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Regrets on a particular digital temp controller

OK So I know the stoker vs guru discussion has been beat into the ground but what I'm wondering is does anybody regret buying a particular model and then later wish they would have sprung for the extra options or maybe just the opposite. Got  a more expensive model and really dont use all the functions. I'm considering picking up a controller for xmas but am not sure what model I want to go with. Right now I;m thinking about the digiq dx2 or the cyberq wifi. But i've also considered getting a partyq and a igrill mini to use together but am worried that I wouldnt be able to seal up the partyq in inclement weather  Any advice you guys could give would be appreciated


  • I would go with the Digi Q it is very reliable  and very user friendly I also have a CyberQ that I haven't  been able to figure out how to operate you have to be a Tecno Geek to operate it I'm waiting for my son to help me figure it out  but again I love my DigiQ it is the best toy I bought for my Egg
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  • New2QNew2Q Posts: 164
    I bought a Stoker Wifi and love it.  I'm sure the CyberQ is equally good.  Being able to check on and adjust pit and food temps from my computer or iPhone is da bomb but then again, I am a "Tecno Geek". :)
  • I have a PartyQ and wish I would have gotten the DigiQ DX2.    The meat probe, the capability to run 2 fans, the open lid detection and the AC adapter are the advantages I see of the DigiQ.  The PartyQ is good for what it is, but I have had the batteries die during a cook.  
  • Thanks for the info. I think ive narrowed it down now to the digiq or the cyber q. Is the cybrrq easy to use in the manual mode in case I have any setup issues. Is the adhoc setup easy to do.
  • LuvfltLuvflt Posts: 63
    The cyberq is very easy to operate. Set grid temp and set one of three food temps that's about it. It is nice to have 3 temp probes for food when needing different temps i.e. turkey thigh temp, turkey breast temp and baked potato temp. The WiFi is an added bonus but if you are going to be around the house it isn't that big an issue. The main thing I like about it is the fan helps to maintain cooking temp. If it needs to be stoked the fan comes on, if it needs to die down the fan stays off. If you don't need WiFi or don't plan on needing three food temp probes then the digiq is probably ok. In my case I found a deal on the CyberQ and it was only a few dollars more than the digiq so I bought it. As for the ad hoc set up, it is super easy. Turn the cyberQ on allow your device to pick up the wireless signal connect to it using the passcode 11234abcdef then go to your browser and enter and it will bring up the main page.
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  • HotchHotch Posts: 884
    I have 2 Stokers, the original and the WIFI. I like both. As with any techno gadget, you will have a short learning curve. I like the Stoker because I can save each cook graph using the Stoker Log software. The twitter capability is also good for off site notifications. There is also an app for your phone to control the cook. They all should do the job of controlling the cook. It is the other features each has, you may want to consider, for what you needs are.


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  • stlcharcoalstlcharcoal Posts: 903
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    Not to make your decision even harder........but, don't forget to check out the Pitmasteriq 110 & 120.

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