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ITS WOOSDAY!!!!!! - my turn to start again. ..

mad max beyond eggdomemad max beyond eggdome Posts: 8,133
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once again, my turkey wings and chili from sunday. ...and maybe just a couple of other random shots. . . HAPPY WOOSDAY ALL!!!![p]IMG_0700.jpg
IMG_0710.jpg[p]and a couple from the archives .. [p]escargot
DSCN0301.jpg[p]a particularly good prime rib roast
DSCN0600.jpg[p]and how about an egger or two. .[p]smokey with the spawn
spawnnsmokey.jpg[p]ken stone (blue smoke) and his better half diana (poqual)[p]bluesmokendianna.jpg[p]none other than the nature boy himself[p]DSCN0714.jpg



  • jake42jake42 Posts: 931
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,

  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,316
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,
    tbones and seafood casserole
    some of those land snails
    always been catch and release so those snails are enjoyning a new home under the rosemary tree

  • 012207spunbird.jpg
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome, last nights dinner with DP's Shakin the Tree. That stuff is amazing on chicken....T

  • BajaTomBajaTom Posts: 1,269
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,
    Surf & turf. Scallops & strip steak. Good luck, Tom

  • NewbsNewbs Posts: 188
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]I'll throw some pics into the mix.[p]Here is my first Turkey a la Mad Max done for Thanksgiving '06.


    Some tandoori chicken breasts

    The tandoori chicken plated up.

    Some tasty ribs.

    Close up of the ribs.
    And finally a delicious ham.
    Happy Woosday everybody![p]John[p]

  • RoudyRoudy Posts: 431
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Last night was a simple supper of sausage pizza. My taste in pizza runs a little more exotic, but my daughters prefer I stick to the basics. I've been very tempted to try some of the pizza dough recipes floating around this forum, but on a weeknight there's nothing better than buying the Publix fresh pizza dough for about $1.70. The end result is quite good.[p]Roudy[p]Food.jpg

  • Ribs1_07b.jpg
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,
    got ribs?

  • thirdeyethirdeye Posts: 7,428
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Chili and wings, chiles and wings ... sure, I can go there.[p]~thirdeye~[p]482a7b3f.jpg[p]2fc74072.jpg[p]aac1a601.jpg

    Happy Trails

    Barbecue is not rocket surgery
  • eggaholiceggaholic Posts: 309
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,
    Chuck Roast becomes Pulled Beef.

  • mad max beyond eggdome,[p]OK, I am a newcomer to the site..what is WOOSDAY? Obviously it has to do with taking shots of your latest cooks, but WOOSDAY??[p]Thanks,[p]Now excuse me while I slip into my Smoking Jacket
  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,993
    I don't know why your handle is Newbs, I want to eat at your house!!

  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,581
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]A "happy to be searing in a January evening" shot:[p]JanuarySear.jpg[p]and some rib-tips with a cherry concentrate based glaze.[p]CherryTips03.jpg[p]gdenby

  • Bobby-QBobby-Q Posts: 1,993
    Smoking Jacket,
    Woosday is a tribute to Woo Doggies, an outstanding person who is a very talented cook and photographer. He always posts pictures of his food, his yard, his friends, but never his wife for some reason.[p]Anyway Mad max started this little tribute day to great food and great pictures in honor of the talents of Woo Doggies.[p]Happy Woosday to you.

  • Smoking Jacket,
    one of our most esteemed forum members and most excellent photographers is john "woodoggies" kovo....a couple of months ago someone got the bright idea to declare that every tuesday is now WOOSDAY, and we would have a thread of just pictures in honor of WOOSDAY. far its been a lot of fun . .. [p]so pull out your camera, forget your wife and kids, and take some pics of your egg food and post em up here on WOOSDAY!!!

  • 124431649-L.jpg
    <p />OK. I guess that makes sense (heck it makes as much sense as spending hour after after reading this forum, so let's at least look at the food)[p]These burgers and wings are my first attempt on the egg and I must say they were darn good.

