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Uses for Balsamic Vinagrette?

Flashback BobFlashback Bob Posts: 518
edited 7:29PM in EggHead Forum
I've heerd talk on this board about B.V. and I'm wonderin' what y'all use it for?
That is to say, is it for other than salad dressing and if so how is it used?[p]Thanks!



  • samsam Posts: 21
    Flashback Bob,[p]Flashback Bob,[p]It a great base for brisket or pork ribs. Just rub it all over your meat with olive oil and your favorite rub. Gives a great enhancement to the flavor.
  • Lawn RangerLawn Ranger Posts: 5,466
    Flashback Bob,
    Ah, the "Nectar of the Gods"! I use it in all sorts of marinades, and the finer stuff can even be eaten on vanilla ice cream because it's so lucious. I mostly use cheap stuff, which is still great, but folks like Chubby are true conisseus..., eh, experts, so they can really put you on the right track. It ranks right up there with Tater Tots and Thousand Island Dressing in my book.[p]Mike

  • RoudyRoudy Posts: 431
    Flashback Bob,[p]Apply EVOO, salt, and pepper to cut up vegetables such as onions, red & yellow peppers, and squash or zucchini strips. Cook in a vegetable type basket over a direct flame until everything is done (and even slightly charred). Add a small quantity of Balsamic Vineger to the cooked vegetables and serve - DELICIOUS!

  • AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
    Lawn Ranger,[p]I just made some thousand island for my shrimp salad tonight, and I added a small dollop of the thick & yummy "real" balsamic vinegar that Mad Max sent me. It made the dressing taste incredible!!
    I never thought to mix the two, but trust me, it's a perfect match!
    I don't know if it would work with the cheaper/sourer/ thinner stuff though.

  • AlaskanC,
    the good stuff is a lot sweeter, so the taste will definitely be different if you go with the cheap stuff... .one trick though, once the liquid gold is all used up, one thing you can do is take a couple of cups of the cheap stuff, put it in a pan on the stove and reduce it by half... .it will be thicker and sweeter that way. . .. [p]let me know when you need another 'fix' and i'll send you another bottle :-) [p]either that or when you come in may (YOU ARE COMING IN MAY!!!) we'll make a side trip to my favorite italian deli. . .

  • codycody Posts: 20
    Do you have a link for the good stuff, I love Balsamic Vin ager but I have never had any that tastes sweet, Thanhs

  • DarnocDarnoc Posts: 2,661
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    If you are ever in the Baltimore area you must visit Trinacria Macaroni Works located at 406 N.Paca St.They have been there close to 100 years.Great prices and a Baltimore landmark for quite some time.

  • Flashback Bob,[p] You can reduce it in a pan on the stove and make a thicker sauce to drizzle on fish and other things. My friend brought us back a bottle of the really good stuff from Italy once and we are spoiled.

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Does the reducing on the stove work with any kind of Balsamic? In other words, does reducing on the stove allways improve the balsamic, no matter what kind/quality you have?[p]Sounds like I could start out by getting some at the grocery store and reduce it.

  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,769
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p] Can I go too???
  • Flashback Bob,[p]I've taken to drizzling the good stuff on steaks. Chubby pointed me to a brand that gets you very close to the $50 an ounce experience for much less. I ordered a couple of 8 ounce bottles of the brand he recommended for about $40 a copy. They should arrive today. Check out the thread below for details. [p]To answer one of your other questions, reducing a cheaper vinegar just increases the viscosity and intensifies the flavor. It won't make a mixture of syrup, wine vinegar, and trebbiano grape must a true balsamic vinegar. There are lots of excellent vinegars prepared for blind taste testing by the consortiums that don't get the official seal that are bottled and sold for a fraction of the price. You get very close to the "real deal" for $5 an ounce or less.
    [ul][li]Another B.V. discussion[/ul]
  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,712
    Is it located in a section called "Little Italy?" I was there once in a different life and had some of the best Italian food EVER. I actually thought about taking a trip to Italy but then I realized that Italy had come to me. [p]Spring "Eating Italian Food Makes Everyone Part Italian" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA

  • Celtic Wolf,
    you bet. . .we'll have a field trip :)

  • Flashback Bob,
    yes, for instance, i'll by the big cheap bottle at costco and then reduce it for things. . ..its not quite the same, but it will be thicker and sweeter than before. ..

