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Lump Apple wood as charcoal?

So I was going through loses the other night and saw that they sell lump apple wood charcoal. I wasn't 110 on it since I thought that apple wood and other such woods are used for smoke flavor only. Can this be used as lump charcoal? Or will it be something super overpowering and make my food taste like absolute death? Will try to find a picture of the product and post. 

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  • Here is the brand that I was talking about. The right picture is the lump bag, and the left is the chips. The one I saw is on the right. 
    apple wood chips.jpg
    180 x 180 - 10K
    lump apple wood.jpg
    300 x 199 - 10K

    Cooking for others enjoyment is not only a passionate reward, it's one of the greatest ways to use what God has given me. Wilmore, KY MBG, LBGE

  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 939
    edited April 24
    I would try it.

    Edit: Picture posted after I posted.  I agree that that's smoke wood and not lump.
  • TexanOfTheNorthTexanOfTheNorth Posts: 2,750
    To me it just looks like chips vs. chunks. I mostly use wood chunks mixed in with my lump (as opposed to chips). Not sure it is intended to be used in place of lump.
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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 16,244
    neither is lump. handful of chips or a chunk or two for flavor
  • KruegsKruegs Posts: 124
    Pretty sure that is not charcoal.  It is just chunks of apple wood instead of chips.  I have never used chips in my BGE and always use chunks as you will get a more sustained smoke compared to chips.
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  • Chris_WangChris_Wang Posts: 1,253
    Get the chunks and mix a couple in with your lump.

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  • NPHuskerFLNPHuskerFL Posts: 6,473
    +1 neither of these are lump. The one on the left Apple wood chips and to the right Apple wood chunks. Me personally any wood I use to add smoke I prefer chunks when they are available. Apple wood is a real mild smoke nice on poultry, fish, beef, etc. But, you need to be burning LUMP and then if you want "extra" smoke you would add in your chunks or chips of wood. Whether it be Apple, Cherry, Pecan, Mesquite, Oak, etc (there are many to choose from).
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  • The Naked WhizThe Naked Whiz Posts: 7,780
    edited April 24
    To answer your original question, yes, lump charcoal made from apple wood is fine to use.  I believe Real Montana makes it.  Like all charcoal, the amount of smoke/flavor you get depends primarily on the temperature to which they take the charcoal during the charcoal-making process.  The hotter they take it, the more "stuff" is cooked out and the less smoke/flavor the charcoal will produce. The Real Montana Apple charcoal has a lot of smokiness to it, and that is by design.  You wouldn't want to add any smoking chunks to it. 
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  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 5,127
    Agreed- chunks are definitely different than lump charcoal.  As others stated, chunks and chips are just different cuts of wood and meant to be added to the lump charcoal for additional flavor.  Lump charcoal goes through a process where it is basically partially burned (heated under controlled conditions) so that what is left is mostly carbon.  

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