  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Miss Penny's new home. [p].o0(Wonder if Max will see the METAL ash can under Humpty)[p]newhome-1.jpg[p]This is what a North Carolina Disaster looks like. Schools were closed because of this..[p]HPIM0266.jpg[p]The Pecan trees didn't care.[p]HPIM0267.jpg[p]HPIM0268.jpg
  • 61chev61chev Posts: 539
    mad max beyond eggdome,
    Can't wait for summerPicture542.jpg

  • Celtic WolfCeltic Wolf Posts: 9,768
    61 CHEV,[p] I hope you can't wait for the fresh corn and not the Smoked Meat Loaf :) Otherwise we need to have a discussion with you HAHA
  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    Celtic Wolf,
    That's what it looked like here yesterday. -RP

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Some 8lb butts

  • WooDoggiesWooDoggies Posts: 2,390
    <p />Happy WoosDay![p]Sunday's 10 lb prime brisket a few hours before pulling off. I ate so much I could hardly move....[p]Cheers!

  • WooDoggiesWooDoggies Posts: 2,390
    <p />Thanks Bobby for the nice words![p]Who says I never post a photo of WooKitties? Here's one of her and One Eye. [p]:~)
  • TheHulkTheHulk Posts: 157
    <p />aaaaahhh...the aroma...
  • NewbsNewbs Posts: 188

    Thanks Bobby-Q,[p]You're not the first to say this. I know that "Newbs" is used on this and many other forums to describe a newby or a rookie but Newbs just happens to be my nickname. I've been called Newbs for years. Looong before the internet and forums evolved. Its short for last name. [p]Anytime you're up in Ontario feel free to let me know and I'll whip up something for you on the egg.[p]Cheers,[p]John "Newbs" Newbigging

  • Talk about getting me hungry!
    Well I don't have anything from this weekend, but some from the past.[p]looks like I'll have to make it a goal to snap a shot a week and post it on Tuesday.[p]
    Garlic crusted prime rib at the camp[p]20060721%20camp%20prime%20rib.jpg[p]
    Low quality pic of some high quality ribs.
    Ribs%20almost%20done%20050202%20001.jpg[p][p]A buttery beefy vidalia anyone?[p]
    Hickory smoked shrimp scampi sauce over linguini and "egged" home made italian bread[p]scampi%20with%20italian%20bread.jpg[p]No explanation needed here, we all know what this is.

  • AZRPAZRP Posts: 10,116
    <p />mad max beyond eggdome,
    How about puff pastry coated pork tenderloin? -RP

  • mad max beyond eggdome,
    Chuck roast, pulled beef, cooked yesterday:[p]IMG_0440.jpg[p]IMG_0441.jpg[p]IMG_0442.jpg[p]IMG_0443.jpg[p]Tasted good, even better using in tacos, enchiladas. AZ

  • Smoking Jacket,
    Great post, glad to see you putting up the pic's. AZ

  • BurntRawBurntRaw Posts: 565
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]A very expensive Prime Prime Rib[p]2006_1225X_MAS_Plus0022.jpg[p]Ready for consumption[p]2006_1225X_MAS_Plus0032.jpg[p]And the sun coming up over San Juan[p]2007_011307_Cruse0151.jpg
  • TRexTRex Posts: 2,708
    mad max beyond eggdome,[p]Happy Woosday! I'm a little late posting, but it's been a busy day. I've now secured both employment and a place to live!! Looks like retirement is over for TRex.[p]Now, on to food. I've posted most of these recently, but anywho . . .[p]Well, it was a chilly start to the week last week:[p]icytemp.jpg[p]After thawing out a bit, it was time for some ribs . . .[p]Rubbed with Dizzy Magic:[p]1-19-ribs1-web.jpg[p]Piled up high and ready to be devoured:[p]1-19ribs3.jpg[p]A closeup:[p]1-19ribs2.jpg[p]And after-dinner drinks:[p]swamis1-web.jpg[p]Since Max posted other eggers, here's some in my collection:[p]MIA Chubby and his (much) better half:[p]forum4.jpg[p]Car Wash Mike and his famous ribs:[p]forum12.jpg[p]Iron Egger MollyShark and her throw-down-winning lamb:[p]forum10.jpg[p]Honorary Texan Mad Max and his fabulous steamed fish:[p]forum2.jpg[p]The legend himself, Nature Boy, again denying that there is cocaine in his rubs:[p]forum7.jpg[p]And my favorite Egger of all, TRex Sr. and his two favorite vices:[p]12-2TRexSr.jpg[p]Cheers everyone![p]TRex

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