  • Went to a great Italian deli in the River Market area of Kansas City named Carollo's Italian Grocery yesterday for lunch. BV is the only condiment they put on my sandwich of Capicola, Salami, Prosciutto Parma and provolone, served on a crusty fresh baked italian roll with lettuce and tomato. They drizzled it on the split roll. It was awesome! [p]Rod[p]P.S. - Although they had a 4 oz bottle of BV for $139, I don't think that's what they were using behind the counter.
  • badbrucebadbruce Posts: 353
    Morning Rodney,
    We have an Italian deli here in Pacifica that rivals the best old time North Beach deli's in San Francisco.
    They drizzle BV & olive oil on their signature sandwiches.
    Some of the best I've ever had.

  • MarvinMarvin Posts: 515
    Flashback Bob,
    Do a search for Villa Manodori Aceto Balsamico. There are several places on the web that sell their "seconds" at
    35-50 dollars/8 oz. Their "first" is about 135./3.5 oz. Their "seconds" are such simply because the official committee in Modena didn't think it was quite as good as their "first". it is truly outstanding BV and can be used on anything. We drizzle it on smoked salmon (Lox) instead of cream cheese.

  • MarvinMarvin Posts: 515

    Hre's the link to the lowest price on the web. It's from the Duke rice diet store. I've ordered from them twice: first class.

    [ul][li]Manodori BV[/ul]
  • DarnocDarnoc Posts: 2,661
    Spring Chicken,
    No,it is about 2 miles north of Little Italy.They do provide goods to the restraunts down there.They have loads of goods from Italy.Cheeses,olive oils tomatoes,meats,wine,beer(Ilove
    La Rosa dark).If you go there on a weekend the line is long,just like a great baker would have,but theyu dont run out of product.

  • AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
    I really hope we can make it there in May. Our Australia plans have been all screwed up (I tell ya, if you have a child with someone, don't break up with them. Just kill them - life will be easier).
    Looks like we have to cancel going over in March/ April and switch it to May, so it could interfere with Waldorf. Brent will probably be there for the case he's working on, so I guess he could go have fun......sob.....

  • AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
    Cody,[p]Here's a link - this stuff is insanely good, and it only takes a teeny bit to flavor stuff.
    [ul][li]Balsamic crack :)[/ul]
  • AlaskanC,
    wait a minute... you mean HE may be in washington/waldorf in may, but YOU won't??? . . . there's something wrong with that. .. .although, with out you there, we could really take old brent and brain-wash him good for you :)

  • BordelloBordello Posts: 5,926
    Thanks for the link, I just order a bottle.[p]Cheers to you & yours,

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Flashback Bob,
    i had some real good stuff sprinkled on strawberries last night.[p]great stuff.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stike,
    Was that the stuff you got at the meat place in Salem?

  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Flashback Bob,
    yeah.[p]it's not super top shelf, but it is damn good. would break my heart if i found out they were sweetening it. it's sweet, which is something you find in the very best. so i'm a bit nervous (because it was pretty affordable) that maybe it's a concoction.[p]regular old balsamic cheapo stuff is usually really biting, and though it tastes good on strawberries, i just don't like the astringent feeling.[p]this stuff was delicious. henry had some and didn't flinch.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    Flashback Bob,
    drop by this weekend i'll give you a shot of the 12 dollar stuff. not bad at all for el cheapo.[p]and the refill is 8.

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • AlaskanC,[p]Like the guy above, you all are going to break me. Here's a like to that same balamic, but at a few bucks cheaper.[p]Rod

    [ul][li][url=http://]Balsamic [/url][/ul]
  • My link doesn't work, so here's the address . . [p]
  • AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
    Rodney,[p]That website has everything!!! Pomegranite molasses....boysenberry cabernet sauce.... and they have the sea salt with black olives that I have been searching for!!
    I feel my credit card heating up!

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