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Is the Guru worth the money

Just got the Guru for Christmas. I am wondering if it is worth having. I enjoy watching it, while I smoke. It gives me a reason to have a cocktail to check on it. Not that I need a reason to have a cocktail.
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  • Put me down as a "Yes" vote.  It makes overnight cooks a breeze... just set it, and forget it...

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  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,338
    edited December 2013
    Granted some here will say no, but I'm in the camp that loves it! Sure it's wonderful for over night cooks but there's more! Just like yesterday when we had so much other stuff going on it was nice to let my Guru baby sit the 4 hour cook of our ham so I didn't have to worry. Can't say as I would ever spend more money to get a wifi type...I mean if you trust your equipment like I do then I don't keep checking on it!
    Dunlap, IL
  • I agree with RRP, it's nice to trust your equipment so you can focus on other things; especially sleep.
    Marietta, East Cobb, GA
  • Nature BoyNature Boy Posts: 8,387
    How much is sleep worth?

    I know it varies depending on the situation, but I would pay a lot for the sleep I have gotten while the guru hums along. 

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  • I'd say it depends on how many "low and slow" cooks you do.  I have a Stoker, and have had it for about 3 years.  I'm glad I have it, but if it broke and I had to buy a new one, I probably wouldn't.  That's because I only use it on briskets (20+ hour cooks) and I don't do that but about twice a year. It's hard to justify that kind of cost.  

    I could hire Mickey to stay up all night with the brisket for a lot cheaper.


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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,882
    edited December 2013
    I am the NO vote. I discovered Turbo and no need to cook over night anymore. Now I have seen people use them to cook a chicken, I just don't see a need. Now take VI, please....
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 15,163
    I have the digiq dx2. I love it. When over nighting 35 lbs of pork I sleep easier. I got by without it for a long time but have enjoyed it.
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • i think I'll use it inside as much as out. it obviously won't control the oven but having visibility to long cooks would be cool. I also don't trust my egg to hold rock steady under 240-ish so I may play with lower temps as well. I can always sell it if i don't like it. I would have never bought one for myself buy Wifey surprised me with it this year. They are sold out so I got a gift card in a hard case:)

  • that's cool YZZI. very creative.

  • I'm in the no category,  I've had my egg for about 10 years and have never had issues with my fire going out overnight 
  • Yes
    Alan in LA (Lower Alabama that is)
    "If you must choose between two evils, pick the one you've never tried before!" 
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 15,163
    The last group of butts I smoked at 215 just to try the digiq. .. worked great.
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • RRPRRP Posts: 17,338
    RRP said:
    Granted some here will say no, but I'm in the camp that loves it! 
    See? I told you so! The over night watch so you can sleep is one thing and the 4 hour or so "baby sitting" thing is another, but no need to get in a p*ssin contest with friends I say...we all like our toys and what we want to spend for them is strictly our own decision...
    Dunlap, IL
  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 2,230
    I love mine.
  • It is definitely worth the money. What I will warn you is be careful if you use it enough that you lose your touch controlling the egg manually. I have one and use it about half the time for low and slow cooks. I mostly use it when I need sleep because there is something I need to tend to the next day and it requires being fresh
  • When friends come over and see a "computer" hooked up to your Big Green Egg, YES it is so worth it.

    Most of my friends are pretty techy, so they thik it is awesome and over the top.

    In all seriousness, I like mine a lot.

  • jfm0830jfm0830 Posts: 968
    edited December 2013
    For me I am in the NO camp. If someone gave me one I'd use it, but I would rather use my own money for other Eggcesories. After coming from a CG Smoikin' Pro, the Egg is like a dream. I've gone 10 hours or more with rock steady temps, as long asI take the time to make sure it is stabilized before adding food. If it ever did have temperature issues, the alarms on my Maverick ET-732 would let me know. So for me (your mileage may vary) it would be nice to have, but do I need it? Not at all.

    3 LBGE & More Eggcessories than I care to think about.
  • It is with out doubt worth every penny that you pay for it I have 2 one for each Egg and I use them every time  I cook weather I'm doing a low and slow or I'm roasting say a whole chicken I use it and love it I set it and forget it and it takes care of the cook 
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  • I'm not as concerned with egg temps as I am with food temps. even though the egg is fairly predictable, food is not. Every brisket and butt cooks in it's own time so I'm interested to be able to view and control that remotely. I do leave my egg unattended often when doing long cooks so I think it will be nice to not worry about how the food is cooking and to be able to bump up/ramp down based on how it's coming along.

  • my only regret is not paying more for the wifi version, or paying less for the partyQ. If that makes sense.

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