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Must haves

Hello all,

I am in the process of buying a large BGE, what are the must have accessories? I am assuming the placesetter, but what about the ash catcher or the grill lifter?


  • The egg will be the cheap part of this journey. I'm not sure what type of cooking you plan on doing but the adjustable rig would be a good start. I'd recommend a Thermapen it will improve all of your cooking. A good pair of welding gloves will be useful too.


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  • grege345grege345 Posts: 3,512
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    No plate setter. Go with adjustable rig to start right out of the gate. Ash tool is also a good buy. Where you from ?
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  • Miked125Miked125 Posts: 294
    Ah welding gloves! Never thought of that! I do a lot of smoking so I have a thermapen and love it. Adjustable rig I will have to checkout! Thanks guys!
  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,457
    Ash tool and combo that provides a raised rack and indirect. The woo or adjustable rig with a stone is a great way to go. A thermapen and maverick are also very helpful if you don't already have these. Shelves/eggmates are very useful if you are not putting your egg in a table. If you get them, pickup some bigger S hooks at the hardware store. Makes hanging things easier than the small hooks that are included.
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  • The ash tool, ash pan, grate gripper, good leather grill gloves, plate setter and Thermapen are the basics must haves.  I like my electric charcoal starter, Woo 2 Ring, Cyber Q, and pizza stone. 

    I want an adjustable rig, an XL BGE, a table or mates and better way to store eggccessories.  I didn't care for the swing grate, BGE large expansion grate and BGE drip pans. 

    Best advice I've gained from the forum and agree with is to take your time and enjoy the journey.  Get the basics and add a little at a time to see what fits your cooking best.  Welcome to the club.

  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,894
    No platesetter. Adjustable Rig and thermapen
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  • Adjustable Rig.  I'll sell you my used plate setter if you really want one ;)
    Welding gloves
    Ash tool

    Simi Valley, California
  • If I had it to do over I would just get something like a PSWoo3 with 2 pizza stones (one for the woo one to cook on) and a thermapen. 
  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 5,832
    +1 on this but I don't ever cook enough to justify all the added space of the AR.


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  • BrimoBrimo Posts: 51
    Can't agree more more with AR recommendation. Just make sure to get the 16" round stone when ordering your AR so you don't need the placesetter for indirect cooks. Later you can get the AR extender, place your stone on top of it for some of the best pizza you'll ever make.
  • KennyLeeKennyLee Posts: 717
    I'd definitely get the plate setter, but the ash tool and grid lifter are easy to do without. 


    Cedar table w/granite top

    Ceramic Grillworks two-tier swing rack

    Perpetual cooler of ice-cold beer

  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 2,231
    Thermometer and method of going indirect are only things I recommend, rest are very much extras.
  • Platesetter and Thermapen.



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  • td66snrftd66snrf Posts: 835
    All you really need is lump charcoal, something to start it with, a piece of meat and some thing to keep you hydrated while you wait for the meat to come off.
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  • smokeyjsmokeyj Posts: 276

    Thermometer and I would add the two tier swing grate and the double d rack from Ceramic Grill Works. 

    I use the double D rack for my indirect cooking. You can also use it for  searing.


  • pgprescottpgprescott Posts: 3,681
    Plate setter,, pizza stone, thermo, welding gloves.
  • Just figure out how much you want spend on extras, then add $1000. You only live once last I heard.
    Cherry Hill, NJ
  • Don't go crazy on eggcessories out of the gate. Figure the thing out then expand your arsenal. I like my plate setter. If it breaks, I'll probably fork over the money for an adjustable rig but to start, the plate setter does the job. My plate setter did break once but it was under the 3 year warranty so BGE replaced it. Couldn't justify buying the AR when BGE was going to replace the pate setter with no money out of pocket. If the new egg comes with the plate setter in a package, stick with that.
    Mark Annville, PA
  • Miked125Miked125 Posts: 294
    Awesome! Now I have to research some of these things. I am coming over from a WSM so I have a lot of the universal toys already. Thanks everyone!
  • Mickey said:
    No platesetter. Adjustable Rig and thermapen
    Beaufort, SC
  • Newbie question here... I've seen a few things listed and I'm not sure what the adjustable rig is?  Is it a non bge item?  I'm waiting on my nest which should arrive this week.  I don't have the place setter, so wanted to price out the AR before I bought anything....

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  • Miked125Miked125 Posts: 294

    Newbie question here... I've seen a few things listed and I'm not sure what the adjustable rig is?  Is it a non bge item?  I'm waiting on my nest which should arrive this week.  I don't have the place setter, so wanted to price out the AR before I bought anything....
    Check out the Ceramic Grill Store, a little more pricey but its well worth it. If you are unsure of what you need call the store. They are super helpful!
  • JenniferEggerJenniferEgger Posts: 66
    edited June 2014
    Thank you!   Now off to figure out what a Woo is!!!  Lol.

    For anyone that stumbles upon this post, this comparison was very helpful.  From the ceramic grill store...  

    LGE in da house.

    Bucks County,  PA

  • ShadowNickShadowNick Posts: 519
    The only must haves in my opinion are some method on indirect cooking (plate setter or AR) and charcoal. These have served me just fine. Everything else in my opinion is gravy. Cook for a bit and get the accessories that will compliment your cooking style. Thermapen would be nice, but I make due with the $10 digital thermometer from the grocery store.
    Chicago, Illinois
  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,453
    A way to do indirect, and a way to do raised direct. Some gloves to remove hot things. A spatula and some tongs. A way to light the lump. Variety of woods for different flavor smoke. A way to do pizza. Some good lump. Rubs and spices to your taste. Recipes from this forum. A way to raise the drip pan from the PS. A good source of meat. A temp probe. Adult beverages. Time to enjoy using the Egg. Family and friends to enjoy your cooks. A way to remove hot pieces of meat from the Egg. Heavy duty aluminum foil. A cooler and towels. A big appetite. A passion for cooking. A good BGE dealer for warranty issues. A way to stay dry cooking in the rain. Some Cast Iron. Advice from this forum. A Bug-A-Salt to deal with flies. A Grand daughter who loves 'Egg Food'. A family who tolerates eating late while you take pictures of your food. A camera to take pictures of your food. Enjoying interacting with folks you never met but have been friends with for years. Ability to tolerate the occasional side tracking/troll activity on the forum. Adult beverages. Enjoying the smell of smoke in the morning. Sharing experiences, both good and bad. I'm sure there are other 'Must Haves' but the most important is a passion for cooking on the Egg.
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  • NanookNanook Posts: 846
    +1 on the AR....
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