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baby back ribs help

So i have done everything but bbr on the egg so far and i finally got the nerve to pick up some ribs. I see several recipes on here but not sure temp, rubs and if i need to mop? I have 2 packs that i want to do tomorrow when i get off from firehouse so any ideas would be appriciated. I am clueless to ribs completely... Thanks in advance 


  • sealseal Posts: 5
    I've had great luck with putting a good rub on them, homemade or one of the prepackaged rubs, and spraying down with apple juice, then put them over indirect heat with a drip pan containing water.  Do them at 240-250 for around an hour, then take them off, spray them with apple juice again and wrap them completely in foil and put them back on the egg.  Keep it at 240-250 for another hour or so and then unwrap a small area and do pull test on it.  If the meat is loose on the bone, then they are done.  If not, re-wrap and let them go a longer until the reach that tenderness.  Once they are done, unwrap  and spread with your favorite barbeque sauce and let it sit on the egg for another 10 minutes or so.  Take them off the egg, re-wrap and let them sit in something insulated like a cooler or oven that is turned off for 20-30 minutes, then take them out and enjoy.
  • New2QNew2Q Posts: 164
    I just did some bbr for the first time this past weekend.  I coated the ribs very lightly in mustard the used a light sprinkling of Dizzy Dust and got them on the Egg cold.  I followed Car Wash Mike's recipe with a couple of changes - 1) I don't have an inverted V rack so I laid the ribs bone side down on the grate 2) I didn't use any sauce at the end as I typically like dry ribs.

  • MickeyMickey Posts: 15,270
    Baby Back Turbo Ribs (Sorry but I can't remember who I got this from.) 350 indirect for 1hr 40 min. Pull membrane , rub. Put on at 350 and leave the hell alone for about that time. I opened 15 min early and sauced my half rack. This is called turbo ribs and I will never go back to 4 and 5 hour ribs. Note: with or w/o mustard works .. I like Bad Byron's Butt Rub / I like cherry & pecan mix for wood.
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  • KennyLeeKennyLee Posts: 606

    I've done ribs probably more than any other cook, at least any other low and slow.  This has been my favorite way:

    2-1-2 method.

    Pull membrane, pat down and cover with mustard

    Apply liberal coating of favorite rub (prefer Dizzy Pig line myself)

    Get Egg to 260-280* with lump and a combo of hickory and apple chunks

    Put ribs on for two hours uncovered

    Wrap in foil and add any of the following:  apple juice, brown sugar, butter, beer or any combination thereof.  Cook wrapped for no more than one hour.

    Cook two more hours unwrapped and adding your favorite sauce the last hour is optional.



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  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 1,669
    I keep it simple with my babyback ribs.  Dusting of my favorite rub.  On the grill at 250-275 for approximately 4.5 to 5 hours til they pass the bend test.
    Have some Blues Hog Smoky Mountain BBQ sauce on the side.

    No foiling or spritzing or saucing. Just time.
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  • So i tried the 2-1-2 with cherry/apple and did one rack in dp and one in bad byrons.... foiled at 2 hrs and added kerry irish butter in one and beer in other for about 50min....pull the foil and they were done. Was running about 270  the whole time and used 2 grid thermos to make sure... not sure why i didnt get the last 2 hrs in before they were falling apart with bend test. only difference is that i want more char and need to change to less salty rub..

    Any ideas why it was only 3hrs instead of 5?
  • grege345grege345 Posts: 2,055
    Foil always makes ribs that way. Go with Micky on this one. I'm a former foiler. Not anymore
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