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Mini Egg or Sous Vide for Christmas? Need your opinions please!

Hey y'all, my wife is asking which one I want more for christmas this year, and I would like to know what yall think. I've been waiting to get a mini for a while now and I'm pretty sure thats what I want.  I just wanted to hear what everyone had to say about the advantages and disadvantages of both.  Of course, I've read up on the sous vide, watched a few videos on how it works, and have seen some amazing cooks produced from it on this site.  So its very tempting to ask for one of these as well.  Thanks for your advice, it is ALWAYS helpful!!


  • HoovHoov Posts: 258
    I'd go with sous vide, to give you more cook options. The mini looks awesome (I don't have a mini or sous vide), but probably can't do things your larger egg can't already do. Just my opinion, and you know what those are worth!
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  • krobertsmsnkrobertsmsn Posts: 547
    edited November 2013
    I just got both...while I have limited eggsperience with both, I am happiest about my mini. It will get more use than the sv. I'm not convinced that the sv was a great choice for my money yet. I might change my mind after more use...or with steak this coming weekend...but I already did great streak and chicken. I'm not sure it will improve them THAT much. I know mine aren't perfect, but darn good. The steak improved a lot when I bought aged prime steaks!!!! I vote for the mini, hands down! ;;)
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  • Funny, I'm in the same boat. I'm leaning towards the SV as it's a tool that I think will have the most value for me. You can use it for non-Egg cooking too.
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  • LitLit Posts: 3,549
    I use my mini more than my sous vide
  • MklineMkline Posts: 177
    While I don't have a SV and I do have a mini, my recommendation wold be go for the tool you don't have. Since you already have an egg you can use I would get the SV. Don't get me wrong, I love my mini's (yes I have 2) but I would get the SV if I were you. 

  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 11,029
    I'd go Sous Vide personally. I see myself getting much more out of it than the egg, because I do alot more cooking than just on the egg where it could be a tool.
  • jtippersjtippers Posts: 510
    I think this decision like many others comes down to your cooking style and personal situation...

    The sous vide gives you more flexibility to cook without worrying over whether or not you will burn your food. This is very valuable to me through the week as I can drop dinner in the bath when I leave in the morning and sear it when I get home from work. Makes for quick dinners with very little pre-planning.

    The Mini on the other hand is a beast in his own right... If you want portability, go with the Mini. If you cook on your existing Egg very often and find yourself needing more space for sides, the mini may be the way to go. When I am grilling out, I will often cook my sides on the Large and sear the meat on the small or mini.

    Personally, I think your a winner either way!   
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  • allsidallsid Posts: 401
    I think it is just a matter of time before you get both!

  • I agree that you'll have both soon enough. I would vote SV first just because it can change the way you cook inside and out. You already have an egg that can do 95% of what you want. a SV is totally different and will teach you to do a lot of different things that a mini won't. If you don't think you'll eventually get both, i'd get the mini unless you really like to explore different ways to cook.

    We use our SV like once a week or every 10 days. I use my egg 3-4 times a week. I'll never be without either of them ever again though. By far my 2 favorite gadgets

  • Granted I'm still on the honeymoon with the SV, it has become a favourite gadget to quote CT. I agree it is nice to have both an egg and a SV, two very different tools. Saw the Visions P series (like a mini) at Costco delivered for <$250 and the Anova is $200, so for $450 you have both. That's only a few dollars more than a mini as I recall. 

    Interesting that with the SV, we've rediscovered the pan sear using a CI skillet - the egg looked a touch lonesome. 
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  • I would ask for both!!! Nice thing is we have the in laws(outlaws)! Brothers and friends over for lots of eggin! So i get all kinds of gifts for the egg! Good luck! :D
  • AquacopAquacop Posts: 467
    Concur with @jtippers and @TheCenTexSmoker your going to get them both eventually, just decide which one you want first.
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  • ads75ads75 Posts: 244
    Both of those items cook meals for both of you. Getting either for Christmas would be like getting an oven, a dishwasher, or a vacuum cleaner for your wife. You should get one because you NEED it, not a gift from the wife. 
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  • Little StevenLittle Steven Posts: 27,276
    edited November 2013
    Tell her not to be so damned cheap and get you both. You are worth it!


    Caledon, ON


  • td66snrftd66snrf Posts: 767
    When's your birthday?
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  • SV for sure.
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  • @ads75 that is a great point, but I'm not sure my wife would agree... You guys are right it won't be long till I have both. I am going to tell her to surprise me with one. Thanks guys
  • MickeyMickey Posts: 16,168
    Salado TX Egg Family: 2 Large and a very well used Mini, just added a Mini Max (I'm good for now). 

  • calikingcaliking Posts: 6,752
    Ask for whichever one is more expensive - taht way when you buy the cheaper one later, you will look "thrifty" :D

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  • If you camp a lot/tailgate/have portability as a factor then by all means, go the mini route. If not, the SV is the way to go. Both would be sweet, but if you can only get one (for now) and portable cooking isn't a deciding factor then SV it should be. Having an egg already, I wouldn't trade my SV cooker for a mini. (But a mini purchase is in my -ahem- Santa's near future.)
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  • billybonbillybon Posts: 185
    I have both and recommend the SV as your first choice. The mini is a valued an added convenience that I would hate to part with. However, the SV has radically change my style of cooking and broadened my options is ways I could never have imagined.
  • HotchHotch Posts: 1,232
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  • I appreciate all the info guys.  I will let you know which I end up getting.  Thanks!
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