomster,
    I have used the BGE starters and they work just fine, I also have the Harbour Freight weed burner and it will get you up to temp very evry fast and from a distance. The only problem with the weed burner is you will need a propaine tank. KayNOcook says the weed burner is a bit of overkill and she likes the BGE starters and for the easy simple method that is the way to go. But the weed burner is a BLAST of flames.
    Good luck Jim & KayNOcook

  • AnnaGAnnaG Posts: 1,104
    Flomster,[p]I have had good success with the bge starter cubes... I have tried them whole and broken up, it is pretty easy to start a fire with these... [p]I bought my egg, because I was scared of dealing with the propane tank attached to my gasser, which is a nice one, but not worth worrying over going kaboom after hooking it up wrong... The gasser is sitting here cleaned up and ready to be sold now...[p]Thanks...

  • Flomster,[p]I have had the $9 Wal Mart model for 4 years...bent a ~40 degree angle in it with no problem. Prior to that I tried to gel starter, starter cubes and map torch. I prefer the CHEAP electric model. It gives me just enough time to get in the house, grab a beer, and give my beautiful bride a kiss on the cheek.[p]Gooooo LSU[p]
  • RajunCajun,
    I think you meant go Dawgs. JK. LSU is a great team. I am interested in a new way to get the lump going quicker. What exactly is the model and name as I want to get one? Also, what lump do you use? Thanks.

  • CecilCecil Posts: 771
    My vote is for the paper towel method. I have a bottle of cheap conola oil in my"Egg bin" and this method has not failed me yet.

  • ShoeShoe Posts: 67
    I use a chunk of DuraFlame fire starter about 1" in diameter. I open the bottom vent and remove the rain cap, then I scoop out a hole in the center of the lump (not all the way to the charcoal grate), drop the fire starter in, and light it. Once it is going good (30 seconds), I carefully cover it with charcoal, then close the egg. In about 10 minutes or less the smoke starts to clear and the temperature soars, and I start throttling vents.
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