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I have a question for you experienced Eggheads. I've been looking for a recipe for stuffed turkey and never see there a reason for that...does it not work?
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  • HDumptyEsqHDumptyEsq Posts: 1,095
    @marianneiamele1. It works just fine so long as it all gets cooked thoroughly. Obviously it takes a little longer so you have to watch that the breast doesn't cook too much but stuffing tends to even out the temperatures.
    A lot depends on what stuffing you're using - is it dense, as one made with moistened breadcrumbs or loose if made with fruit and veggies.
    Make sure the bottom of the bird is cooked through too - no pink juices running out when pricked.
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    Tony in Brentwood, TN.

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  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,700
    Its not that it doesn't work, its that its much harder. The big problem w. turkey is always that the breast can get too dry from over cooking. One of the finest recipes for Egging turkey, Mad Max's, calls for packing the breasts w. ice for 20 minutes so they remain juicy while the thickest part of the thigh comes to temp. And that is without stuffing.

    When stuffing is used, it needs to reach 160F. By the time that happens, there is a good chance the breast will be too dry. I do toss some lemon and apple wedges into the cavity, but I make the dressing as a separate dish, using stock from the wing tips, neck, giblets, etc.

    I suppose you might pre-make dressing, and stuff it hot into the turkey cavity right before cooking.
  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,521
    I would suggest making seperate and then if so desired stuff the bird once cooked.
    Greensboro, NC
  • Austin  EggheadAustin Egghead Posts: 3,350
    I am not a big fan of bread type stuffings in a turkey.  I stuff the cavity with onions, celery bay leaf, lemons and carrots.  I cook the stuffing on the egg with some of the drippings from the cook turkey added for flavor.  
    Turkey and a vertical roaster were meant for each other.  Just place the bird breast down, legs up to get even cooking.  
    google bge turkey cooks for more ideas
    Eggin in SW "Keep it Weird" TX
  • GrillmagicGrillmagic Posts: 1,148

    The experts say (who ever they are) you should not stuff your bird as it restricts any air getting in the cavity which helps cook the bird in all directions. For me it's spatchedcocked Turkey/Chicken and stuffing in the oven or crockpot. With that being said try and avoid any injected birds. I always brine pork and chicken/turkey and they come out great. 

    Chuck King

    Dimondale Michigan

  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,378
    We pre cook the stuffing and put it in the bird as hot as we can handle to help with cooking, but I agree it leads to over cooking the breast.
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  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 11,735
    Alton Brown has a method where he cooks the stuffing in a coffee can inside the turkey to keep it separate. Once the turkey is done he takes it out of the can and stuffs the turkey. He then torches the top to brown it.

  • Great comments from y'all...and I usually have a difficult time in the oven with my overstuffed turkeys...something I hadn't thought about was the breast meat drying out because the turkey was cooking so long. Maybe there is a way to cook it next to the turkey and put some of the juices in it...worth experimenting with.  Thanks for the food for thought ;)
    XL...Round Rock, TX
  • berndcrispberndcrisp Posts: 788
    I have never stuffed a turkey, except in my mouth. Really though, I make the stuffings in pans in the oven. I believe this is referred to as 'dressing'.
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  • Berndcrisp...stuffing or dressing...maybe it depends on what part of the country you are from. :))
    XL...Round Rock, TX
  • bud812bud812 Posts: 1,478
    Won't the stuffing take on too much of a smoke flavor? 

    Not to get technical, but according to chemistry alcohol is a solution...

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    Stockton Ca.

  • Bud812...good thought! Maybe it needs to be in a covered something!
    XL...Round Rock, TX
  • HDumptyEsqHDumptyEsq Posts: 1,095
    I would prefer to cook stuffing/dressing separately just because I think it's safer to do so. There's still no reason you shouldn't try it, if you observe the pointers above. I don't think it'll get too smokey as it's covered by the turkey.
    My mom always stuffed our turkeys. So anything goes.

    Tony in Brentwood, TN.

    Medium BGE, New Braunfels off-set smoker, 3-burner Charbroiler gasser, mainly used for Eggcessory  storage, old electric upright now used for Amaz-N-Smoker.

    "I like cooking with wine - sometimes I put it in the food." - W. C. Fields

  • stemc33stemc33 Posts: 3,516
    If it were me, I'd cook indirect with the drip pan slightly raised from the PS so the juices don't burn up. Then just use the juices to make the stuffing.
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  • calikingcaliking Posts: 7,230
    We like to make the stuffing separate, in a muffin pan. That way everyone gets a portion with the nice browned crust on top.

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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,521
    Suggestion: Spatchcocked Turkey and Chicken on the Big Green Egg (you cut out the backbone and cook opened) I like a 11/12 lb bird. If I need lots of turkey I just cook a couple ( 1 & 1/2 hr cook app) Chicken 3 to 4.5lb bird or birds. Under an hour cook. Or, just add a package of legs extra. I do not brine the turkey or Chicken. If time I like to leave uncovered in the fridge overnight (no problem if no time) I cook "direct" @ 400 on a raised grill "skin side up" and never turn over. I will use a coffee rub. Use what you like. NOTE PLEASE (A LOT OF SMOKE IS NOT YOU FRIEND) I use about a single handfull of mixed chips: Cherry & Pecan. Cook to temp (not time) breast @ 160 and thigh @ 180. Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • stemc33, Caliking & Mickey -- what great ideas.  I wondered about the juices burning up -- need to have that stuff for gravy and stuffing.  Mickey -- great looking turkey!! And Caliking -- muffin pan idea is great -- especially for the stuffing hogs -- they get their portion :).
    XL...Round Rock, TX
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,702
    it works, is it safe....questionable. i really dont like dressing cooked outside the bird and ill cook 2 birds every year for tday, one with stuffing in the oven and one without stuffed with herbs and fruits in the egg. to keep the stuffing from getting bitter on the outside  i do this

  • fishlessman -- that is a great idea.  That would even be good so i know which one the guests like best...BGE or oven.  Ha! 2 small turkeys, love the  idea!
    XL...Round Rock, TX
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,702
    fishlessman -- that is a great idea.  That would even be good so i know which one the guests like best...BGE or oven.  Ha! 2 small turkeys, love the  idea!
    theres one in the house that claims to not like smoked turkey, then thats all she eats
    :)) we always do 2 smaller 14 to 16 pound birds, they are always better than the larger ones, the oven bird is for the soup
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