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Well after all that puffery.... pizza failure

AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
edited 3:54AM in EggHead Forum
I thought I would impress my husband with some egged pizza tonight.[p]Yeah. Didn't happen.[p]I know that one of my big downfalls is that I don't have a peel. I thought that I could outsmart the whole process by taking the pizza out to the grill on a Saran cutting sheet (those disposable ones) covered in corn meal. I opened the lid and it looked great. I went to slide the pizza onto the pizza stone. This baby isn't moving. Hmmm...more muscle is obviously needed. I try to wedge the spatula under the wobbly Saran cutting sheet and it's not going anywhere..... apparently the cornmeal has created a foundation between itself, the pizza and the cutting sheet.
I now notice the neighbors watching me. Hey neighbors! check out my cool new cooker!!
One more thrust with the spatula and now a bunch of mushrooms and about 1/2 of the cheese lands on the charcoal and the pizza has magically turned into a burrito!!
Eeeeek! Flames!!
Slam the lid shut and hope for the best.[p]In the end my little pizza was ,um, edible... but my husband's was a bit flamed.[p]Long story made longer....please help me out with pizza tips!


  • NewbsNewbs Posts: 188
    AlaskanC,[p]Biggest tip would be to get a pizza peel I guess.[p]My brother made one for me for my birthday and I used it for the first time only two days ago. Big hit. I'd read in earlier posts about pizza dough sticking to the peel...or whatever else you happen to use...even if you used the cornmeal. If the dough sits too long on top of the cornmeal, the moisture in the dough can apparently start to cause the cornmeal to adhere, therby eliminating the barrier between the dough and the peel. You may have been using the wrong material in the Saran cutting sheet, or you may have allowed the dough to sit too long on top of the cornmeal. no means is experience talking here. Like I said, I only did my first pizza two days ago.
    They were great though. First was pepparoni, fennel sausage, and green olives. Second was ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, tomato slices, roasted red peppers, fresh yellow bell peppers, black olives and fresh basil. Although I always like meat on my pizzas...the veggie one was preferred by all who ate it. Even my 15 year old son.
    Used a plate setter and a ceramic pizza stone on top of that. Both vents wide open. Dome only ever got to 500. Both pies took about 12-13 mins to cook. I'll use a bit more lump next time to see if I can get a hotter fire.[p]Give it another shot. You'll get it right and it is worth the effort..for sure.[p]Cheers,[p]John

  • Chef ArnoldiChef Arnoldi Posts: 974
    make it easy on yourself and forget all these fancy methods- buy a pizza screen (comes in various diameters and costs about $5)
    build your pizza on the screen & when ready, place the whole thing on the pizza stone.
  • AlaskanC,
    Pizza peel solves all your problems. Very easy to use, eliminates any problems. I swear by it and my guests absolutely love Egg pizza.

  • BlueSmokeBlueSmoke Posts: 1,678
    The Saran sheet was your downfall. They are made to attract and collect moisture, which is what yours did: drawing the miniscule amount of moisture from the dough through the cornmeal and bonding everything to the sheet. Next time, try using a cookie sheet, or shallow pan (upside down so the shoulder doesn't get in the way). As a last resort, try wrapping a piece of cardboard in foil. When using any of the above, be sure to lay down a coating of corn meal or rice flour.[p]HTH

  • CJCJ Posts: 50
    The Peel is the way to go, either wood or metal. I have both. Couple of tips. Add the cornmeal to the peel, then the dough. Try not to push down on the dough,once on the Peel. I give it a few 'shakes' every now and then to ensure that it's going to slide, or to loosen it up.
    Good luck.... CJ

  • WessBWessB Posts: 6,937
    You can see a picumentary of one of my pizza cooks in the cooks section of my website. But as all of the others said, a peel is definately what you want.[p]Wess

