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Favorite internal temperature for a baked or sweet potato?

I did some searching on internal temperature of a baked potato and found that most people cook them at 350 for an hour or so. Do Any of you have an internal temperature that you shoot for when baking a potato. Is it different for a sweet potato?
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  • Just bake until it feels soft when squeezed gently.
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  • I love my Thermapen and cooking with it, but hasn't dawned on me to cook my potato to a specific temp.  I use the fork test.  If I'm mashing it or pureeing it, I want it soft.  If I'm going to do something like make a hash, I want them to be firmer. 


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  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 1,150
    It's a good question and I baked sweet potatoes last night, and I didn't think to thermapen them.
  • EggNorthEggNorth Posts: 506
    I just cook both until soft and then good to go. Usually wrap in foil in place directly on lump, near the side, then cook whatever and it's all done around the same time.
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  • buzd504buzd504 Posts: 1,150
    edited January 2014

    210 degrees, according to this site:

    (which would make sense considering it's right below the point at which the water would start steaming the potato).
  • EggoMaticEggoMatic Posts: 130
    210 degrees on the dot - thermapen approved.
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  • jls9595jls9595 Posts: 1,276
    205-210 has always worked for me
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  • EggoMatic said:

    210 degrees on the dot - thermapen approved.

    I googled it and this is what I read as well.
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  • dlk7dlk7 Posts: 1,001
    I've always taken them to 215 degrees and have always had compliments.  I rub them with EVOO, give them a good coating of kosher salt, and bake them on the egg indirect at 350.  I will, however, try 210 IT and see if that makes them even better.

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  • Carolina QCarolina Q Posts: 8,188
    I have never baked a potato to temp. But I have checked the temp of a potato I have baked. :) 205-210° is about right. For russets anyway. I assume the same temp for sweet potatoes (never checked), but they don't take as long.

    As for cooking time/temp. I just cook them at the temp of whatever else I'm cooking. For me, that's usually 325-450* so 45 minutes to 1:15-ish. 

    Or, nuke 'em for a few. Maybe 4-5 for a sweet, 6-8 for russet. Longer for multiple potatoes.
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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,776
    Add me to the 210 degree temp camp. Unless I am baking potatoes for baked potato soup, then 195-200.

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  • jhl192jhl192 Posts: 793
    These potatoes were for eating as baked potatoes.  The 205-210 was perfect.  While I always cooked to feel as well, knowing what the temperature is going to be when done is helpful.  
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  • PhinsterPhinster Posts: 1
    Thanks Eggheads...good info....ham and sweet potatoes tonight
  • llrickmanllrickman Posts: 513
    edited August 2014
    For a sweet potato cook until black then toss in the coals the only good sweet potato is one in the trash :) The above goes for cantaloupe also. Now that's the nastiest food on gods green earth Now for a baked. As said above I do until it's soft to the squeeze
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  • cortguitarmancortguitarman Posts: 2,024
    210. I even put my Maverick in mine so if don't have to keep checking.
    Mark Annville, PA
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