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Ok... so I have beaten this band and bolt assembly issue of mine to death but I still have a question. I have ordered a 10-150 lb torque wrench and while I have no idea how much 10 foot pounds of torque is it just seems like a small amount seeing its the lowest setting and all? 

For those who have torqued there carridge bolts  to 10 ft/lbs like the instructions say is that enough to bend the bolts like we a supposed to? I figure ill get my wrench and torque to spec and the bolts won't be bent at that point??? Will they?

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Kippens.Newfoundland and Labrador. (Canada).


  • My bolts aren't bent...just the band ends. I torqued to 10lbs???????
    Albion, PA
  • Sounds like a Crappy Tire torque wrench to me my old cockey


    Caledon, ON


  • CANMAN1976CANMAN1976 Posts: 1,478
    Don't have the wrench yet but I just got a feeling they won't bend? Over tightened my last Band assembly that's why everything is slipping at high temp I believe just want to get it right this time.
    Hows ya gettin' on, me ol cock

    Kippens.Newfoundland and Labrador. (Canada).
  • I don't bend the bolts. To my way of thinking, no matter how much you tighten, the bands will stretch and then expand with heat. I just use an open end wrench and tighten them. Sometimes I don't even bend the tabs. Snug them if you get any wobble in the dome. That's just me though.


    Caledon, ON


  • NervousDadNervousDad Posts: 232
    edited September 2013
    I torqued my bolts, I bent the bolts and the band.
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 11,692
    You probably ordered a 1/2" torque wrench.   10 ft-lbs is at the low end of the scale.  A 3/8" wrench would have had a scale more in the "sweet spot".  That said, it should be fine.  If it's accurate, to spec is always fine.
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  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 5,993
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    Torque is a simple concept, 10 foot pounds means to apply 10 pounds of pressure to a 1 foot long wrench. I think the BGE manual uses the term 120 inch pounds, given there are 12 inches in a foot, 120/12=10 foot pounds. If you hung a 10 pound pork butt on the end of a 12 inch long wrench, once the wrench no longer falls, you have 10 foot pounds or torque.

    Another way of looking at this if you had a 6 inch wrench, typical for a 5/16 or 1/2 inch wrench, the distance is only 1/2 a foot. You would need to apply 20 pounds of force to the end of 6 inch wrench to get 10 foot pounds of torque. Many 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch drive wrenches have a range topping out around 50 foot pounds. 

    Of course us Canucks are supposed to be using Newton Metres (that's OK 'cause 10 foot pounds is about 12.5 newton metres - close enough)

    The bolts and band flanges will be bent with 10 foot pounds. 
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