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OT, OT Natural Gas leak.

AviatorAviator Posts: 1,429

So, I decided to mow my overgrown amazon grass forrest this evening and do my JD (not Jack D, yu doofus) when I am running it up and down, get this "smell" of gas. All over. So ride up to my gas supply unit and turn the JD to idle, guess what? my meter is a blowhole and howling. So I high tail it out of there in a hurry, and go park the said JD. All fun is over @ this point.

Run into the house screaming like a 16 yr. old who has been violated, and try frantically find the emergency number for the gas Co.

Nope! No where to be found. contact us give email and live chat which is closed. No nothing. Anyway I found a number and this oooold chick comes on and asks me what the color of my car is, what  is my fav fish, and is my condom ribbed, and I am trying to tell her this shit is gonna hit the fan!!

After about an hour this guy shows up. :) I am standing outside making sure no one in the area is smoking, a weed or whatever, and he gets out of his truck with a spray bottle. !! I mean you can hear this shit blowin from the street (noise).

Anyway all is well. He ran up, turned the main off, turned around around and said:

Yu were my Doc! When I returned from Iraq, you took care of me. !!!

What a small world. I was so happy to see one of my sick wounded patients, gainfully employed and in fact taking urgent calls.

We shook hands and had a "talk". He fixed me all up, all new fixins outside and we are rollin right along.

I am so pleased today.



Large and Small BGE, and a baby black Kub.

And all the toys to make me look like a Gizmo Chef.


Chattanooga, TN.



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