  • chmoochmoo Posts: 38
    AlaskanC,[p]Pizza works great on parchment, too.
    [ul][li]Pizza on Parchment[/ul]
  • chmoochmoo Posts: 38
    Also, a friend of mine has one of these and if I ever spring for a peel, this'll be the one:
    [ul][li]Super Peel[/ul]
  • Clay QClay Q Posts: 4,429
    I have very good results using perforated pizza pans. Roll out the dough and lay it on the oiled pan, build the pizza and your good to go. Set up is plate setter feet up, grid on feet and you simply put the loaded pizza pan on the grid. Dome 500 degrees. Top will cook as the bottom bakes to a nice crunch, no burning and you will have a great pizza. Easy on, easy off the egg. After baking, pizza will slide out of the pan on an aluminum foil covered cutting board ready for slicing.
    Good luck!

  • GrillMeisterGrillMeister Posts: 1,611
    <p />AlaskanC,[p]If you would have used a pizza screen instead of the Saran cutting sheet, you could have just placed that puppy right on the pizza stone and no dancing would have taken place.[p]They also help the crust from burning too.[p]Cheers,[p]GrillMeister
    [ul][li]Pizza Screen $2.78 from AceMart[/ul]
  • stikestike Posts: 15,597
    i screwed up my pizza last night, too.[p]i let the egg get stoopid hot, was burning off some shtuff from the stone.[p]sister in law was over, wife chatting with her, little delay getting the dough ready. i had tequila following beers after work.[p]...what a stooge. i backed the dome temp down to 600 or so, but the stone was literally white/clean from the scorching, and was still at just sub-solar-corona temps.[p]...AND i precooked the dough alone to make it crisper.[p]by the time the top showed signs of doneness, i had a disc of carbon beneath the pizza.[p]sheesh.[p]

    ed egli avea del cul fatto trombetta -Dante
  • TroubleTrouble Posts: 276
    Some day I'll get a peel, but I don't have one yet.[p]I'll also play devil's advocate on the cornmeal. It gets a little toasted and my kids didn't like the bitter flavor. What I've done lately is roll the dough out on the counter using flour to keep it from sticking. When I am ready for toppings, I put more flour on the back of a cookie sheet and transfer the dough to the cookie sheet. At this point, my pizza stone and plate setter are already hot (around 450 or 500). I should also mention that the toppings are cut up and sitting in bowls. You don't want the pizza dough sitting around too long trying to form a nice bond with that cookie sheet. Top quickly and get it on the grill. I put the far edge of the cookie sheet on the far edge of the pizza stone, hold steady the near edge of the dough by pushing gently against it, then tilt up the cookie sheet just a little and jiggle it out from under the dough.[p]Since the pizza stone is already hot the pizza shouldn't stick to the stone. Parchment paper, as posted below, works really well; but I like the idea of cooking right on the stone.[p]I've only done this about 10 times and there are many folks here with with more experience. Lots of different ideas out there. Keep trying. When you get it right, it's unbelievably good.[p]
    I might have to go to the store now.[p]Joyce

  • SSN686SSN686 Posts: 3,033
    Morning ClayQ:[p]I agree on the perforated pizza pans. That is the only way I do them now.[p]Have a GREAT day!

    Have a GREAT day!


