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OT - What Was Your First Job?



  • bbqlearnerbbqlearner Posts: 661
    Worked in the post/mail office as clerk/bookkeeper.

    Houston, TX - Buddy LBGE, Don SBGE, Tiny Mini & Shiny Momma Pitts n Spitts

  • Haws72688Haws72688 Posts: 40
    My first real job was being part of the morning stock crew in a big chain hardware store.  This set the bar for getting up early and every job since then has seemed MUCH MUCH more tolerable with start times.

    Having to be there at 4:30 with Michigan winters was a rough drive and meant getting up much much earlier some days.

    Pretty much just made enough to cover gas and the occasional breakfast.
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • @Haws72688 - Are you still in the Great Lakes State? My cave is in Flint.


    Flint, Michigan.  Named the most dangerous city in America by the F.B.I. three years running.

  • LitLit Posts: 3,263
    Started mowing yards in the neighborhood probably at 12 or 13. Got $25 a yard I was rich.
  • dlk7dlk7 Posts: 988
    Delivered the Peoria Journal Star, cut grass, detasselled, shoveled snow during years 9 -16.  Bus boy for a local restaurant for a year. Worked in my uncle's fabrication shop for 12 years and at the same time worked as an iron worker installing dust collection systems on grain elevators on weekends.

    Two XL BGEs - So Happy!!!!

    Waunakee, WI

  • TexanOfTheNorthTexanOfTheNorth Posts: 2,750
    Besides cutting grass, my first "real" job was working in a donut shop. I was 15. During the school year I only worked on Saturday and Sunday mornings but, in the summer I worked 7 days a week. Week day shifts started at 4:30am, Saturdays usually started at 2:00am and Sundays around 4:00am. My mom would get up and take me to work until I got my DL and could get there on my own.
    Well, "spa-Peggy" is kind of like spaghetti. I'm not sure what Peggy does different, if anything. But it's the one dish she's kind of made her own.
    Aurora, Ontario, Canada
  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
    Working in a lumber yard, pulling orders and delivering
    Go Dawgs! - Marietta, GA
  • Haws72688Haws72688 Posts: 40

    I am living just south of Grand Rapids these days.  Although I am driving across to Ann Arbor once or twice a month.
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • TillermanTillerman Posts: 38

    My first job... wow, have not thought about that in a long time.  I was hired by a neighbor to clean his shop (but that didn't really count.)  Thinking back, I was employed by a Village outside Cincinnati to paint fire hydrants when I was 14.  I had to have a work permit and everything.  Funny, I thought I was so important!  LOL

  • SPRIGSSPRIGS Posts: 214
    I helped a local hog farmer with the hogs and bailing hay as well as building houses with my dad, uncle, and cousin.  Then when I was 16 - started working at the local golf course mowing greens, fairways, etc..
  • robnybbqrobnybbq Posts: 1,670
    paperboy and bowling alley utility person (mechanic, desk, porter)

    LBGE, Adjustable Rig, Spider, High-Que grate, maverick ET-732, Thermapen,

    Garnerville, NY
  • sumoconnellsumoconnell Posts: 913
    First clock-in/out job was at Burger King, putting pucks in the flame-broiler, 8th grade had to get my principal to signoff, and I could only work 2 hour shifts. It was nuts.  They would fill the breakroom with kids, all of us off the clock.  When a rush came in, the manager pops in and says "I need a few of you", and we'd clock in.  Once the rush was done, they'd have us clock out and go back to the breakroom.  Might work one hour if we were lucky. (Scumbag owner, but we had a blast)

    Austin, Texas.  I'm the guy holding a beer.
  • BustersdadBustersdad Posts: 201
    Cutting lawns and waiting on tables at a local restaurant.
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