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We hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July weekend and is excited for more warm weather grilling! This week, we’ll be making these two burgers: Stuffed Portobello Mushroom and Caribbean Chicken, and also eating lots of these Ice Cream Sandwiches in honor of National Ice Cream Month! It's time to think about getting out to one of the many #EGGfests around the country - see a list here

What's on your 'to do' list this year?

Dr_RedwineDr_Redwine Posts: 189
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I spent some time thinking all of the different recipes and techniques I've picked up on the Forum in this my first full year with the Egg. It was truly a fun year, and I've learned a great deal from the folks here. [p]There are too many things to list. I've spatchcocked chickens (Hey Whiz), cooked raspberry-chipotle pork loins, T-Rexed Steaks, Mad Max'ed turkeys, bought drbbq's book (which opened up a whole lot of new possibilities), seen a scary onion-burger (Hey CarWashMike), talked to Nature Boy regarding brisket cooking tips, cooked pizza, bread, pulled beef (Hey Clay Q), and have had a good time exposing friends to the wonders of the BGE. It has been a blast thanks to you all.[p]This year I'm going to build that darned table...with bracing.


  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 319
    This year I'm making a valiant effort to get in better shape. I've been a bit too sedentary in the past few years and have gained about 75 pounds more than I should be carrying. This all started when I quit smoking a few years ago, now my Doctor tells me I'm diabetic and complications with my high blood pressure and other issues are only going to get worse unless I make a stand.[p] Cooking on the egg is very enjoyable to me, but I've got to "lighten up" so any healthy recepies are welcome![p]Happy New Year everyone, here's to health and well being with a long life to boot!

  • SuperDave,
    Happy New Year, and sorry to welcome you to the ranks of the Type 2 diabetes club. As Mad Max will tell you it is not the end of life as you know it, although there will be changes. Make sure you know what your numbers are, especially the HA1C) or A1C. Lots of people ready to help you in any way.[p]Barbara

  • Dr_Redwine,[p]My to do list most definately includes buying myself a medium to go along with my large, I hope to do this by February or March. I have also been holding back on doing pizza and burgers on the egg so I don't run out of new things to try so I am sure that will come up this year as well. Salmon and lamb are also on the top of my list.
  • SuperDave,
    Good luck on your stand. Luvmyegg is right; there is a lot of help right here on this forum.

  • SmokingInMO,
    A Small is on my wish list, but the wife had a self-improvement episode and decided to go back to school. While admirable, it is killing me. Man! Tuition is about 5 times what it was when I was in school. I've done Salmon, but no Lamb....hmmmmm.

  • SuperDaveSuperDave Posts: 319
    Can this situation be reversed or once a diabetic always a diabetic? I'm only 45... and am reluctant to do the Glucophage. I know very little about the condition. Gonna try to get more active and lose weight then run the blood tests again and hope the doc finds better results. I was diagnosed last week and my GP tried to start me on the meds immediately![p]What happened to youth? Does this mean that I'm no longer "Super" Dave?

  • Clay QClay Q Posts: 4,412
    This year I hope to be able to continue testing new recipes and experimenting with the egg. Well, I've already started, with my last cook of 2005; smoked pastrami turkey breasts for turkey reuben sandwiches. Breads are always a challenge but very rewarding so more bread baking this year. And I want to finish a sauce recipe I've started last summer, a seemingly never ending change of ingredients and amounts.
    Happy New Year,

  • SuperDave,[p]Been a Type I diabetic for 20 years. I will always be a diabtic unless the medical industry finds some mechanical solution. But being type II diabetic you may be able to by losing weight since your body is still making insulin. I suggest that you go to a class, I just finished a refresher course called ABC, Achieving Better Control at a local hospital. It provides good, basic info. [p]I also suggest that you use, at the very least, an Internist as they have a better grasp of the new diabetic techniques used today than a GP. You can also see an Endocrologist (sp?)who specializes in diabetes. I assume Glucophage is a pill to make your insulin work more efficiently, should not fear it. The whole goal here is to get your Hemoglobin H1C to normal non-diabetic levels who is around 6.0[p]Good luck, any other questions send me an e-mail[p]Howard

  • Dr_Redwine,
    I think I'm going to try very hard to get my body back to something better than it is now. I'm not so stupid to start my diet on New Years Day but come tomorrow I will be in a diet mode in an attempt to lose at least 40 pounds over the next year (60 would be better) and I'm not going to fret if it is only 30 pounds, or even 20. Anything is better than what I am now. I pledge to exercise more (even a little bit) and get to the point where I don't wheeze getting off an esculator. I'm not trying to become perfect or strong or even good looking, I just want to feel better and do more. I don't think it is impossible or improbable for me to lose weight. It's just a mind over matter thing and fortunately I was blessed with a sound mind even though it is sometimes overburdned with a streak of laziness. That too will be on the targeted list of corrections during the upcoming year. I can't reverse aging but I can certainly do something about growing old. I can't do much about disease but I can certainly live a healthy life. I can't solve the world's problems but I can certainly stop becoming one of them. Finally, if my plan fails, there's always next year.[p]Spring "Big Dreams" Chicken
    Spring Texas USA

  • Car Wash MikeCar Wash Mike Posts: 11,244
    Scary pic? LOL
    With any luck, build my outdoor kitchen. Work on briskets. Bread. Attend at least 2 eggfests.[p]Mike

  • ClayQ,
    Your pulled beef is a staple here at our house. I keep some handy in the freezer at all times. What a great recipe! We appreciate your sharing of it.[p]DrR

  • Spring Chicken,
    To one of my favorite's hoping you make all that come true. Some very wise words in your post there for everyone to heed. Even us wet-behind-the-ears crowd.[p]You were the one that put me on that Spyderco sharpener....Spring 'Sharp as a tack' Chicken.
    Happy New Year,

  • Car Wash Mike,
    Yep, scary. Thought that would get a rise out of you. You and LR had me crying last year about those pics. Believe it or not, that IS one thing I haven't tried yet (and I intend to.) [p]I hear you on the briskets; I ain't no expert on 'em either.
    Happy New Year,

  • ronbeauxronbeaux Posts: 988
    For this year, the year I turn 50, I plan on keeping in mind that preventing aging is something I cannot change. I see my 15 year old boys run faster, jump higher, dive deeper, and come out dryer than me. I plan on going through a mid life crisis. Maybe buy a sports car or something, no wait, I already got one, how about a younger woman? No, too much trouble and I love the one I got. Or maybe I'll just spend the time perfecting the cooking on the egg, or even something like being there for my family and helping out people in need.
    Yeah, that's it. It will keep me out of trouble.[p]Thanks for all of the info you guys have given and have a happy New Year!!!

  • ronbeaux,
    LOL. Sounds like a plan. I like what Spring Chicken said, you can't prevent the aging, but you can keep from growing old. That's pretty sage.
    Happy eggin'.

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