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Smoked Chuck Roast 10lbs

This is my first Chuck roast !, after making many pork butts with good results and reading about chuck I decided to give it a try.
Its a 10 pounder, well rubed.
Im following my pork butt setting, I set the egg for indirect with dripp pan w/water and set for 225F at grid level.
Any suggestion welcome for the rest of the smoke, I read wrapping and no wrapping. I prefer not to, as my butts, and looking on getting it to pulled level. Hoping it reaches that level when it hits 200-210F internal.
Here some starting Pics ...

image.jpg 2.9M
image.jpg 2.3M
image.jpg 1.9M


  • lkapigianlkapigian Posts: 954
    I have done a few chuck, love them. I cook it like butt or brisket. I have even braised at the end. Cook until you can put a fork in and twirl like spaghetti
    Visalia, Ca
  • ThatgrimguyThatgrimguy Posts: 1,542
    I don't know if I have ever eaten pulled beef
    Biloxi, MS
    XL / Small

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  • stemc33stemc33 Posts: 3,510
    How'd it turnout @EAT‌?
    Mini Max with Woo stone combo, LBGE, iGrill 2, Plate Setter, 
    two cotton pot holders to handle PS
    Banner, Wyoming
  • EATEAT Posts: 39
    Its been smoking for 11hrs now at 225F grid temp. Internal is 170F. Not tender yet, here is a pic. Planning keep it at max 235F grid to aim for 205-210F IT.
    Any suggestions welcome!

  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 1,376
    Per the pepper stout beef recipe, I usually braise after it hits about 160 or so.  I find chuck doesn't usually get fully pullable until about 211-213.

    Also, you can crank that temp up a little bit.  That's going to take forever.
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,284
    Yep, what's being said above, chuckie won't pull unless you get it above 210 or so. Hang in there until it does and you'll be our new hero. Hope you're using oak for smoke, it goes well with beef. After that recommend just some horseradish.
  • EATEAT Posts: 39
    Gentelmen, I have good news.
    Chuck came out fantastic, 100% pullable and melt in your mouth texture.
    I decided to foil it when it was at 180F and poured in half a beer. Also increased Egg to 270F after the foil.
    Chuck reached 214F internal temp in 17hrs total. I let it rest for only 30min, (so I could try it), it was extra tender and juicy. Here some Pics, I even took a video for you to see how it pulls!
    I pulled some chunks out and had a great lunch today. Some bread and sauces.
    This cut is going up in my list !

    image.jpg 1.7M
    image.jpg 2.5M
    image.jpg 2.5M
    image.jpg 2.2M
    image.jpg 157.9K
  • EATEAT Posts: 39
    Sorry on the pic loading, something went wrong and video not compatible. I will try another way.
  • EGGjlmhEGGjlmh Posts: 499

    All I can say is WOW!!!  I wish I could do that.  Very nicely done!




    1MBGE 2006, 1LBGE 2010, 1 Mini Max, Fathers Day 2015

  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,493


    Caledon, ON


  • FoghornFoghorn Posts: 2,767
    That looks EXCELLENT.  I've never done one but thanks to this thread I've started to realize that I can and should. 

    XL BGE, Klose BYC, ProQ Excel, Weber Kettle, Firepit, Grand Turbo gasser, and a portable Outdoor Gourmet gasser for tailgating

    San Antonio, TX

  • DMWDMW Posts: 7,466
    My Facebook Place where I document my cooking
    Morgantown, PA

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  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 2,647
    Great cook.  This has been on my list of things to do, and your thread just made it move to the top of the list.  Thanks!
    XL and a Mini Max Egg in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • anzyegganzyegg Posts: 1,104
    Excellent cook!!! I only have a question as to why the place setter was legs down instead of up with the drip pan? It obviously worked because it came out great.
  • Philly35Philly35 Posts: 639
    @anzyegg‌ The legs were up with the drip pan?
  • boochsr71boochsr71 Posts: 266

    Booch- from Medina, Ohio

  • EATEAT Posts: 39
    Thanks, this was in my list for long time until I decided yesterday after reading more posts here, Im glad I did. I enjoy long low&slows so this was fun for me.
    I did legs up, drip pan, grid, worked fine. Pic is not very clear.
    Rub is strong and spicy, came out nice combination.

  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 5,188
    That is a top notch plate of pulled beef!!! I would rather have pulled beef over pork any day.


    2008 -Large BGE. 2013- Small BGE and 2015 - Mini. Henderson, Ky.
  • tulocaytulocay Posts: 1,737
    Looks fantastic.
    LBGE, Marietta, GA
  • MeTedMeTed Posts: 501
    @Eat, excellent cook. I am going to do one overnight tomorrow but what do I ask the butcher for, a chuck roast? I don`t think I have seen that cut before.
    Belleville, Michigan

    Just burnin lump in Sumpter
  • EATEAT Posts: 39
    @MeTed‌ thanks. This cut is named Shoulder Clod at HEB, but butchers have available different cuts of the Chuck area and also several names out there. This one was boneless, they said sometimes they get full piece on big size also bone in. They offered diferent options and I went with thickest available. It is basically a boneless beef "boston butt". You will be showing pics on your phone to the butcher just like me!!
  • MeTedMeTed Posts: 501
    Thanks @Eat I am really excited to try this tomorrow.
    Belleville, Michigan

    Just burnin lump in Sumpter
  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 1,376
    MeTed said:
    @Eat, excellent cook. I am going to do one overnight tomorrow but what do I ask the butcher for, a chuck roast? I don`t think I have seen that cut before.
    I've done a few that were just labeled "chuck roast" at the grocery.  Anywhere from 3 to 8 pounds or so.  Usually bone in - the "blade chuck".
  • Ladeback69Ladeback69 Posts: 2,980
    Nicely done, I may do a smaller one this weekend maybe 5 pounds. Is there a problem doing one smaller low and slow? I've done them in a crock pot so I am familiar with pulled beef. Yours looks tasty.
    XL, WSM, Little Kahuna
    Kansas City, Mo.
  • DMWDMW Posts: 7,466
    @Ladeback69 For small ones I've had good luck with Clay Q's Pulled Beef:

    I follow it roughly, skip the bacon most of the time, and change the rub up based on what I feel like. I also have started adding a late injection between the smoke and braise step. If you choose to do a late injection, I recommend warming the injection to aprox the temp of the meat (160*-165*) before injecting so the injection liquid doesn't change the temp of the meat.

    My Facebook Place where I document my cooking
    Morgantown, PA

    XL BGE - S BGE - KJ Jr - Hasty Bake Legacy - Black Stone Pizza Oven - Gasser - 30" Firepit w/SS Cooking Grid
  • This hunk of meat could not look any better.....the moist pieces were defiantly over the top.....I am sure you have some spoiled people....this will be a hard act to follow
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