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Boston Butt

edited November -1 in EggHead Forum
Hello eggheads![p]Bought myself a large egg this week, and have enjoyed it so far.[p]Going to try a boston butt tomorrow, and was wondering what kind of advice you folks can give about controlling temps.[p]What I'm really looking to know is how far open you have the vents in the top an bottom of the egg.[p]I know it's going to vary from grill to grill, but I'd like an idea of where to begin so my first butt is enjoyable.[p]Thanks.


  • quick23, I cooked two butts a couple of days ago, and will reply, but I'm new at this too, so others can give better info than I can. I found that I had to keep the bottom vent open only about 1/8 or 3/16 of an inch, and opened the top about the same. The thing about the eggs that makes it difficult/confusing for newbies like us is that the ceramic gradually heats up (and gradually cools down), which results in lag time from when you change the settings on the vents. We'll eventually learn how much to open the vents for various temperatures, but this is going to be the hardest thing for me in regard to the egg. But, I can already tell that I'm going to love it. Good luck and I hope this helps a little.
  • Chuck/Tx,[p]I was pretty sure that was going to be the answer. I definately wanted to get confirmation though. I've been looking forward to digging into some pork this weekend.[p]Anyone that has any other suggestions/tips, I'd appreicate them.

  • tn slagamatertn slagamater Posts: 623
    quick23,open the bottom vent all the way and remove the top. Fill the Egg about 1/2 way up the fire ring and start your charcoal.Insert the platesetter. When the temperature reaches 200 degrees start closing the bottom vent ; an opening of about 1/8 inch should hold a temp of 240 to 250. When stabilized, add drip pan and meat. You want to creep up on the temperature and make small adjustments.HTH

  • Smokin BobSmokin Bob Posts: 239
    quick23,[p]That should get you started...[p]My only advice is to start SLOW! As in, take your time getting to a certain temp! As you may have read, you are MUCH better off having to go up in temp. and not down. Get your temp. up to 250 with your plate-setter already in (adding the plate-setter, drip-pan & butts all at the same time will cause your BGE to drop way down in temp. which will take a long time to recover), then add your drip pan and butt(s). Once you add your butts allow you grill to come back up to 250. Depending on conditions it may take a little time but allow it enough time to catch back up. If you need to go up a bit in temp, slightly adjust a single vent. I personally don’t make a dual change to vents if I need less than a 20 degree “jump”.[p]Did I mention, start SLOW? You’ll be amazed how quick you can get from 200 degrees to 250 degrees but try and go from 300 to 250….[p]Good luck and have fun![p]B o B

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