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Was bringing the Egg up to temp yesterday and

I heard a loud noise from inside Egg and temp went up 120 degrees in a few seconds. Dome was closed. Anyone ever experienced this? The temp did crawl back down and then resume it's journey up to a stable 300 degrees.


  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,157
    I've experienced something similar when lighting from the bottom vent, but when burping.  Temp stick around 250 or so, lots of smoke.  Burp the Egg to a big flashback, bad smoke goes away and temp goes to 450 in a few seconds.  My favorite way to light when I'm doing something hot.
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  • stlcharcoalstlcharcoal Posts: 977

    In early July, I had a customer here in St. Louis report the same issue.  He had the cap off and saw sparks shoot out the top and out the lower vent, accompanied by a loud pop.  Turns out there was a rock inside that must have had some water trapped inside of it.  The temp got hot enough, it boiled, and POP!  When he cleaned out the firebox, he found the rock in 4-5 piece.  Put back together, it had a hollow spot about the size of a grain of rice.

    I thought he just got one of our special edition "4th of July" bags with the M80 hidden in it.

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  • HotchHotch Posts: 1,018
    Yes, I have had it happen one time last year. Never found out what it was.

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  • DuranhlerDuranhler Posts: 78
    I've pulled a couple rocks from the ashes, but never had one explode ... yet X_X
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  • HankyorkeHankyorke Posts: 146
    I had it happen with Cowboy lump. Was running wide open with no cap. Temp stuck at 400, then POP! Had flames shoot out out the top and bottom screen, temp shot to 700+ in less than 5 seconds. I shut it down an walked away, it scared me and I've not used Cowboy lump since.



  • EGG_DaddyEGG_Daddy Posts: 83
    How are the rocks getting into the Egg?  Are they in the charcoal?
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  • stlcharcoalstlcharcoal Posts: 977
    EGG_Daddy said:
    How are the rocks getting into the Egg?  Are they in the charcoal?

    Yep, with the way lump is produced, they are unavoidable.  We try to get as many as we can during the bag filling process, but a char dust covered rock looks just like a chunk of charcoal.

    Sometimes they are encased in large charcoal chunks since the tree grew around them--same goes for bullets, nails, arrowheads, piece of barbed wire, etc.  The only other thing that occasionally slips by is metal banding--used to bind the slabs together for shipping to the plant.

    Give the lump manufacturers a pass on all of that stuff.  Concrete, insulation, soda cans, plastic, etc are another story though.

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