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Newbie & First Cook Experiences

Well, I'm both happy and sad to be an owner of a large BGE. My dear old dad had wanted a BGE when he retired but then died suddenly 2 months before he was due to retire last March. My birthday is in April and without warning my lovely mum bought me a preassembled BGE which arrived 2 weeks ago. I love it but every time I use it I remember my dad so it is tinged with sadness. I know he'd love it and I'll do my best to cook up some food he'd be proud of. So far I've done 2 racks of pork ribs, a spatchcock chicken, belly pork and pulled pork. My wife & I are amazed at the flavour and moisture the meat retains. It's fantastic. My 3 year old daughter declared she didn't like pulled pork but after trying a minuscule amount she went on to demolish loads and say "the best meat ever Daddy!" . I've done no direct cooking yet. Could someone give me an idea of what temperature to cook burgers and steaks at? I've got a feeling it's going to be lots of learning but with this amazing forum to help it should be fun doing it. Now all I need to do is how to work out how to get it up the last 2 steps to my patio without giving myself an inguinal hernia!


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    As the smoke rises he is able to smell the Lump and fruitwoods. I'm sure he'd be proud of his son takin care of his family.
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    Welcome to the lifestyle! Sorry to hear about the loss of your father. No doubt, he be happy to know that you've got the egg and are enjoying it.

    For direct cooks I go anywhere from 350* up to 500* depending on what I'm cooking. There are all sorts of variables. For example you can do direct with the grid directly on the fire ring or raised to the gasket level or above. The thickness of your meat will also be a factor as a thicker cut might be done at a slightly lower temp (i.e., closer to 350*), etc.

    Best thing do to if you have a question about a specific cook is to post a thread... you'll usually get lots of good advice.
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    Welcome aboard...
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    Dad would be proud. Sorry for your loss, and the Egg will be a good reminder and tribute to him every time you use it. Welcome
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    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
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    Welcome aboard!


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    I'm a noob also and this forum is great! I completed my first cook today and like you I missed taking food to my Grandmother who transitioned in August. I'm sure your dad was looking down smiling at the food you cooked! Keep churning out the good food for your family and enjoy your egg
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    Welcome to the world of good Q.  Step one is getting enthusiastic about it and interacting and reading stuff like this forum.  It's really easy if you do a little research.
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    Sorry for your loss , but I am sure your Dad is smiling down upon you as you cook. That thought that suddenly creeps into your mind as you cook is your Dad helping. Don't be sad use it as time to "be " with your dad again !
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    Welcome aboard and do your Dad proud with the BGE.
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    Welcome aboard
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    Sorry for your loss, 

    I think your dad would be proud and that that bittersweet feeling you get while you cook because his recent passing away will gradually subside and change so you’ll just remember him and all the good times you had with him.

    As for direct cooking… anything from 350 – 500, just keep in mind that the lower end of that range will get you more evenly cooked meals with less crust, and that the higher you go the less time the center has to catch up with the exterior so you’ll get rarer centers and well done edges plus crispier skin (on chicken, fish, etc.).

    You can sear up to 750 F or higher before or after the cook… do a quick forum search for steaks TRex style or Reverse Searing.

    Happy to help if you have questions for specific cooks.
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    Welcome aboard!!  Every father wants more and better for his children.  You got it!!  Enjoy the egg!!
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