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Sirloin Tip Roast

gmacgmac Posts: 458

My wife found sirloin tip on sale so she picked one up for dinner tonight.  But I'm not sure the best way to cook this.  I've done some other roasts before and they were usually a little dry since they didn't have enough fat for low and slow.  I'm thinking indirect at 275 or so for a couple hours and then try to reverse sear but I'm not really sure if that is the right temp/time combination. 


Mt Elgin Ontario


  • A&P/Metro eh? Reverse sear is your best bet. Do you have a Jacaard? Your timing seems long but I don't know how big the roast is.


    Caledon, ON


  • gmacgmac Posts: 458
    Nope Zehrs. Not even sure what a jaccard is. I will go to 120 internal regardless of the time and then sear. Thermapen will be my guide. But we have the kids Christmas recital and need to leave at 6. Usually I'm flexible with my start and finish but this time I have a 5 30 deadline or we eat at 10.
    Mt Elgin Ontario
  • Those can be very tough.  I20 may do it.  I might go 115 and then sear.  Jaraard is a tenderizer - has multiple blades that are pressed into the meat.  Across the grain and thinly sliced.  I've done several of them and they are a challenge.  Good sale item but routinely come marinated with a very high salt content.  
    Dan, Columbia,Mo.
  • gmacgmac Posts: 458
    Finished product. Tastes great but yes, a bit tougher.
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    Mt Elgin Ontario
  • billyraybillyray Posts: 1,116
    The sirloin tip is located on the hind quarter (think the human thigh). Cutting from the knee cap towards the rump down the thigh bone. You would have the top round and the eye of round on one side and the bottom round on the side after removing the tip. This is a tougher piece of meat and some people would tenderize and cook to a higher IT to make it more tender.
    Felton, Ca. 2-LBGE, 1-Small and waiting on a mini
  • ShiffShiff Posts: 1,217
    I've seen some markets lately labeling it as Round Tip Roast which is a more descriptive name since it is not part of the sirloin.  I have made it but it is tough and if you over cook it, it will be very tough.

    A Jaccard is a kitchen tool with lots of needles that are used to tenderize tough cuts of meat.  I have used it on this roast and it seems to help.

    Good luck
    Barry Lancaster, PA
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