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Friday Clean Burn and Saturday Prep

No cook tonight; wife brough home a pizza...

Decided to fire the egg anyway and do a bit of clean burn for some of the accessories. Threw in a few chunks of mesquite for the heck of it... Taking it to 600. Think the noises I heard before were probably the bands...

Probably going to do a brisket tomorrow and just enjoy some day baseball listening to the Tigers spank the Mets. Elise finished her first week back to school and is now all comfy watching some Harry Potter. Me, I'm listening to the Tigers and enjoying a stick and a little Buffalo Trace.

Couple of pics...

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

image.jpg 815.9K
image.jpg 651.6K
image.jpg 762.9K


  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 17,220
    smashing pictures, man, smashing
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  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267

    smashing pictures, man, smashing

    Thank you :)
  • KoskoKosko Posts: 535
    Hap are the man!
    Peachtree City, Ga Large BGE
  • You might as well take some foil and scrub that baby out also - make it spotless for the brisket :)
    Great shots!
  • RRPRRP Posts: 16,815
    Not wanting to sound critical, but it is a shame you wasted the mesquite chunks since part of the reason you are doing a burn off is to clean off the combination of grease and the creosote from wood chunks. Also is there a reason you want to limit it to just 600? I always let my burn outs rip wide open and burn out over night. And since I do that I even remove my Tel Tru thermometers even though they are the 200 to 1,000 degree ones. My point is I do my burn outs north of 800 and have seen 990 before!
    Dunlap, IL
  • GoatseggGoatsegg Posts: 108
    Great shots.
    -The Goat
    Marietta, GA
    XL BGE

  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
    Thanks guys...

    @RRP I just had the base replaced so I'm still a little gun shy of going nuke. I have gone north of 800 plenty of times last year however. But most of my cooks, even searing steaks, are at 600 or below since I use the spider and its down right above the lump. This burn was more for cleaning the crap off some grates more than turning the insides white. I did however knock the black scale of the inside of the dome with some foil. Threw in the 3 chunks of mesquite just for the aroma. I really don't use it too much for actually cooking. Usually stick with oak, hickory, and cherry...
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
    Just shut the egg down... Been at about 650 for the last 3 hours or so. The grids and firebox should be crap free come morning.

    Decided on a big hunk o beef. Going to run up to Shady Maple first thing. Either a full packer brisket, or maybe a beef clod. I'll decide when I get there. Hope to hit the liqueur store and be home with the egg fired up by 10am

    May cook a little higher than my normal 250 and do it slightly turbo so I can eat at some point tomorrow evening.
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
    And of course here's some of my important decision making process... Nat Sherman Banker and a Chivis and soda...

    AKA a nightcap

    image.jpg 688.6K
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 17,220
    edited August 2013
    hap, you got it right.  You never need a bone-white nuclear clean-out burn.  What impacts the flavor (insofar as carryover from cook to cook) is residual grease.  600 for a long time or 800 for a short time will burn off all the grease. 

    The creosote buildup doesn't impact the flavor.  There's no negative effect from it at all, other than if you do an "ash burn" it will increase the plume of flame out the top when it burns off.

    BGE doesn't recommend clean burns at super high temps.  It stresses out the ceramics and bands on the hinges.  You could burn pure mesquite in the egg, it don't matter.  Oil and fat start burning off at 500+ F.   I'd burn mesquite in a clean burn because I wouldn't burn it with food in the egg. That's just my taste....mesquite is a good smoke wood if you like strong smoke flavor.
    This is my signature line just so you're not confused.
    Large and Medium BGE, Kamado Joe Jr., smoker with a 5k btu AC, gas grill, fire pit, pack of angry cats, two turntables and a microphone, my friend.
    New Orleans, LA - we know how to eat 

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