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....different twists (at least for me!) to pulled pork!

Hey, everyone -

I tried a few new things today and wanted to share with the group.  We had long-time college friends over for the last few days and wanted to share some good ol' Carolina Pulled Pork with them. For me, this was the first time I had prepared the butt this way so, again, I wanted to share with the group.

1.) I've never injected a butt before.  It was a simple injection recipe (apple juice + apple cider vinegar + Worcestershire + salt + brown sugar + water) that I injected throughout the pork.
2.) I've never "brined" a butt before.  I soaked the butt overnight in the same goodness I injected.
3.) I had the butt indirect @ 210 degrees over a drip-pan with some apple juice (as usual.)  But, at 160 degrees, I wrapped the butt in foil and poured some of the juices from the drip pan into the foil (which I've never done before) and finished in the foil.

I pulled @ 203 degrees internal but was only able to let it sit for maybe 30-min (while the table was set and the rest of dinner was prep'd.) 

4.) Lastly, I chopped instead of pulling - again, first time I've done that.

It was amazing (not a first!) but the taste was so different - in a great way.  Incredibly juicy and incredibly flavorful!   ...a very intense pork flavor!

Again, I'm sure not an original approach - but, for me it was the first time and I'll definitely do it this way again!


  • Sounds intense and delicious!!


    LBGE & SBGE (big momma and pat)
  • boatbumboatbum Posts: 1,261


    I was cooking butt's before I ever got an Egg.   Continued on with the Egg.   Not sure how many Butts I have cooked, but only recently started injecting.

    Wow - I agree the injection is fabulous.

    That's the great thing about this site, everyone is trying new things and then we all learn from it.

    I will try your injection mix next time.   I have been using Hot Sauce and Italian Salad dressing ( got the salad dressing idea from this site).


    Good job - bring more ideas!!!!

    Cookin in Texas
  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 1,806
    Sounds great Egger, I still need to inject a butt one time.


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  • ...I should have included in the first post.  Here is the simple injection I used:

    1c apple juice
    1/2c apple cider vinegar
    1/2c water
    1c brown sugar
    1/4c kosher salt
    2T Worcestershire sauce

    I injected that throughout and then let the butt soak in that overnight.  I rubbed with Kansas City Sweet about an hour before going onto the egg.

    The one "negative" is that it didn't develop a thick bark...but, it was a great flavor throughout and the most moist I've done.

    So...that's that.
  • Scott PScott P Posts: 22

    Sounds Great! I brine and inject all the time. I use a product called Smoke on Wheels (pork) to inject and then soke my butts in for 8 to 10 hours. The Smoke on Wheels gives the pork a great taste. 

    I have used it in several BBQ competitions and have done well with it.

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