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Do you ever cook more than one thing at a time?

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Unfortunately, I don't own a BGE; but I don't own a working grill at this time, either. My goal is to find something that cooks at least a couple of different things at the same time. For example, I will see on this forum a picture of a wonderfully prepared steak, but the corn does not have grill marks, and looks like it just came out of a pan of boiling water. Mashed potatoes are on the side of the plate, right off the stove top, rather than grilled potatoes. I guess I am puzzled how the sales brochure showes a turkey, pie, and vegetables on the opened BGE, but I don't see members of the forum doing anything but big hunks of meat. When my (hopefully) last gas grill was working, I might not have had the best flavor, but I was able to do direct high heat on one side of the grill and an indirect heat set-up on the other. I just want to do the whole meal outside on whatever I buy, rather than have to run back-an-forth to the kitchen preparing things on a stovetop or microwave. I really want to enjoy the great benefits of the BGE, so try to convince me that I can't go wrong!


  • SirKeatsSirKeats Posts: 159
    No Method,[p]ppl cook multiple items a lot on their eggs at the same time. i don't have any pics handy myself but i'm sure someone will share. often folks use a multi grill setup to achieve this. granted, i'm not sure it's reasonable to expect to be able to stick a pot for taters on a raised grill setup (not one with a handle anyway) but veggies and meat and what not can all be cooked at the same time with a little experiance.
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,998
    <p />No Method,
    i did this cook last weekend with a pork fillet, squash and zuchinni casserole and potatoes, during the week i did a repeat with a 7 bone pork roast seared then the temps lowered and everything on the grill. if the large isnt full, your wasting good lump

  • Smokin BobSmokin Bob Posts: 239
    No Method,[p]You can certainly cook multiple items at the same time on the BGE however, it's obviously not as adjustable like your gasser (1/2 on high other on low). [p]Personally I much rather have two great tasting things from the BGE and another prepared inside. I'm rarely standing at my BGE side for more than a few moments until things are done therefore I have time to prep anything else I am going to eat in the kitchen (& I never run).[p]Just depends on where your priorities lie...
  • SirKeats,[p]Thanks so much for your response. The reference to potatoes was regarding roasting/grilling non-mashed, non-peeled, but salted, seasoned, and possibly sliced potatoes.[p]No Method
  • No Method, sorry, but I also don't have any pictures handy. [p]I cook baked potatoes on my grill all the time while I'm grilling the other food. The potatoes usually go on about 30 minutes or so before the chicken breasts, or about 15 minutes before the vertical roast chicken or 20 minutes before a spatchcock chicken. Baked potatoes work very well on the egg, and are a lot easier than heating up the kitchen. :)[p]I also do roasted red potatoes or other potatoes wrapped in foil on my egg. Cut up with EVOO and some salt, pepper and rosemary, or other seasonings. [p]A very popular dual cook is to put a brisket on the main grid, and a boston butt or two on the grid extender for a LOT of food. [p]This weekend I'll be making some of Dr BBQ's stuffed vidalia onions on the side while I grill up something else for the onion haters. :)[p]Good luck![p]Adrian B.
  • fishlessman,[p]Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Wonderful![p]Thanks,
    No Method

  • Adrian B. and all others,[p]You must be real good folk, and good cooks for that matter, for helping me with my questions. I am impressed. [p]Thanks,
    No Method

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    No Method,
    Here is a picture of my XL with a tomato pie,chicken wings and bacon wrapped scallops.I could have also put 4 ears of corn on the egg.

    [ul][li]XL Egg[/ul]
  • No Method,
    I cooked chicken on my lower grill and corn on the cob on my upper grill at the same time, no problem. Most of the time you can cook your desired meat and some veggies at the same time. Of course, you wouldn't sear a steak and try to grill eggplant at the same time, until the grill had cooled down after the initial sear. But yes, I cook meat and veggies together all the time.

  • Dublin Dawg,[p]Impressive![p]Thanks,
    No Method

  • Beans_Spares_Multi-tier_DSCF09223136.jpg
    <p />No Method,[p] My grilled corn-on-the-cob always has grill marks .... but we often choose to just throw it on husk and all, rotate a few times, and it is terrific![p] I spend far more time on another BBQ forum, and I think they would toss me off if I didn't cook at least several fatties at the same time I do ribs, or butt, or brisket. [p] Veggies usually go on the grid extender(GX) above chops, or burgers, or 'pre-fajitas' cuts like flank or flap steak. [p] Smoked, baked beans also go on the (GX) along with ribs or butt for great flavor (usually use doctor'd-up canned beans for shorter cooks). [p]Tom B (EggSport)
  • YB, and all others, [p]I really shouldn't look at all these pictures at lunchtime! I continue to be impressed by all of your skills and hospitality to a potential egger.[p]
    No Method[p]

  • YBYB Posts: 3,861
    No Method,
    Your welcome and we hope you stick around.

  • randomeggerrandomegger Posts: 194
    No Method,[p]I'm hard pressed to remember the last time I cooked ONLY a big hunk of meat. Every time you fire up an egg is an excuse to throw a few sides on.[p]Taters, corn, asparagus, stuffed cabbage, peppers, breads/rolls, pineapple... the list goes on. True, you need to be able to cook all these things at the same temp, so you couldn't sear your steak at 800 degrees and cook your corn on the side but, heck, you couldn't do that on a gasser either![p]RE
  • No Method,[p]It is all about the best cooking temps. If everything you want to cook is best cooked at the same temp, throw it on. On the other hand, if you need some taters done in a reasonable amount of time and you are running the egg at 200, it won't work out. You probably will not want to trex (700 degrees) a baked potato either.

  • JM3JM3 Posts: 272
    No Method,[p]My family really likes a roast and grilled baked potatoes.
    IMG_1542.jpg[p]Dec242004027.jpg[p]or grilled veggie cabobs with a spatchcock chicken[p]IMG_0027.jpg[p]John

  • thanks for all your responses to my posting. All you are great for helping me see how an entire meal can come together on the BGE.[p]No Method
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