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Welders gloves

Any recommendations on which brand gloves to get, or perhaps more importantly which ones to avoid if they can't take the heat when lifting out a hot PS?


  • RaymontRaymont Posts: 253

    I have a ~$12.00 pair bought from Amazon that work great. They all look about the same. I don't think you'll go wrong.

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    Nashville, TN

  • SaltySamSaltySam Posts: 380

    agree with @mkline 100%.  I've been able to hold on to a hot plate setter for about 4-5 seconds before it got too hot.  I keep a square of travertine tile on my egg so I can set it down quickly. 

    LBGE since June 2012

    Omaha, NE

  • hapsterhapster Posts: 6,392
    Along with the gloves... Get a Woo. Makes moving the plate setter so much easier ;)

  • Hokie_SmokerHokie_Smoker Posts: 446
    Don't buy the cheap ones from Harbor Freight.


    Johnson, Navin R... Sounds like a typical bastard.


    Belmont, NC

  • henapplehenapple Posts: 13,527
    Northern tool... About 4 seconds.
    Green egg, dead animal and alcohol. The "Boro".. TN 
  • NJ_BBQNJ_BBQ Posts: 77
    Thanks for the warning w.r.t. the short window of time and having a plan on where to place the PS!
  • Scott PScott P Posts: 22

    There is a place in Canada called Dickson BBQ that makes a special plate setter lifter.

  • fljoemonfljoemon Posts: 376
    hapster said:
    Along with the gloves... Get a Woo. