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BGE skills continue to improve. Wife unimpressed.



  • MagicMikeMagicMike Posts: 40
    I always get the "It's good..." in a higher then normal pitched voice. I take that to mean it's really not that great, please stop cooking food for me. I am not officially a BGE owner yet though, but I will be in T-minus 41.75 hours! Hopefully that will solve all my problems. :)
  • warwomanwarwoman Posts: 198
    Keep egg.........dump wife!
    From the Georgia Mountains!
  • snakedriversnakedriver Posts: 35
    Perhaps she is attempting to keep your head from swelling (not the same swelling as one might get from a skillet dent to the skull). Perhaps she is genuinely impressed but is careful with any compliments. Mine fawns over my efforts but I suspect that is merely to keep me trying and save having to cook herself. :-)
  • GaryLangeGaryLange Posts: 236
    My wife is very supportive and loves everything I cook whether in the house on the BGE or the Grill. I am lovingly called her Personal Chef.
  • gerhardkgerhardk Posts: 785
    Cherie says I do more cooking than she does now and she like it ;)

  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 5,127
    edited June 4
    My wife has learned to immediately complement the meal so I will shut up and quit asking questions.  She loves the food, but could do without the post game analysis of every cook.   Previously the exchange might be:
    Me: How is it?
    Wife: Good.
    Me: Only good?  Last time you said you liked it better last time?  Did I use too much smoke?  Not enough rub?  Is the skin as crispy this time?  Did we do legs or thighs last time?  Do you remember if I did raised direct or indirect?  

    Now she has learned so the exchange goes something like:

    Me: How is it?
    Wife: It's perfect.  The best you have ever done.  The best chicken I have ever had.  Do it like this every have found the perfect way to cook chicken. Now shut up and let me eat. 

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg wing. 
    2014 Wing King's Apprentice
  • stevesailsstevesails Posts: 949

    my wife didn't like too much either, until I made a hole chicken similar to all of the Turkey recipes,  hole chicken on a V rack, with onion, lemon and butter inside,  seasoning on the outside,   indirect at 350 till it is done.  That convinced her.  I now enjoy cooking boneless breasts on the egg, direct around 350-375.  you have to watch them,  don't overcook and my wife doesn't want them undercooked.  (no Pink)  still moist but done.  

    I rarely use any smoking wood, unless its a but or ribs.  and The smoke must be clear before putting anything on.

    XL   Walled Lake, MI

  • bweekesbweekes Posts: 138
    I dunno, but next time she asks you for your opinion on something that is of importance to her (e.g., "does this dress make me look fat?"), be just as curt in your reply!
    Ajax, ON Canada
    (XL BGE, KJ Jr., La Caja China #2)
  • Jupiter JimJupiter Jim Posts: 1,620
    Well KayNOcook LOVES everything I cook on the Egg!!! She is a keeper in my Egging life!!!! :)>-
    I'm only hungry when I'm awake!
  • KiterToddKiterTodd Posts: 539
    My wife has learned to immediately complement the meal so I will shut up and quit asking questions.  She loves the food, but could do without the post game analysis of every cook.   ...
    Exactly!   What's wrong with a little post game analysis?!?  :)
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