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Got a small egg, go for a Large or XL ?

Hey guys, recently received a SBGE for my birthday and I'm using it a lot. I'm already saving for a 2nd one and might sell my gasbbq. I want to make one table to fit the 2 eggs in, what are your opinions on getting? I notice two types of comments here. People thats swear by the XL and people who swear by the Small/Large combo... I tend to go with the large at this moment but i still have time to decide :) Any pro / cons on the L and XL ? Large costs 1089 euro without nest Xl costs 1679 euro without nest
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  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,626
    Wow. Those prices are high. I have a small/large combo and am happy with it...but I got the large first. Most people on here say to buy the largest size you can afford and I think I would agree with that.
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  • AzzardiAzzardi Posts: 56
    What do they sell for in the usa ? Or is it also different regions bound?
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  • Minnesota I paid 1600 for xl, nest, plate setter, cover, electric lighter and side tables out the door. know I want small or medium not for room just for different temps. Good luck with your decision.
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  • From what I can gather in the US, prices vary by region.  I suspect that may be due primarily to shipping costs as they are heavy and probably cannot be stacked on the truck.  The best prices appear to be in the southeast part of the country which would bear out my premise regarding shipping as BGE is headquartered in Georgia.
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  • AzzardiAzzardi Posts: 56
    Minnesota I paid 1600 for xl, nest, plate setter, cover, electric lighter and side tables out the door. know I want small or medium not for room just for different temps. Good luck with your decision.
    Thats 1176 euros with all those options ... Maybe i should be better of buying there and ship myself ... Altough that's pretty impossible i think...
    New to the Eggworld from Antwerpen - Belgium
  • My son was in Scottland  for a semester of college I know the shipping was not cheap for his care packages would be fun to know how much to ship an egg.
    XL & waiting for my Mini Max Bloomington MN.
  • jhl192jhl192 Posts: 806
    I have the Medium and XL and think that was my choice because I bought the XL first. If I was buying now, knowing what I now know, I may have gone with a pair of larges.  That being said,  each has its own benefits.  Having the small will be great for the smaller meals when you do not want to fire it up quick and make something.  The Large or XL are perfect for the slow cooks, large parties,  complete meals, great pizza's and calzones.   Good luck!      
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  • AzzardiAzzardi Posts: 56
    I'm afraid there is some kind of distributor policy .. Would be logical i guess, otherwise everyone would buy in the states and ship themselves...
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  • DMWDMW Posts: 7,211
    I started with an XL and just recently added a Small, really like this combo. I would go XL if you can as it would give you the most capacity for entertaining, etc.

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  • RLeeperRLeeper Posts: 480
    edited January 2014
    I had a medium, mini, and large. Recently sold my medium and bought an xl after consulting the forum. I love having the XL for larger cooks and the comfort of knowing you will be able to fit just about any cut of meat without feeling cramped. The large can also increase its cooking capacity with the AR.
    Extra Large, Large, and Mini. Tucker, GA
  • bettysnephewbettysnephew Posts: 994
    edited January 2014
    I got my XL first and it has been a joy for cooking when the family is together or doing butts/briskets low and slow for breakdown and freezing for later.  With just the wife and I most times, we recently decided to get a Medium for smaller cooks and different temps when the group is all here.  The desire for 2 or more Eggs seems to run rampant across this forum.  Waiting for somewhat warmer weather to put finish on new table and get the MBGE set up and running.
    See der Rabbits, Iowa
  • smbishopsmbishop Posts: 1,151
    I have the Small and Large combination.  Can't think of any cons.  The large has plenty of space for my cooking needs and the combination of the two is great when doing a mix of temperature, direct, indirect stuff.  I go through periods where I do everything on the small, then back to the large for a while as well...
    Large, Small, and a LOT of Eggcessories!  Southlake, TX
  • FearlessTheEggNoobFearlessTheEggNoob Posts: 517
    edited January 2014
    If I had to drop that kind of coin I would probably buy the XL and be done with it. Then you'll have both ends of the egg spectrum covered.

  • I have a medium/large combo...I have no complaints about it at all. If I were to make any changes I would probably sell the medium and get another large but I don't see that coming in the near future
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  • CookinbobCookinbob Posts: 1,551
    I have an XL and love it, but plan to add a small. For what it's worth, the only thing I have cooked that I could not do on a large is paella in my 18" pan. If you foresee really large cooks, go XL, otherwise tle large should do it
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  • CanuggheadCanugghead Posts: 4,775
    If I had to drop that kind of coin I would probably buy the XL and be done with it. Then you'll have both ends of the egg spectrum covered.
    I'm thinking the same.  Add a lump reducer or by simply banking the lump on one side of the XL, you can do smaller cooks that won't fit the Small, or have two zones (direct and indirect) in the XL simultaneously... even more possibilities if you add a raised grid to it.
  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,368
    If you have the budget, you'll never regret having an XL. Nobody ever complains that they have too much cooking space. However, 600 euros to move up is more than 2x the difference than here. If the small is meeting your needs, adding a large is probably adequate. The large has a lot of accessories that will increase its functionality. 600 euros would cover an adjustable rig, a pizza stone, a party q, etc for the large. That's a lot of versatility.
    Cooking on an XL and Medium in Bethesda, MD.
  • Azzardi,
      I can't help with this question as I have a medium and a mini. Both of them are in the same table that was originally built for the medium, then modified to hold the small.
      You must be doing a lot better with the egg nuances than a week or so ago when you first posted.
      Good for you.
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  • i really like my Large. I often Cook for 4-6 people on it. One Chef up here in the Pacific North West got 14 racks of Baby backs on his Large. And I did a 22 pound Turkey on mine. hope that helps. cheers  
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  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,358
    Will ship egg for 18% beer. :D


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  • ibandaibanda Posts: 458
    I am happy with my Small and Large combination. I can cook for a small party (8 to 15 people) fairly easily on my large.
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  • yogi84yogi84 Posts: 154
    edited January 2014
    I have the XL/small combo..... love it
  • if it were me I would go for the XL I have 2 LBGE and at times I wish I had the XL 
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  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 17,475
    if your going to do more grilling for large groups than bbq for large groups then the xl for the grilling space. a large can cook enough pulled pork for about 80 sandwiches, i could cater larger events with pulled pork on an xl :D one thing i know is my cooking changed when i got a large egg, i completely stopped serving hot dogs and hamburgers. i did 20 wings cut into 40 pieces of wingettes and drummettes on my small sized mini knockoff, probably could have doubled that, theres more planning on smaller eggs but the possibilities are always there, you could easily cook 20 pulled sandwiches of pork on that small of yours
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