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1958 Oak Dresser -> 2 Egg Table Conversion

When I moved to DC in 2010, my Dad gave me a hand-me-down, retro, oak dresser that my grandparents had ordered and built for them in Franklin, NC. The thing is solid. 


When I was sanding it down I found a stamp on it that said 1958. 


Amidst our many moves around DC and VA it somehow slipped into the U-Haul each time and cycled through 3 of our townhouses, up and down sets of stairs and around impossible corners. It was in pretty rough shape and had 5 shades of sharpie, crayon and scratches on the surface. Even after I sanded it and stained it, it was never quite up to par for our "decor," so I was told. Honestly, it was a little bulky and didn't operate so smooth. The drawers were a bit finicky and my wife was not a huge fan of it - indoors. But it served a purpose and met two qualifications - it was 1) free and 2) worked ok. However, being somewhat nostalgic about it, I could never bring myself to try and sell it or give it away. I thought it might still have a good use - outdoors.

Last year I did some serious restoring on my old Medium (circa 1996) and named it Denberg after my old next door neighbor who passed it on to our family. After I completed that project it popped into my head that rather than parting ways with this dresser I could give it a new purpose. I had acquired a Large in NC last year and I really wanted to have them side by side, out of nests, in the same table. After a few months of brainstorming and a move back to Georgia, one Saturday I was sick of it sitting in the garage collecting dust, so I decided I would put my plans into action.

The rest can be explained by photos:


Brookhaven, GA

2012 Large | Mid 90's Medium


    Nice craftmanship!!! 
    XL BGE 
    Joe JR 
    Baltimore, MD
  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,741
    Very nice. Beautiful piece of furniture.
    Winston-Salem, NC 
  • terry_bterry_b Posts: 67
    Wonderful idea! Awesome man!
  • SardonicusSardonicus Posts: 1,156
    edited May 2014

    Great idea, Buddubya!  Looks good.

    Just a suggestion:  Check with someone who has more knowledge than I on the size of the gap 'twixt Egg(s) and wood.

    (I'm sure it's fine.  I'm probably just too careful.)

    Anyway, Damned Nice Work!

    "Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving cabs and barbecuing."      - George Burns

  • CANMAN1976CANMAN1976 Posts: 1,570
    Great idea !!! Awesome job:)
    Hows ya gettin' on, me ol ****

    Kippens.Newfoundland and Labrador. (Canada).
  • ElCapitanElCapitan Posts: 154
    XL Owner
  • troopertrooper Posts: 7
    That is real nice.  I like when things can be re-purposed!
  • RACRAC Posts: 1,607


    Boerne, TX

  • BotchBotch Posts: 3,881
    Fantastic job, Buddubya!   :-bd
    So, who else is hitting the local flea market this Saturday?  
    Live fast, die young, and leave a well-marbled corpse.  
    Ogden, Utard.  
  • SidZer0SidZer0 Posts: 45
    Strong work!  Turned out awesome.
    Jax, FL
  • grege345grege345 Posts: 3,512
    Looks great. I'm guessing there was a problem with the opening for the large?
    LBGE& SBGE———————————————•———————– Pennsylvania / poconos

  • GeorgeSGeorgeS Posts: 949
    Very nice! I love to see things with sentimental value being repurposed!
    Bristow Virginia XLBGE One of the best feelings in life is watching other people enjoy the food I cooked!
  • NPHuskerFLNPHuskerFL Posts: 13,134
    edited May 2014
    @buddubya‌ Looks like a famiy heirloom was nicely repurposed. I hope you're able to get many years of good use from it. Just out of curiosity was there a clearance issue that caused you to have to cut access out for your LBGE? What did your family think about it? I'm guessing it won't be sitting in the elements for extended periods? Beautiful work!
    LBGE 2013, Mini MAX 2014, SS Table and Stoker
    Middleburg, FL
  • DaveRichardsonDaveRichardson Posts: 1,502
    edited May 2014
    Probably just a crap-load easier to install it in an open front than lifting over and in!!

    Edit- and on closer inspection, looks like the cross members were in the circle opening.... Probably easier to just box it out!

    Love the idea! Looks great!

    LBGE #19 from North GA Eggfest, 2014

    Stockbridge, GA - just south of Atlanta where we are covered up in Zombies!  #TheWalkingDead films practically next door!

  • DaveRichardsonDaveRichardson Posts: 1,502
    BTW- you said you are back in GA.... Atlanta area?? Always looking for local eggheads!

    LBGE #19 from North GA Eggfest, 2014

    Stockbridge, GA - just south of Atlanta where we are covered up in Zombies!  #TheWalkingDead films practically next door!

  • cajuncookcajuncook Posts: 99
    Great idea. I would suggest creating an air space between the bottoms and the pavers.
    Live on beautiful Lake Hartwell GA
  • GalbiGalbi Posts: 27
    Great idea!!
  • Spring ChickenSpring Chicken Posts: 9,776

    Great idea and great job on converting it to cook center.

    Helmsman Spar Urethane might work in DC but here in Texas it doesn't last very long.  Even so, I would encourage you to get a good quality ventilated cover made for it, especially for use during the winter months.  You invested a lot of rewarding effort in it and I would hate to see it ruined due to weather extremes.

    If you prefer to keep it uncovered, you might consider getting a can of high quality marine varnish.  A quart is about $35 and would probably be enough for about three coats.  That would greatly extend both the look and the life of the piece.

    You did good.

    Spring "The Best Weather Protection For Outdoor Wood Is To Keep The Tree Alive" Chicken

    Spring Texas USA

  • Nicely done. Love the story along with it
  • KtimKtim Posts: 364
    Great looking table! But, is there an opener attached to it?
    sumpter township Mi.
  • saluki2007saluki2007 Posts: 1,425
    Bravo!  I like the addition of the casters.
    Large BGE
    Morton, IL

  • bbqlearnerbbqlearner Posts: 757
    Love it!

    Houston, TX - Buddy LBGE, Don SBGE, Tiny Mini & Shiny Momma Pitts n Spitts

  • ColAngusColAngus Posts: 75
    Dude. You have a true craft.

    I'm jealous.  I couldn't hammer a nail straight if my life depended on it.

  • Brisket_FanaticBrisket_Fanatic Posts: 2,000
    NIce job, very functional
    NW Iowa
  • tulocaytulocay Posts: 1,737
    Great looking table.
    LBGE, Marietta, GA
  • calikingcaliking Posts: 7,615
    I was initially conflicted about your plan to cut up a nice piece of solid old furniture. You can't find that kind of stuff anymore. But your finished product looks really good!! I hope you get many years of use out of it. 

    As others have suggested, consider adding an air gap beneath the large at least, and maybe some kind of fire retardant. @henapple might know what you'll need for that. 

    #1 LBGE December 2012 • #2 SBGE February  2013 • #3 Mini May 2013
    A happy BGE family in Houston, TX.
  • Mama RoneckMama Roneck Posts: 356
    very clever re-use!
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