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Your favorite... Yes, another one

henapplehenapple Posts: 14,947
At the movies with Jake for The Conjuring. What's your 3 favorite movies...

Saving Private Ryan
Forrest Gump
Damn, after that it's tough...

Lord of the Ring series
Star Wars series
Strange Brew
Vacation.. Chevy Chase
Die Hard
True Grit

The last one is tough to decide.
Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 


  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,535
    I gotta take a leak so bad I can tase it. I'll throw a couple more to pick from: Shawshank Redemption Pulp Fiction Silence of the lambs Usual suspects Resistor dogs Platoon Or a couple funny ones Friday or dazed and confused
    Greensboro, NC
  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,535
    Wish they would fix spacing issues on ipad
    Greensboro, NC
  • ZumaZuma Posts: 44
    I'll go with     Grumpy Ol' Men      Forrest Gump     Top Gun
  • ChubbsChubbs Posts: 5,684
    Primal Fear is in my top 3
    Columbia, SC --- LBGE 2011 -- MINI BGE 2013
  • TjcoleyTjcoley Posts: 3,451
    Gigli, Barney's Great Adventure, Showgirls
    It's not a science, it's an art. And it's flawed.
    - Camp Hill, PA
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 7,604

    #1- Pulp Fiction-watch it annually Xmas day!  Nothing else comes close. 

    But in a deep second place-Das Boot.

    #3-Animal House.

    (Am old or what???) And this through the lense of several adult supervisory beverages on a Sunday PM.


    Louisville   L & S BGEs 
  • hapsterhapster Posts: 7,267
  • FoghornFoghorn Posts: 2,890

    The Princess Bride

    True Romance

    Animal House

    XL BGE, Klose BYC, ProQ Excel, Weber Kettle, Firepit, Grand Turbo gasser, and a portable Outdoor Gourmet gasser for tailgating

    San Antonio, TX

  • bud812bud812 Posts: 1,513
    Behind the green door. :D

    Not to get technical, but according to chemistry alcohol is a solution...

    Large & Small BGE

    Stockton Ca.

  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 17,178
    Pulp Fiction
    Kill Bill
    Ghost World
    Ghost Dog
    Kung Fu Hustle
    bla bla bla could go on, hard to rank the best ones.
    This is my signature line just so you're not confused.
    Large and Medium BGE, Kamado Joe Jr., smoker with a 5k btu AC, gas grill, fire pit, pack of angry cats, two turntables and a microphone, my friend.
    New Orleans, LA - we know how to eat 

  • Any John Wayne movie
    Any Clint Eastwood movie
    Most any Cary Grant movie


    Shangri la where life is beautiful and everybody's happy.

  • BigGreenBamaGrillerBigGreenBamaGriller Posts: 598
    edited July 2013
    Gladiator Rocky (original) Step Brothers?
    Killen, AL (The Shoals)
    XL, Small, Minimax, and Mini BGEs
  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,679
    Christmas Vacation
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off
    Winston-Salem, NC 
  • berndcrispberndcrisp Posts: 816
    edited July 2013
    Guess who's coming to dinner.
    To kill a mocking bird.
    It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World.
    Everything Hitchcock.
    Hood Stars, Wrist Crowns and Obsession Dobs!

  • travisstricktravisstrick Posts: 4,868
    The big labowski
    Lonesome dove
    Band of brothers
    Legend featuring Tom cruise.....
    Be careful, man! I've got a beverage here.
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,563
    The Fountainhead
    55 Days in Peking

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

  • BREWnQBREWnQ Posts: 213
    Dumb and Dumber
    Step Brothers 
    Boiler Room
    Brewer, BBQer, Softballer, RCer, Father, HomeTheaterer, and trouble maker.
    Orange, CA
  • Hokie_SmokerHokie_Smoker Posts: 531
    edited July 2013
    Blazing Saddles, Animal House, Caddy Shack tied with Blues Brothers


    Johnson, Navin R... Sounds like a typical bastard.


    Belmont, NC

  • dstrbd488dstrbd488 Posts: 65
    Taken, blazing saddles, and tombstone
  • AcnAcn Posts: 1,257
    The Godfather
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    The Princess Bride
    The Maltese Falcon
    The Usual Suspects


    Pikesville, MD

  • EggucatorEggucator Posts: 185
    Open Range
    Super Troopers

    Zionsville, IN
  • MklineMkline Posts: 177
    Flash Gordon! Enough said.
  • RLeeperRLeeper Posts: 480
    Usual suspects, scarface, blow, catch me if you can, Django, Thomas crown affair, man I could keep going
    Extra Large, Large, and Mini. Tucker, GA
  • A Clockwork Orange
    The Princess Bride
    Blade Runner

    [Northern] Virginia is for [meat] lovers.
  • TUTTLE871TUTTLE871 Posts: 1,316
    Mkline said:

    Flash Gordon! Enough said.

    Watched again last night for the 1000th time. Pure greatness! Had to watch it last night because I watched TED again for the 100th time on Friday and those two go hand in hand.

    "Hold my beer and watch this S##T!"


  • BYS1981BYS1981 Posts: 2,166
    snatch isn't my all time favorite, but it's in the conversation
  • TonyATonyA Posts: 566
    Silence of the Lambs
    Usual Suspects
  • Doc_EggertonDoc_Eggerton Posts: 4,563
    edited July 2013
    Just finished watching A Big Hand for a Little Lady.  Hardly a movie around full of that many great actors.  Oh, and seeing Burgess Meredith reminded me of another great movie, and book; In Harm's Way.

    XLBGE X 2, LBGE, MBGE and lots of toys

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