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Temp Regulation Help

Lately I've been having problems regulating the temps on my large.  I smoked a butt this past weekend and was trying to keep the temp @ 225.  Everything started out pretty good but the temperature started creeping up slowly.  I have the lower vent cracked open ~ 1/8" or less and have tried with and without the daisy wheel.  I have a good seal with my gasket.  I have a PartyQ and it does the same thing with it installed.  At first I thought the PartyQ was screwed up, but when I went back to the old tried and true method the same thing happens. Anyone have any pointers?


  • ShiffShiff Posts: 1,052
    Many people have problems keeping it at 225 dome temp.  250 is usually easier.  Your bottom vent sounds right but you didn't say how you had the daisy wheel set when it was on (and it should be on).  I would think it would also be open just an 1/8 of an inch or so (on the turning part of the wheel - the sliding part would be closed).
    Barry Lancaster, PA
  • I agree with Shiff here.  You should absolutely be using the Daisy Wheel. I don't see holding 225 as possible without it.  The pedals should be just barely cracked.  225 is about as low as the egg will hold.  With that in mind, you want those vent openings--both bottom and top--to be about as minimal as the egg will allow.  The temp definitely creeps up on low and slow cooks.  I think this is due to the fact that the meat gets progressively hotter, which increases internal temp (that's just my theory; people can correct me if I'm wrong).  So bear that increase in mind.  Frankly, it I set for 225 and after a few hours, I notice it's gone up to 250 I'm not that bothered.  I kind of think that's normal.  If it's shooting to 300, that's a different story.  Whatever you do, resist the tendency to open the vents because the temp looks like it's too low.  It WILL get there sooner or later, and if you open them even the slightest bit, you will overshoot your target. 
    Southern California
  • Thanks for the suggestions guys.  I've tried with the daisy wheel barely cracked and it still creeped up.   What got me is when I was unable to control the temp with the Party Q.  The temp creeps up when I use it too.  When I first got it, I could hold 220F all night long.  This weekend the temp got over 300F with the egg choked almost all the way down.
  • How are you lighting the lump?
    Southern California
  • biznorkbiznork Posts: 110
    I put my guru on and the daisy wheel vents about half open. I've never had a problem reaching and holding 225.
  • I agree with biznork I do the same and the Guru takes care of everything 
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    Long Island N.Y.
  • Can't speak to how it ought to perform with the guru since I don't own one.  My only thought is that you might have started a fire that's a touch too intense for your purposes.  Not sure.
    Southern California
  • Maybe you're letting the initial fire get too big?  You might try shutting the dome and putting the daisy wheel on earlier so that less of your lump is lit.
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