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What's Your Morning Drink?

I do a lot of Eggin' starting in the morning on weekends getting butts and briskets and ribs on so am then usually sippin' down two-three cups of coffee from a K-Cup machine. Convenient. Fresh. Tasty. I like Starbucks for an occasional tall black bold. But I know there's better stuff out there! 


  • Richard FlRichard Fl Posts: 7,972
    On the weekends sometimes a bloody mary or screw driver.
  • SmokeyPittSmokeyPitt Posts: 7,569
    I am usually just doing the K cups as well, but my favorite at home is a french press.  Local coffee shop near me has a pretty darn good cappuccino so if I go out for my caffeine fix that is usually where I head. 

    Which came first the chicken or the egg?  I egged the chicken and then I ate his leg. 

  • AcnAcn Posts: 1,258
    I don't know about K-Cup options, but for a national brand, we much prefer Peet's to Starbucks. You should find a small local roaster though, we find that to be far superior to the stuff in the grocery store, that may have been sitting for who knows how long.


    Pikesville, MD

  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,535
    I have the k-cup and a vue machine- really like the new vue.
    Greensboro, NC
  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 5,426
    I usually have a couple of expresso from my Lavazza machine


    2008 -Large BGE. 2013- Small BGE and 2015 - Mini. Henderson, Ky.
  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,776
    Regular coffee, black, lots, maybe a bit of milk to cool it.
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,631
    House rules-light the BGE (regardless of time of day) time for an adult supervisory beverage-meat/goodies on-time for an adult supervisory beverage.  Then as needed/wanted to maintain proper hydration throughout the duration of the cook.  So, late night or early morning cooks, "Beer, it's what's for breakfast".  FWIW-
    Louisville   L & S BGEs 

  • For me it's water or V 8 Juice, I 'm not a coffee fan .
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,778
    edited August 2013
    Espresso or latte from my Delongi Magnifica, my second favorite cooking tool after the BGE.

    Large BGE 2006, Mini Max 2014 
    Founding Member of the Green Man Group cooking team.
    Johns Creek, Georgia

  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,565
    Week days it is a cold Ritz on the drive in.  Weekends an Irish Coffee might pop up.  Anyone recognize what is unique about my coffee cup?

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • thetrimthetrim Posts: 1,181

    Where's the handle?
    XL 6/06, Mini 6/12, L 10/12, Mini #2 12/14
    Tampa Bay, FL
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,565
    thetrim said:

    Where's the handle?
    Good eye.  That is a WWII era US Navy cup, and they did not have handles.  The idea was they kept hands warm, but the more likely reason is they stored more easily.

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • NsdexterNsdexter Posts: 154
    Coffee strong black coffee, Jamaican blue when available.
    HFX NS
  • French pressed coffee. We buy beans from 3 different local roasters here in Birmingham.
    Killen, AL (The Shoals)
    XL, Small, Minimax, and Mini BGEs
  • mokadirmokadir Posts: 114
    Roast my own beans, then either espresso or americano from the Expobar
    Delaware Valley, PA Large BGE, CGS adjustable rig, iQue110, High-Que grate
  • AcornAcorn Posts: 160
    I'm with Doc this morning, 5.5lb. butt on since 7:30 and Irish in my home brewed Starbucks Breakfast Blend. Its a beautiful morning in down town Atlanta!!!
    Atlanta, GA  - LBGE -
  • Can't do the hot caffeine in the morning.  I'm a Cherry Zero drinker in the AM.

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • HibbyHibby Posts: 462
    For me it's either K-Cup with some Newman's Own Extra Bold or fresh bananas blended with frozen strawberries and 2 T of Ground Flax Seed.
    Conservative stalwart in Thornville, Ohio
  • bigguy136bigguy136 Posts: 1,090
    Fresh ground Kona and a bit of creamer.

    Big Lake, Minnesota

    2X Large BGE, 1 Mini Max, Stokers, Adjustable Rig

  • EGGATLEGGATL Posts: 22
    Dunkin Donuts coffee with cream. That's the only way to go.
    I meet a group of friends at Waffle house on Sunday mornings. I drive through Dunkin pick up my coffee and take it in to breakfast at Waffle House. They started calling me Dunkin. LOL :)
    Atlanta, Georgia area
  • If the world is something you accept rather than interpret, then you're susceptible to the influence of charismatic idiots.

    In Durham, NC, where I'm kicking ass every day, even without a basket.  
  • BotchBotch Posts: 3,639
    A small glass of Spicy V-8 followed by iced tea.  Never got into coffee.  
    Live fast, die young, and leave a well-marbled corpse.  
    Ogden, Utard.  
  • Black_BadgerBlack_Badger Posts: 1,127
    Not a coffee drinker, so no normal routine. When possible a spicy Bloody Mary with a small beer back (Wisconsin style!) Is the go to option. That mostly means weekend and vacation days.


    Finally back in the Badger State!

    Middleton, WI
  • J_QueJ_Que Posts: 207
    Smoothie: v8 splash, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, summer squash, ground flax, protein powder and a couple ice cubes.
    I knew all the rules, but the rules did not know me.
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,902
    Dt dew or iced tea. Never could stand coffee



     LBGE,SBGE, and a mini makes three......Sweet home Alabama........ Stay thirsty my friends .

  • EggcelsiorEggcelsior Posts: 11,867
    Wife's Delonghi Latissima + and my Le Creuset french press. Good stuff all around. I also have a glass carafe for loose leaf tea.

  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 1,881

    Hey @Doc_Eggerton, have you ever had irish coffe at the Buena Vista Café in San Fran?  The largest seller of Jameson's in America!

    How many sugar cubes do you put in your IC?

    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,565
    jaydub58 said:

    Hey @Doc_Eggerton, have you ever had irish coffe at the Buena Vista Café in San Fran?  The largest seller of Jameson's in America!

    How many sugar cubes do you put in your IC?

    Been to SF but not that cafe.  Coffee, three spoons of sugar, half and half, and the elixir of the Gods.

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • sumoconnellsumoconnell Posts: 1,057
    Kcup for sure, like the Colombian fair trade select. Or 2. Put it in my favorite thermos cup in the world, a Starbucks thermos with a screw lid for 360 drinkability. Hours of hot coffee, rarely lasts that long. Before I did that, I was chugging coffee once it got cold and getting more. Was up to 6 or so cups and was too edgy.
    Austin, Texas.  I'm the guy holding a beer.
  • jaydub58jaydub58 Posts: 1,881
    jaydub58 said:

    Hey @Doc_Eggerton, have you ever had irish coffe at the Buena Vista Café in San Fran?  The largest seller of Jameson's in America!

    How many sugar cubes do you put in your IC?

    Been to SF but not that cafe.  Coffee, three spoons of sugar, half and half, and the elixir of the Gods.

    You have come real close to the BV; it's credited as the first place in America where irish coffee was served.  Only difference is, they use two sugar cubes and whipping cream.  Next time you're in The City, give them a shot; right down by the waterfront, a very colorful place.  Been a good number of years since we were there (going back this fall), but back then they had their own Irish Whiskey label.

    Great way to start the day (end it, too)! 

    John in the Willamette Valley of Oregon
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