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BBQ Snob

So I have been enjoying egg food for a while.  All the local BBQ sick of.  They don't taste as great as what I can get from the egg.  We have Texas Roadhouse, Piggy's BBQ, Up in Smoke,Sonny's BBQ, Jim and Milts BBQ.  All of them taste so-so..processed actually.  It taste processed.

So today I thought I would try a BBQ food truck.  I saw the smoke a blazing from Bass pro shop and it smelled so after I bought some stuff from bass pro shop..i went over there.  I placed my order for 1/2 rack rib and 1/4lb pulled pork with mac and cheese, potato salad, and a sweet tea. While they were getting my order ready..i went over to their pit to look at the temperature.  It was blazing away at the high temp of 125 degrees. then I realized that there not actually cooking anything..rather using the smoke as a form of advertising. Fair enough.

Got my food..smelled amazing..and then I bit into the rib. What did I taste? Delicious smoke and Pig meat? Nope. I tasted lighter fluid with a side of dry ribs(probably reheated..cant blame them to much) I ate one..threw the rest out. Now onto the pulled pork. I was a little leary as the pulled pork was a dark brown. It looked like they had smothered it in bbq sauce. Took a bite...and it was smothered in some of the sweetest sauce ive ever tasted..inedible it was so sweet. If I had diabeties I would of given myself a insulin shot right then and there. In fact maybe I still should.

So I have decided that the egg has made me a BBQ snob and what I used to like..just doesn't work for me anymore.




  • It really does ruin you in regards to most shops fare.  In their defense, they are in business to make money and cannot/will not spend the time we lavish upon our labors of BBQ love.  It doesn't give them the excuse to make bad BBQ and most times it is reasonably good, we have just been lucky enough to experience how great food properly prepared can taste.
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  • I know where you're coming from.  There is a new BBQ restuarant in town that others were raving about.  Went and had smoked turkey and brisket. Neither one was any good.  I will give them credit that they had some really tasty side dishes and cornbread, but it didn't make up for the poor tasting meats.  I'll keep trying places I've never been to becuase you just never know.  I'm always hoping I can learn something I can incorporate into my BBQ to make it even better.

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  • AD18AD18 Posts: 131
    I agree with your statements completely.  I rarely, if ever, order ribs at restaurants anymore.  I understand they have to mass produce, adhere to timelines, and simply cannot apply the tlc good bbq needs.  You're not a snob, just lucky to be an Egghead:)
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  • JohnInCarolinaJohnInCarolina Posts: 1,230
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    I don't think it's made me a snob going so far as to not eat at BBQ places, but I'm much more discriminating/knowledgeable than I was before learning to cook on the BGE.  I find I often ask questions the wait staff can't answer.  I've also asked if I can talk to the pitmaster at a few places, and I never would have done that before.  
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  • berndcrispberndcrisp Posts: 591
    I too am becoming a bbq snob. You can observe how not to it at many places.

     Though I was recently at a gas station that had a big smoker trailer thingey smoking away. I had to take a peak. Alas 250 degrees, hickory chunks, 8 pork shoulders and a large packer brisket. There is also a po-dunk, run down old beat-up marina mobile home park off the beaten path place, that has some of the best BBQ brisket and pork that I've ever ordered, maybe as good mine. Look for the Mom and Pop places that are off the beaten path.
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  • cazzycazzy Posts: 5,470
    I've always been a food snob so I can't say the egg has changed me. Shitty BBQ then is still shitty BBQ now.

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 10,750
    What about rare burgers?
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  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 8,495
    henapple said:

    What about rare burgers?

    What about Bob?

  • LoggerLogger Posts: 230
    I take my customers to lunch and when they want BBQ, I cringe...really.
    I had a really good customer ask me to take them to Back Door BBQ near downtown OKC.
    I truly was amazed because they had pork belly on the menu.  It was cooked like a butt or shoulder and was really, really good.
    I have to agree with all of the previous posts and occasionally you do find someone actually getting it right.
    @henapple  I will order a "medium" burger only if I know they don't grind their steaks that are about to go out of date.  Only if it was hamburger off of the hoof.
    But, I prefer rare to medium rare steaks.

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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 10,750
    @Cazzy makes a Bleu burger that's unbelievable. Sombitch practically moos
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  • BoilereggerBoileregger Posts: 255
    I thought you were talking about @BBQSnob on twitter. His name is Daniel Vaughn and he's the BBQ editor for Texas Monthly. Yes, he has the best job ever. Check him out, he's got reviews for basically every BBQ joint in Texas.
  • SocalcajudoSocalcajudo Posts: 128
    I am with you on this one. Here in San Diego there have been a couple of new BBQ places opening up left and right and when friends invite to go eat BBQ I look at the cost of the food and compare how much I would spend buying the meat and Q'ing it up myself. Not to mention the better taste and quality of the food that I would actually cook. I usually end up having to back down when friends invite going out for BBQ.
  • NPHuskerFLNPHuskerFL Posts: 4,554
    Not only am I a snob when it comes to the food BBQ or otherwise...but, I also scratch some restaurants off the list after I work in their kitchen and find it more suitable to make a science experiment than to prepare my food. SWMBO hates me to tell her of some of the things I see. Fortunately "MOST"of the places I service are quite clean even for a commercial restaurant. As far as BBQ restaurants go there are only 2-4 that I would dine at and they each use a true pit to smoke slow & low. But, even the places we do eat at aren't as good as BGE cooks imho.
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  • cazzycazzy Posts: 5,470
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    Folks...I think you preferring your food off the egg is 100% expected. You're cooking in very small quantities and you're using a flavor profile on each individual cut of meat that you've grown to love through trial and error.

