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Bbq pitmasters show

Not sure if you all are aware.. But a new season is underway from destination America. Its a free download through iTunes for the first episode....

Its so stupid. There are three teams and two of the teams are using pellet cookers. Wtf. Pellets is a glorified oven. I'm pissed that they made their way into the tv show.

Rant done.


  • Charlie tunaCharlie tuna Posts: 2,191
    It's all about money don't take it serious!
  • mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,752
    That's true. I wish it would go back to how they did the first season
  • calikingcaliking Posts: 7,063
    I don't get that channel on Dish Network :( 

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  • MrCookingNurseMrCookingNurse Posts: 4,306
    I really like the show, some seasons a lot more than others.  It's fun to watch the circuit ones.  I'll have to make sure it is set to DVR. Thanks.


  • mountaindewbassmountaindewbass Posts: 1,752
    Caliking. If you have iTunes click on TV shoes then free episodes.
  • I don't get that channel on Dish Network :( 
    Channel 194
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,284
    DVRed several shows, judges have been Myron Mixon, Tuffy Stone, and Aaron Franklin or somebody as guest judge. 

    Things you can learn include how to present your box, how to present certain types of meats, and of course how to BBQ. 

    They usually have three contestants. Each contestant gives an overview of their cooker. I've seen ONE BGE that somebody used on the side. Otherwise, they use big cookers of various types, even gassers and electrics but mostly charcoal/wood burners.

    They are usually cooking two main meats. So each contestant will say what temp, what wood smoke, and what other techniques they're going to use. Temps vary more than you would think, from 225F to 320F. Many or most of them seem to use Thermapens to check for doneness. 

    They do a lot of foiling once the meat has 'enough smoke'. I was surprised by this. Most glaze their entry with a thin sauce. Color, texture, and taste are primary factors. The judges look for certain things and the contestants often make 'amateurish' mistakes or have trouble with a particular meat that they normally do not have trouble with, sound familiar? 

    It's a good show, not a great show.The judges tell you what they're looking for and it's not complicated. It's mostly entertainment and they play up the drama. There's a lot of 'trashtalk', which seems silly. There's at least some 'educational value' in watching. And really, it looks like ANYBODY could win if they know what parameters the judges are looking for but either way , hey, it's BBQ so it's fun to watch while you'er BBQing while you're waiting for football season to start! 

  • tactical_66tactical_66 Posts: 197
    The show is entertaining. You will hear many of the competition cooks say they do not cook BBQ that way to eat. Johnny Trigg wins a lot with his ribs but cooks the ones he eats differently.
  • My wife started watching this show last year. This year she decided to get me a BGE for Father's Day. I believe no show, no egg, so I am forever grateful. The first couple of seasons are streaming on Netflix.
  • henapplehenapple Posts: 14,589
    Nixon says judges like sweet...
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  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,284
    Would like to know what guys like Johnny Trigg do different between ribs they turn in and ribs they eat. I mean mainly for the ones they eat, not just a bite or two for a judge!
  • We don't get that channel on Comcast without paying extra.  Not happening.


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  • SkinnyVSkinnyV Posts: 2,706
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    We don't get that channel on Comcast without paying extra.  Not happening.

    On your team last few years during non - football season its $16 Comcast limited basic. NCAA season I sign back up for a deal. Just don't need the TV and all those channel s. But I do have Netflix streaming for the kiddos but now that I think of it not sure why....its.not used . did like House of Cards.
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  • Que_n_BrewQue_n_Brew Posts: 565
    I enjoy the show for what it is. You can get some tips on what to do...and what not to do. one episode they were doing chicken or turkey (I think it was legs). This last decided to inject the juices/drippings at the end of the cook, which I thought was odd. It made the meat mushy and she got hammered on it. The main difference in the way these guys/gals cook at home vs the circuit is they cook there ribs to fall off the bone at home where the circuit that is a negative and will receive a poor score. The goal is one bite with no tug and the meat not pulling off. It's a timing issue.
  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,284
    edited July 2013
    On season one episode one on Netflix this a.m. Johnny Trigg noted that when he cooks ribs 'to eat' he's happy to just use S & P and some smoke and he does what he does in comp because that's what the judges look for. I'm sure most of us cook to eat ...... but it is interesting to see what the competitions look for (in that ONE or TWO bites!). Now, what to cook today .....
  • Crispix49Crispix49 Posts: 190
    Watch a rerun of pitmasters today...that gal from Wood Chicks BBQ was cooking with 3 BGEs. She got LAST in baby backs since the eggs that she borrowed, the guy had used lighter fluid in them?!? Kinda sad a world class BBQ champion even associates with someone who would use lighter fluid in an egg! Also sad: me getting wrapped up rooting for a candidate on a made for TV BBQ competition
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  • SteveWPBFLSteveWPBFL Posts: 1,284
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    It's not an Egg but in the first episode of season one Johnny Trigg just stands there shakin' his head and mumbling while Myron Mixon lights his cooker with TONS of charcoal lighter. Mixon's mumbling the whole time, too, sayin' stuff like I know they think it's wrong but I don't care it don't matter if you win. And he won.
  • NibbleMeThisNibbleMeThis Posts: 2,254
    It's reality TV, take it for what it is - entertainment.  I'm glad for any coverage that BBQ gets on TV.  I have seen several episodes taped.  Nothing in the competition is rigged but the producers definitely play up things to make it more dramatic, they do re-takes, and scenes are cut in (for example, the "Pitmasters, you have 'x' minutes until 'y' turn ins" are often all filmed at one time and edited in later).

    Some other good shows to check out -

    DivaQ's BBQ Crawl on Travel Channel.  Danielle is a kick butt pitmaster (best pork at the Jack Daniels Invitational two years ago) and the show follows her travels to BBQ restaurants and competitions.  I've enjoyed this one because she is down to earth and just loves Q.

    The Orrisons at The Shed have a show coming up on Food Network next month.  If you know that crew, you KNOW that show is going to be hilarious and fun. 
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  • HotchHotch Posts: 1,483

    I told my wife there is a difference between reality and educational TV.

    One for profit and ratings and the other to educate the viewers.

    Some find it impossible to do both.

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