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Do I need clean my original felt gasket? If so, how?

Newbie question.  I was careless and accidentally got some charcoal dust/fines onto rim of the egg.  I tried to brush and blow as much of the charcoal off the felt, but, rubbing it with a paper towel seemed to only mush it more into the fibers of the gasket.  I've cooked 2-3 times on it already and it didn't show any signs of burning off. (lack of oxygen maybe?)

a) Should I be concern?
b) Next time, if I spilled BBQ sauce or meat juices on it, what should I do?

Thanks in advance.

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  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 11,156
    Personally, I don't worry about it.  It eventually turns black and hard with use.  Moisture can seriously degrade Nomex with heat.  You can use some water and scrub it, but make sure it dries completely before using it.  Better yet, just use a brush and try to get what you can off.  I read the Nomex technical documentation a while back and learned about the moisture degradation.
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  • Mattman3969Mattman3969 Posts: 2,786
    I don't worry about.


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  • GreenhawKGreenhawK Posts: 398
    I haven't ever cleaned mine.  I think the grease and stuff makes it last longer. haha

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  • gdenbygdenby Posts: 4,229
    I guessed a gunked up gasket helped seal the Egg, and protected the gasket from burn thru. Experience showed my hunch was right.

     I had one gasket that I was careful to not overheat. After close to two years, there wasn't much left of it, but it made a fine seal. Towards the end, I had some trouble opening the dome. And then I did a brief clean burn, and saw brown trickles down the outside of the Egg. Decided the gasket really needed changing.

    Got out a tank of propane, figuring to burn the gasket away. I found that the remnant of the gasket was about 1/4 of the original width, and the rest, which immediately burst into flame under the propane, was just soot and grease. Where the trickles had come out, there was nothing but gunk for several inches.

    I still have a couple of old felt gaskets sitting around. I bought a bunch when I found they were expendable, like car tires. Next change, I think I'll rub some graphite power into them right away.
    You can simply wipe of fresh sauce with a damp rag. 



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  • SmyrnaGASmyrnaGA Posts: 149
    Thanks for all the suggestion. I'll stick with Nola's suggestion with brush & wipes.

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