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All night Low and slow help

Joshua KaneJoshua Kane Posts: 31
edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Hello:[p]I just woke up a few moments ago, to check on my all night low and slow. [p]I put my 7lb brisket and pork butts on last night around 10:00 PM and now at 3:00 am the brisket is at 180, and the butts at 170. The temp has been holding all night like a dream at about 250 perfectly.[p]This is the fist time I can remember reaching these temps so early. I put the brisket in foil, and closed the egg back up. the pork is still hovering around 170 - 171, I am very afraid I shot right past the Plautus's on all 3 pieces of meat, and they will be done about 12 hours early...


  • Tom HarmonTom Harmon Posts: 50
    Joshua Kane,[p]
    No worries IF your temperature is correct at 250..... These things shoot right up to 150 - 170 and hover there for hours - This hovering is called the plateau. Someone said the plateau is the point where the collagen is rendered out of the meat and it sounds reasonable to me.[p]Each meat and each cut of meat will have different plateaus and you never know exactly where it will be by looking at the meat before you put it on. Just enjoy the ride. [p]Don't be surprised if you're at this plateau for 8 hours or so.

  • tlhrtp,[p]
    Thanks for the quick return and advice. I always get nervous doing these cooks. Also glad to see I am not the only egg head up at 3 in the morning.

  • Joshua Kane, If you are worried about everything being done too soon, why are you foiling the brisket? [p]Nothing wrong with that, but foiling does reduce cooking time. Since you have the meat in the plateau range, turn the heat down a little and that will buy you some more time too.[p]If you have the meats done about five hours before serving time, you can still hold them in a pre-heated cooler. Any more time than that is pushing it and the meat will continue to cook the longer it sits in the cooler. So keep that in mind too. [p]Lager,[p]Juggy

  • SandbaggerSandbagger Posts: 977
    Joshua Kane, I agree with Juggy on foiling that brisket, might push it faster to getting done. If you can remove the thermometer quickly, I get a pot of boiling water ready, pull it and check for accuracy, just to make sure. [p]Tom

  • tlhrtp,[p]looks like I don't have to worry about the 8 hour thing, brisket is now at 189 and the pork at 180.. looks like I may be done close to 9 hours early..[p]also in the past 30 mins the temp has crept up 20 degrees or so.
  • Sandbagger,[p]I just pulled the brisket, about 9 hours before my guests will be here.. [p]The butt is now sitting around 183, I am going to try to lower the egg to about 200 to make the cook take longer for that.[p]I Figure aournd 9 AM I am going to slice the brisket. Any suggestions for the best way to reheat it for my guests around 2?[p]
  • SandbaggerSandbagger Posts: 977
    JoshuaKane, there might be some useful info on the link. If you slide down the page, they give a couple suggestions on how to reheat brisket. Good luck. Tom

  • Sandbagger,[p]Thanks so much, that site will do nicely. I really appreciate the help, now if I could just figure out how/why it cooked so fast.[p]-- Joshua[p]
  • QBabeQBabe Posts: 2,275
    JoshuaKane,[p]Most of the briskets I've done have only taken about an hour per pound, so sounds to me like that is consistent with what you did. I don't think it cooked overly fast, it just went on too soon. I hardly ever do briskets overnight.[p]Tonia

  • Joshua Kane,[p]Not to worry bro, mine did exactly the same and I started about 4pm yesterday. RIght now we are still going and temps are about 174.[p]The temperature actually dropped a full 8 degrees around 165 ish in the middle of the night.[p]I wouldn't foil yet but that's your perogative.[p]Have a great day today!
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