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OT - Jury Duty? Tell Us About It.



  • JRWhiteeJRWhitee Posts: 2,556
    Welcome back VI you haven't lost your sense of humor. Hope your feeling better.

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  • BREWnQBREWnQ Posts: 210
    Called twice served once.  Funny how my whole mindset changed when I was in the jury room.  10 times out of 10 I would say this dudes a dirtbag and should be sent to jail.  But in the jury room I was actually standing up for the dude.  I wouldn't let the other people roll their eyes and say pshhh guilty without saying WHY they thought he was guilty.  I ended up voting not guilty on 2 of his felony counts. 
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  • Having been a reporter, I covered more than one murder trial. Defense attorney, a PD, grabbed me at lunch break to find out who I was and why I was in the courtroom during my first murder trial. He then ran his defense past me. I said no way. In front of the judge and jury he then claimed it was an accident, but if it wasn't, it was self defense. All the idiots weren't in the jury box.
    For some reason, I have never sat on a jury, but have spent days waiting to be called.
    Have fun
  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,308
    I just got an invitation today from the state to spend every Thursday for 3 months on a grand jury.  I'd do it, but I travel some for my job so I'm going to ask to be excused if they need me every Thursday, not just most Thursdays.

    Interesting that the summons was hand delivered by an officer from the Sheriff's dept.  All other jury notices I received have been via the mail. 

    I've never been picked.  I must look like Uncle Fester.  ;)

    Cooking on an XL and Medium in Bethesda, MD.
  • Hi54puttyHi54putty Posts: 1,499
    If you don't want to be selected wear a suit with a crisp shirt and tie. You will be home by lunch.
    Winston-Salem, NC 
  • td66snrftd66snrf Posts: 754

    Six weeks on a civil real estate deal. Very interesting and learned a lot. Verdict for the defendant.


    Eight weeks on a death penalty murder trial. A guy killed a 12 yr old boy then cut him up and encased him in concrete. There are pictures in my head that I'll never be able to get rid of. Guilty +death sentence.


    Two and a half weeks on a hit and run case where a 20 something girl driving a Prius with her boyfriend in the car hit an 80+ old man and killed him. Guilty

    Drug possession case. We found him guilty, but what we didn't know it was his third strike. Automatic 25 to life.


    I feel I've done my civic duty in this department. Once the attorneys find out that you've been on a jury and you came to a decision regardless of the outcome they want you. They don't want to go through the whole trial to have a hung jury and have to start over. When I was on the murder trial it started with a jury pool of 1400 people. I'm looking at this sea of people thinking there's no way I'm getting picked. Next thing I know I'm in the box with my right hand up getting sworn in.

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  • WolfpackWolfpack Posts: 1,266
    37 and I bet I have been called 5 times minimum- first 2 I was in college so got out. Last time served on child molestation case- no fun. Wanted to strangle the guy from the jury box- wish death penalty had been an option.
    Greensboro, NC
  • FoghornFoghorn Posts: 2,034
    I've never been called. A good friend of mine has. He retired to Texas after a 28 year career as a police detective in New York. To his amazement a defense attorney allowed him to stay on a jury in a murder case. His peers made him the foreman. Defendant was found guilty.

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  • GriffinGriffin Posts: 6,697

    Been called a few times, but always dismissed. The last time was for multiple murders. They asked me if he was found guilty, could I have an open mind about the sentencing. I said no, murder = death penalty and I wouldn't want anything less. I think they would have dismissed me, but during a recess, the guy got cold feet and took the plea bargain.

    The money they paid me didn't even cover parking and lunch, let alone gas. What a deal! Oh well, still got paid at work. :)

    Richardson, Texas

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