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Gigantic brisket

SaturdayFatterdaySaturdayFatterday Posts: 467
edited August 2013 in EggHead Forum
Went to the butcher for a packer brisket.  The only one they had was 21 1/3 pounds. 


We trimmed about 1.5 pounds of hard fat off of it and rubbed it down with Cow Lick.  Dollar bill (6" long, standard) for scale:


It was too big for the LBGE, so we had to fold it and secure it with skewers  Put it on around 6pm:


It's so darn big, I'm not even sure whether it will be done on Saturday or Sunday.  We'll see!  Watch this space for updates.

[Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.


  • RACRAC Posts: 1,607
    Now that's some beef!


    Boerne, TX

  • CAB, USDA Choice and 21 pounds! That's a winner.
    Centennial, CO
    Unless I'm hunting, then Lord knows where.
  • Nice! And creative way to get it to fit! Keep us updated
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,289
    Just for scale...

    What was the off the lot price of that bad boy?
  • @hapster: butcher sells the whole packers at $4.99/lb, so it was a hair over $100.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • onedbguruonedbguru Posts: 881
    I just did one of equal size... and it fits on my XL with room for a 10lb butt  :) 
  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 12,078
    Best TWSS brisket ever!
  • LitLit Posts: 5,037
    Wow that hurts the wallet. If you have a restaurant depot around join kcbs and get day passes. The black angus briskets are $2.44 a pound and really good quality. I get em just to grind into burgers. I have never seen a brisket that big though keep us updated on the results.
  • YEMTreyYEMTrey Posts: 3,143

    Can't wait to see how this turns out!
    XL and a Mini Max Egg in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • ShiffShiff Posts: 1,435
    The biggest one I ever cooked was 18.5 pounds on a Large BGE.  I had to drape it over a rib rack to get it to fit.Took about 25 hours at 250 grid temp.
    Barry Lancaster, PA
  • SaturdayFatterdaySaturdayFatterday Posts: 467
    edited August 2013
    Morning finds grid temp holding at 250*F and the brisket in the stall at 178.  Had a little flare-up in the night, but other than that, it's been smooth sailing.  

    Side note:  what is up with all the weird symbols showing up in posts?  I've been away for a bit, so maybe I missed the discussion.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • Wow what a monster. Hope you nail it. Especially for that price. $5 lb? Where are you located. I just got a prime packer at costco for $2.66
    Please update when it's finished.
  • @s_austin_egger:  Thanks!  I'm in Northern Virginia.  The butcher is expensive, but my Costco only carries flats and there aren't a lot of other options, to my knowledge.

    The brisket just hit 185*F, which is generally when I do my first check.  Smooth like butter in some places, but still a little resistance in others.  I'll check again in 60-90 minutes, or when the temp hits 190*F, whichever comes first.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • Do you still have the skewers in, or has it shrunk enough?
    If the world is something you accept rather than interpret, then you're susceptible to the influence of charismatic idiots.

    In Durham, NC, where I'm kicking ass every day, even without a basket.  
  • Current state of play:


    @JohnInCarolina:  As you can see, the skewers are still in, and while it looks like it might have shrunk down enough to take 'em out, I'll probably just leave 'em there.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • That is looking really good. Can't wait to see the sliced pics!
    If the world is something you accept rather than interpret, then you're susceptible to the influence of charismatic idiots.

    In Durham, NC, where I'm kicking ass every day, even without a basket.  
  • @Lit:  That's intriguing, and that price would definitely mean that I'd do brisket more often.  We have an RD reasonably nearby, so I might go ahead and join the KCBS.  At that price, the membership would pay for itself with one 16-pound packer purchase.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • I just realized that I'm going to have to use a metric buttload of foil to FTC this guy.  I don't even know if it will fit in my usual FTC cooler.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • That kind of price for a brisket is Hwy Robbery here in Louisiana at the worst it is $3.49 a lb. they should finance those buddies
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  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 7,873
    That is looking good!  Definitely hurts the wallet. That is the going rate for briskets in my area too.

    The weird symbols � showed up yesterday morning I believe.  Not to get too nerdy, but it is a UTF-8 "replacement character" symbol which basically means there is unrecognizable data.  Hopefully they fix it soon because it is annoying!

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg. 

  • Visited in-laws in Texas last week, and every time we went to the grocery store, I'd head to the meat dept just to look at the 15# choice packer briskets @$2.19/lb.  We don't see that very often around suburban NYC.  My in-laws think I'm strange...
  • I just joined the KCBS.  Once I get my card, it's off to Brisket Wonderland.  For now, the meat's about to hit 195*, and I suspect I'll be pulling it out shortly to FTC the flat and start making the point into burnt ends.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • Flat (along with a small piece of the point, which my wife likes un-burnt-ended) is FTC'ed and resting.  Chopped point and rub are back in the Egg, end-burning.

    The packer, ready to come off the Egg after roughly 18 hours:


    The point, chopped up for burnt ends (man, that's a lot of burnt ends):


    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 12,078
    Don't forget to save your first Bullsheet. It will have your name and join date in it.
  • The ends, they are a-burnin'.  Third stir and spice application.  Should be ready in about an hour, and then I'll post sliced flat pics, too:


    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • @Eggcelsior:  Suitable for framing!

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • MaskedMarvelMaskedMarvel Posts: 1,407
    Whew. That's a monster. For burnt ends did you just use more rub? Looks great!!
    Large BGE -- Greensboro!

  • @MaskedMarvel:  More rub and a little oil.  Thanks!

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • SickEyeDiazSickEyeDiaz Posts: 162
    edited August 2013
    That kind of price for a brisket is Hwy Robbery here in Louisiana at the worst it is $3.49 a lb. they should finance those buddies
    The shop I work at charges $9.50/lb for brisket. That's why the only one we have in stock has been in the freezer for months now. Owner is a bit of a thief  8-|
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