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Blog Links?

Have a question for the powers that be (aka the Moderators)...

I write a outdoor blog that occasionally includes a piece about something cooked on my BGE.  Is posting a link to that entry OK here?  Got my hand slapped by a new moderator on another BBQ board after posting links recently even though I'd posted links many times in the past with no objections by the other moderators.


  • Mr_BreamMr_Bream Posts: 34
    OK, well, I just looked at 'My Discussions' and see I've posted links to my blog here before.  Forgot I'd done that.  Guess I went on the 'ask forgiveness instead of permission' plan.  If its not knsher someone please let me know...
  • Chris_WangChris_Wang Posts: 1,253
    I think it's fine and personally have no issues with it. There may be a couple that give you a hard time, but overall that'll just be more hazing than anything. Ask @Big_Green_Craig‌.

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  • Good luck. 

    Most of the haters "have done that before" OR "have done it better" OR "you don't know what you are talking about". Most of them spend WAY more time on this forum than they do cooking on their Eggs. 
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  • See, they've already started.
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  • BuckeyeBobBuckeyeBob Posts: 640
    Absolutely not a problem and I personally like when people post links to their blogs. Have found some great blogs out there that way...including you @Big_Green_Craig
    Clarendon Hills, IL
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 5,865
    I personally see no issue with it either.  There are forum rules posted

    IMO, it is a little ambiguous.  See excerpt below.  If you simply post a link to your blog where you have detailed a recipe IMO that should be fine.   I wouldn't classify that as "spamming the forum".  Lots of folks have a link to their blog in their sig and I have not heard any complaints. 

    While we recognize that some forum members are also active as suppliers to the BGE community, we do insist that commercialism be kept in check. Please don't spam the forum with posts touting links intended to sell products, or blatantly attempt to self-promote your business or generate traffic to other websites or forums, etc. If this occurs, your posts will be deleted and your account may be temporarily suspended or banned permanently. Spamming also includes unsolicited private messages or material sent to a large number of different users, so don't try that either.

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  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 1,065
    It's generally considered bad form to use someone else's public forum to drive traffic to your own (or any other) site.  Personally, I (and from what I've seen here, the owners) don't have a problem with a small link to your own blog in your signature.  The line gets crossed, however, when you start linking to your own site instead of contributing content here (pictures of a cook for example).  While the intent may be simply for the sake of convenience (since it's already posted), you are actively using the site owners (BGE, in this case) bandwidth to obtain traffic to your own site.  At best, it's quite rude.

    This is not to disparage the quality of anyone's blogs that have been posted here.  I've found quite a few good ones through links that have been posted.  It's the "solicitation of the click" that crosses the line, IMO.
  • DMWDMW Posts: 5,927
    I think posting a link to a blog is no problem at all, especially if some of it involves BGE cooking. If/when a post is made pointing to something (Mangrates, BGE Wheelbarrow, apparel) you are selling, that's a line according to forum guidelines IMHO. 

    If someone else not affiliated points to your website where you are selling something they think would be of value for the community here, I see no problem.
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  • td66snrftd66snrf Posts: 759


    Just don't try to sell t-shirts with your name on them.

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  • cazzycazzy Posts: 7,182
    edited May 2014
    See, they've already started.
    There is a big difference Craig.  You were rightfully razzled because you tried to force your blog on us instead of letting it get exposed naturally like Necessary IndulgencesGriffin's Grub, Grillin' & Smokin', etc.

    Lets not forget your handle was @biggreencraigdotcom before you changed it.  Your intent was very clear.  Then, the t-shirt incident.   =))  Your failed sneaky attempt to sell Big Green Craig t-shirts to the forum.  You were messed with and IMO, you deserved every bit of it.   ;)  I'll be the first to admit that your reboot has been good, so changing it worked out for you.

    Feel free to be butt hurt and call us haters, because you're entitled to do so.  I don't think it's accurate, especially since it took me 4 hours to see your post!   :P 
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  • I rest my case.
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  • Mr_BreamMr_Bream Posts: 34
    Sounds like a link in  sigline or maybe at the end of a post is the way to go.  Thanks folks!
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