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Recent cook - beef tenderloin

OK - there are some holy grails out there that I aspire to someday being able to due justice:  Kansas City style burnt ends ... and Neapolitan pizza.  I have a long ways to go on both.  If I can steel my nerves enough, I'll show my most entries in both of those categories. 

Until then, here's an easy/fun one:  beef tenderloin marinated in soy, garlic and bourbon (an offshoot of a recipe from the Jamison's 'Smoke and Spice') and other seasonings, asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and twice baked sweet potatoes.


If these pics come through, that first one is my ol' egg, in all her glory ... standing on the original table that came with it for an extra $50 courtesy of a little shop in Tampa, FL (shout out to the Outdoor Kitchen Store off Kennedy).  Here's a kicker for you all ... this table was just retired a couple weeks back.  After 18 years and goodness only knows how many cooks - I had to retire it before the bottom completely gave way (it had started to warp, recently).  While everyone has their beautiful tables posted, this little bad boy was put together with screws - and staples.  I have no idea how it held together for so long, but sure thankful that it did.



Grated some parmesan on top; it got nice and crisp along with the prosciutto.


Here's the tenderloin - medium on the ends, and a nice medium rare in the center.



...and here's the finished plate.  It looked like that for all of three seconds before it was enjoyed.



  • That looks amazing, thanks for posting. Is that sweet potato with pecans and marshmallow as well? Beautiful plate. Also, that table is really cool, sounds like it had a good long run...

    Badger at heart, living in SoCal

    Carlsbad, CA
  • Looks fantastic on that tenderloin--perfectly cooked.
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 4,754
    Wow that is beautiful!  

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg wing. 
    2014 Wing King's Apprentice
  • StlScottStlScott Posts: 77

    @Black_Badger ... about the sweet potatoes.  Funny story about that ... my girlfriend asked me, "Why don't we ever make sweet potatoes?"  To which I replied, "...because I don't really care for them."  That was all it took.  She decided then and there to win me over.

    She hasn't given me the recipe for them, but she baked them and, after about an hour-and-a-half, removed the "meat" from the skin, and mashed it together with butter - and a concoction that smelled of vanilla, cinnamon, brown sugar - and a couple other spices.  Once suitable mashed, she then put the concoction back into the skin and topped them with pecans.  She added marshmallows that had been halved at the very end, and then turned on the broiler to get a nice browning to them.

    Here she is, working her magic...




    and one more, just because it was so good to eat  :)


    Suffice it to say - but I'm a bona fide convert.  ;)

    Take care.



    PS:  Thank you, @SmokinTiger81 and @SmokeyPitt - your comments are much appreciated.



  • Looks good.  That prosciutto on the asparagus is a great idea.  How did you cook those on the egg?  

    Haven't tried a beef tenderloin yet but this is a good inspiration!  That marinade sounds good.  Can you message me what all you put in it and how you cooked it?

  • GrillmagicGrillmagic Posts: 392
    Your a Bad Man! Where do you live...
  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,246

    Great looking cook, the tenderloin, the wrapped spare-a-goose and the taters.

    Do your cookbooks magically move around on the shelves in between photos? ;)

    Richardson, Texas

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  • yzziyzzi Posts: 1,335
    That looks really good. I've never done beef tenderloin, but I think it'll be on my list soon. Welcome to the forum by the way. Not sure if you still live in Tampa, but I'm not far from you (across the causeway).
    Dunedin, FL
  • StlScottStlScott Posts: 77

    @Griffin ... busted!  You got me.  I put the Egg cookbook behind her, as I wanted to get a shot of it in with her.  Truth is, for me it's more of a coffee table book than something I cook out of everyday ... and, in all honesty, I need to change that.  Excellent catch.

    @blackmosquito ... I cooked those at 400 on a grill "box" that I'd sprayed with Pam for the Grill.  I turned them about every four minutes, and judged their doneness by the color the stalks took on.  The marinade consists of:  soy sauce (use light, this is on of the only recipes I'm a proponent of it ... but, full-on soy makes the meat too salty), Worcestershire, brown sugar, ginger and garlic.  Oh, and bourbon.  :)  I use 1/2 of however much soy I'm working with.  Everything else is to taste.  I cited the Jamisons, above, and cannot say enough nice things about them.  However, it's also very similar to a traditional Rumaki sauce ... cough ... with bourbon. 

    @yzzi ... I used to live in Tampa; moved to St. Louis back in 98.  Purchased my egg down there (little store - looks bigger now, thanks to Google maps) right off Kennedy near Dale Mabry.  I lived in an apartment complex off Veteran's Highway.


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