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Help - Reheating Pork Butt

Well my 35lbs of pork butt is finishing much sooner than I had hoped for. My plan was for it to be done at 6am, FTC for 4 hours then pull and be ready for a noon work lunch. Since it is finishing so early (2am) how long can I FTC? Do I need to refrigerate at some point? And how should I reheat the pulled meat? I have heard coke, dr pepper or apple juice. What is the best? And what amount should I use?

I hope I didn't ruin this!!!
Rochester Hills, MI


  • RLP443RLP443 Posts: 24
    Oh lord! I guess I jumped the gun!!! My maverick said one of the butts was at 200. I checked the others with a manual old school thermometer and they said 170ish. Wtf!!! Maverick has only been used 4 times. Piece of crap! Well back to bed for now......if I can sleep! Time to invest in a Guru
    Rochester Hills, MI
  • I don't have a Maverick but they have an excellent reputation for quality.  My guess would be that the temp probe was either touching bone or stuck into a pocket of fat.  When you put the probe back in the original butt was it still showing 200 or back to 170-ish? 

    Hope all goes well with the finish!
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,661
    I have found that the best "finish indicator" for pork butts is when the bone pulls clean.  If boneless then you can get away with the low 200's before FTC.  Sounds like it will all work out.  And if you had two layers of butts cooking and did not rotate them top to bottom, the one(s) higher in the dome will likely finish first.  YMMV-
  • RLP443RLP443 Posts: 24

    Well here are the pic's.  It all turned out great even with all the issues I had (i failed to mention I used GFS lump and ran empty halfway thru).  35lbs on the large went 20hrs even at 225 to 250 dome temp.  Last 2 hours I bumped it to 300.   Pulled it at 198.  Reviews at the office were that it was the best they ever had  and a lot of folks are taking the left overs.  I could have gotten away with half (17lbs).  Oh well, at least I am happy and ready to start tailgating for the game tomorrow.  Go Green. 

    Sparty On!!!



    Butt Start.jpg
    2048 x 1536 - 850K
    Butt End.jpg
    640 x 480 - 138K
    Rochester Hills, MI
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,661

    Congrats on the cook, you nailed it and I'm sure learned a lot to apply to the next round.

    I'm surprised by the GFS  lump issue.  GFS is rebranded Royal Oak that I have had good success with.  If doing a low&slow I will load well into the fire ring and can easilty get 20+ hours and have plenty left for another cook.  Regardless, you powered thru and had a great result.  Enjoy the left-overs while tail-gating.

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 12,799
    I'm assuming GFS doesn't stand for good f&#@ing stuff...
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • @henapple it's short for Gordon Food Service, they have Royal Oak lump for pretty cheap. 

    It is pretty much what I used almost all last year.  Their packaging switched and the quality seemed to drop at the same time they raised the price another $1.  
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