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How to smoke a turkey?

Please don't be too hard on me for asking ( I know this is probably asked every year ) . How do you guys smoke your turkeys. I am having thanksgiving at my house this year and I have been asked to smoke a turkey on my Egg. I am thinking about brining. What's your thoughts?
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 12,833
    DON'T use very much wood. Birds can't take a lot of smoke.
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  • MickeyMickey Posts: 12,833
    Spatchcocked Turkey and Chicken on the Big Green Egg (you cut out the backbone and cook opened) I like a 11/12 lb bird. If I need lots of turkey I just cook a couple ( 1 & 1/2 hr cook app) Chicken 3 to 4.5lb bird or birds. Under an hour cook. Or, just add a package of legs extra. I do not brine the turkey or Chicken. If time I like to leave uncovered in the fridge overnight (no problem if no time) I cook "direct" @ 400 on a raised grill "skin side up" and never turn over. I will use a coffee rub. Use what you like. NOTE PLEASE (A LOT OF SMOKE IS NOT YOU FRIEND) I use about a single handfull of mixed chips: Cherry & Pecan. Cook to temp (not time) breast @ 160 and thigh @ 180. Coffee Rub (turkey, chicken, beef & pork) Equal part: Instant Expresso Ground coffee Equal part: Brown Sugar ½ part: Black Pepper ½ part: Kosher Salt ½ part: Garlic Powder ¾ part: Ancho Chili Powder Don't worry on exact, just close on measurement. I used to use turbinado sugar but we like with brown better. This is pulled from MollyShark, Hungry Man, & Richard In Fl then tweaked. I find the ancho chili powder is far less expensive in the bulk spice area than the bottled area ( have used both light or dark version). I make it starting with a half cup Instant Expresso Ground coffee and work from there as it seems to store well if sealed.
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  • calikingcaliking Posts: 4,536
    Look up the mad-max method.

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  • Only had my egg for a couple weeks so we decided to do a test turkey thus past Sunday.
    I followed this recipee pretty close...

    I started with an 13 lb fresh bird... a few apple wood  chunks in the pit and some apple wood chips in the cavity.  Didnt brine or inject...but everything else to a tee... was by far the most jucy I have ever had...and I deep fried for years.

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  • TUTTLE871TUTTLE871 Posts: 1,205
    caliking said:
    Look up the mad-max method.
    Done Mad Max and @mickey version.

    @mickey version hands down.  Please don't tell him I said that.

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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 5,692
    Brine and cook indirect at 350F. Season to match your tastes. Light on the wood for smoke. We like to use cherry, nice flavor and great color.

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  • henapplehenapple Posts: 9,561
    It's easier to smoke a cigar... Turkeys are a bitch to light.
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  • GK59GK59 Posts: 424
    And you need rolling papers the size of a table cloth.

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  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 1,259
    henapple said:

    It's easier to smoke a cigar... Turkeys are a bitch to light.

    how long are you drying them out for?
  • fishlessmanfishlessman Posts: 15,406
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    skip the brine and go with the mad max recipe if you like good gravy. it loooks intimidating when you first look at the recipe but if you dont do everything he has written it still works out fine. here it is simplified with a 9 pound chicken done my way. salt the interior and stuffed with an apple and onion, and a lemon. salt the exterior then smear softened butter on top, add an herb rub, this one got a newengland favorite Bells seasoning and some black pepper. put the bird in the egg legs facing the hot spot(towards the rear hinge). put some lowsodium chicken stock in the pan to prevent burning and pour some white wine on the turkey (at this point its early in the morning, no ones looking, you can drink some of that wine right out of the bottle, save the last cup for the gravey) 325 til 160 in the breast. turkey is done,rest it for a half hour to 45 minutes while everthing else is getting ready like the gravey, if you dont know how to make a gravy from a roux read the max max and follow directions



  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 1,228
    I have made the madmax gravy it is fantastic.

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  • batboybatboy Posts: 25
    I second (or third or fourth) the spatchcock advice.  Did a spatchcock turkey last year for TGiving while my skeptical father did his traditional oven roasted bird.  It wasn't even a close competition.  Side by side during carving my turkey was flowing juice from the breast with every slice, while the traditional bird gave traditionally bland and semi-dry white meat.  There were no leftovers from the spatchcocked turkey, only from the oven roasted. . .
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