    Brandon, FL


  • BabyBoomBBQBabyBoomBBQ Posts: 702
    <p />AlaskanC,[p]Here's the setup I get the best results with. As you see, raising it into the dome gives you a nice finish on the top. There is a plate setter below the grid and I cook at about 500. I use semolina flour instead of corn meal on the peel. Remember, there are many ways to make pizza and it all depends on what you like. I do a hybrid NY style red pie. For the cheese, I use 2/3 low moisture Mozzarella and 1/3 Aged Domestic Provolone. Add 2 or 3 drops of truffle oil to the pizza sauce for a varation.[p]
    Here are the recipies I worked out after a full season of Monday Night Football Parties. Dang, I'm hungry for pizza now.[p]BabyBoomBBQ's Pizza Dough: (Don't try if you don't have a good mixer.)[p]Yield: one dough ball for a 14 inch pizza. Double for two, tripple for three. When making multiple recipes, cut into equal portions prior to raising. Use weight to divide![p]3/4 Cup Warm water (or warm flat beer)
    4 Tsp. Sugar
    1 Tsp. Olive Oil (NOT Extra Virgin)
    1/2 tsp. Salt
    1 tsp. active dry yeast
    1 1/2 Cup High Glutin Flour
    1/2 Cup Semolina Flour[p]1) Measure flour and set aside.
    2) Measure other ingredients.
    3) Mix all ingredients except flour and mix until solids disolved.
    4) Immediately, add liquid to mixer, turn on low and add flour.
    5) Knead for at least 20 minutes or until the glutin forms the bakers window when you make a mini pizza and streach it.
    6) Form ball and place in a lightly oiled zip lock bag so that the ball is resting on the opening.
    7) Allow dough to riase for two hours.
    8) Pinch down gently, reform ball, return to bag and set in refrigerator for at least two hours or up to 24 - hours.
    9) Allow dough to reach room temprature before using.[p]Fire Roasted Pizza Sauce[p]3/4 Cup Crushed Fire Roasted Tomatoes, drained with fluid reserved
    1 Tbs. Unsalted Tomato Paste, NO ADDITIVES AT ALL
    1 Tbs. Reserved fluid from Crushed Tomatoes
    1 Tbs. Good quality Balsamic Vinegar
    1 Tbs. Good Quality Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
    ¾ tsp Fresh chopped Basil (or ¼ tsp dried)
    1 tsp sugar
    1 clove Fresh garlic, pressed
    ¼ tsp kosher salt
    Dash of fresh ground pepper.[p]Makes enough for a 14” pie and scales well.[p]Add about ¼ of the olive oil in a small non-stick frying pan. Over medium heat, slowly cook tomato paste until it gets a rich mahogany finish. You will see the color change when it starts to simmer. This is a key step. Caramelizing the paste gives the sauce that simmered for hours taste. [p]Next, Sauté garlic and basil in remaining oil over low-medium heat until garlic is browned. Add remaining ingredients and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes, stirring now and again. Remove from heat and cool to room temperature before putting on your dough. Don’t forget to use dough dressing or even this low moisture sauce can make your dough soggy. I use 2 Tbs. Olive Oil (note not extra virgin) ½ clove pressed Garlic and ½ tsp. sugar for each 14” red pie.

  • GrillMeisterGrillMeister Posts: 1,611
    BabyBoomBBQ,[p]Awsome! That pie Rocks! Thanks for sharing![p]GM
  • BabyBoomBBQ,
    That recipe sounds awesome. A couple of questions:[p]1. What do you mean by "resting on the opening" when you put the dough in the ziplock?[p]2. What is a dough dressing? I assume that you mean using the olive oil as a barrier between sauce and crust to keep the crust from being soggy? What does the sugar do?[p]Thanks!

  • BabyBoomBBQBabyBoomBBQ Posts: 702
    AUAtty,[p]1. I mean resting the dough ball with the opening of the bag on the bottom so it kind of seals the bag. This will keep it from drying out.[p]2. Yes, I mean REGULAR olive oil. Not EVOO. I use about 2 TBS and add a minced clove of 1/2 clove or garlic and 1/2 tsp sugar for a traditional red pie. You can add 1/4 tsp of dry
    oregano or basil too.[p]You are welcome!

  • BabyBoomBBQBabyBoomBBQ Posts: 702
    GrillMeister,[p]Thanks! The sad thing is my GF is alergic to wheat, so I don't get to make these much. I'm planning on making one on
    a polenta crust soon and will post results.

  • AlaskanCAlaskanC Posts: 1,346
    stike,[p]Oh dear.... I can't imagine that happening to me. [p]ha
    ha[p]Wait 'till I show up to one of the fests... you will all see what a pro I am at beer drinking :)

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