    Even the best spots have some weak points. They also approach BBQ in a different manner than you do and without the undivided attention we pay to a piece of meat or two.

    Then, you have to take into account the region you're in. Most peeps in Texas use post oak with sauce on the side. Other areas slather stuff in sauce or use fruity woods cause that's what their region calls for.

    Lots of variables to consider so just find one or two things on their menu that you can appreciate.

    You may not even be a more likely have just discovered the type of BBQ you enjoy that is probably different than what your regional spots are doing.

  • SoCalWJSSoCalWJS Posts: 236
    Friends and Family all know that I'm into BBQ, so when we're going out for Lunch or Dinner, they suggest a BBQ Joint. I always try to steer the group to a different type of restaurant. 

    There are a couple that are OK, but by and large......
  • berndcrispberndcrisp Posts: 591
    I have to agree with Cazzy on this one, well put.
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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 10,750
    I'll agree with @Cazzy...just this one time.
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  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 1,529
    I wouldn't say I'm a BBQ snob, but I have crossed some places off my list of places to go after going into their kitchen.
  • Coach292Coach292 Posts: 14
    I've turned into a BBQ snob because of my BGE. But when I want some excellent BBQ quickly I'm lucky we have a great place less than a mile from my house. Smoked prime rib Friday is awesome.
  • dstrbd488dstrbd488 Posts: 65
    Well I'll admit I'm a bbq snob and I was way before I got my egg! Being raised around Salisbury NC where there used to be several really good q joints I know what my option of good is and I feel a lot less likely to say well we only cook a few butts at a time and they have to cook hundreds because I know guys and have helped folks cook hundreds of pounds of bbq for fund raisers with no troubles. So I little sympathy for folks who can't do it.
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 4,846
    No BBQ or restaurant snob here but the one rule I have followed for many, many years regarding restaurants (any type):  "Never order any dish that I cook at home."   I can always find something that fits that criteria and really culls the menu options.  FWIW-YMMV.
  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 1,529
    lousubcap said:

    No BBQ or restaurant snob here but the one rule I have followed for many, many years regarding restaurants (any type):  "Never order any dish that I cook at home."   I can always find something that fits that criteria and really culls the menu options.  FWIW-YMMV.

    As a child I ordered Alfredo, a lot, but now I follow that same rule and I haven't had alfredo at a restaurant in years. I usually go to places I can't make the food, phó is pretty high on my restaurant list.
  • Cymbaline65Cymbaline65 Posts: 723
    +1 for lousubcap. Always dine on what you can't do at home.
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  • cuanglercuangler Posts: 18
    I'm in Tampa/St Pete for the year. This place is a BBQ black hole. I had to leave my Egg back at home in storage and will be reunited in 4 months. I'm counting down the days. I tell the wife every weekend that I should be smoking something and that when we move back I will grilling every night for a month.
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 4,846
    @cuangler-That's tough but I believe there are a few eggfests in your neighborhood that could give you some intermediate relief.  Go over to for a list-one in Melbourne in a couple of weeks.  FWIW-and hang in there as the withdrawal symptoms must be a challenge :)>-
  • yzziyzzi Posts: 1,335
    cuangler said:

    I'm in Tampa/St Pete for the year. This place is a BBQ black hole. I had to leave my Egg back at home in storage and will be reunited in 4 months. I'm counting down the days. I tell the wife every weekend that I should be smoking something and that when we move back I will grilling every night for a month.

    Where you located? I'm in Dunedin. You're right about a BBQ black hole though. I can't find quality brisket for the life of me. To be honest I don't even know of a descent recommendation. There's several places I heard of in Tampa but never been to. Lots as I drive through land-o-lakes but never ate at any.

    Dunedin, FL
  • SkinnyVSkinnyV Posts: 1,533
    In Seattle I cringe at price vs what u get. Very overpriced stuff.
    If I pay $14 for a plate serve me a plate!
    Seattle, WA
  • McpicsMcpics Posts: 10
    Yzzi, I agree, I live in Oldsmar and finding decent bbq around here is just about impossible, I know of a few places in Tampa, pm me and I'll pass along what I know.
  • pretzelbpretzelb Posts: 146
    While vacationing in NH we met with some friends and made a comment on how surprised we (from TX) were to see BBQ places. My friend's husband says "I think BBQ is the new pizza. Seems like everyone thinks they can just get a pit and sell food." We then spent the rest of our trip (and at home) taking note of all the pizza and BBQ places. I think he was right. 

    One thing I like about my BGE is that the price is worth it. I am getting much better results than I ever did grilling. So it should be a surprise if you get better results than some places. 

    Now if you really want to get me started, let's talk about all the beer snobs we have from the success of the craft beer movement. Sheesh. Used to be fun to find new beers. Now it seems like it's only fun to bash new beers.
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