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My egg history going on 34 years//how long have you had yours?

Ok guys,How long have you owned a egg??
A little bit about my history. I bought my first small egg from Ed Fisher himself back in 1980. He was selling them out of a store that was called "The Pinchinko House" across from Pikes nursery on the corner of Buford Hwy and Clairmont Rd  In Chamblee Ga. Well might have been Doraville . Trying to remember back 34 years so bare with me :). At this time nobody at all knew anything about them. He would have them set up out on the sidewalk cooking something and the smell would bring you in to the store. He had a small place way in the back of those Japanese pinball machines. This was when he was getting them straight from Korea and they were made out of clay. He had red ones and green ones. Im not sure when he changed everything to have them made in Mexico and not out of clay anymore. I bought a small one from him. At this time he had no accessories. When you cooked on them the black sticky resin would drip down the side and of course the paint faded.I would take this egg down to the hunting camp and of course it was a hit. I had rigged up some handles that were made out of a chain link dog collar that I attached to the metal band that goes around  the bottom part of the egg. One cold morning a buddy and I picked that egg up to load up and head home and the bottom feel off and broke into 50 pieces and we were left holding the handles and the band and the top part of the egg!!!  That first one lasted me about 10 years I think. Well soon after that I bought a medium size one and along with a cast iron daisy wheel top. The other broke when it fell off the lid when I opened it. 
In 1999 the egg came with me to Orlando for  2 years then in 2001 it moved to Dallas TX. This one did not make the move as the bottom broke:(. At this time the eggs were out to different dealers and BBQ Galores sold them. I still have this one so it is going on 14 years.I moved back to Atlanta area in 2006 This one made it!!. Ed moved his place to Tucker GA and has a huge storefront and warehouse sometime in the 90's.
The only accessories I have ever had were the cast iron daisy wheel vent top that is stuck on the top of the egg becuse of the resin and a V rack for ribs. Never had a plate setter which I just bought but have not used. I never have replaced a gasket as this one is just a solid ring of black resin. I always tossed that chicken on the grate or in the v rack. Vented the bottom about a quarter of an inch and the top about an 1/8 of an inch. The temp just always stayed at 300 and I pulled the bird in about an hour or so.
Sure I have cooked other things,ribs, butts,turkey breasts etc.. But never tried pizza,or a brisket or vented the egg for a long cook of 12 hours!!. Actually did not know I could do that!. Never even came to this forum until about a week ago! Now I want to try other things like the plate setter and I have on my list a digiQ so I can try a long overnight cook,
Im even building a table for it! It has always lived in the stand it came with.
So this is my story and Im sticking to it. Lets here some old timers stories on how long they have the egg.
Im on number 3 and hope it lasts for another 14 years or more! I will say it is seasoned well.I always have to take a screw driver to pry it open as it remains stuck shut
Jefferson .GA.  
Been egging since 1985 on a medium egg


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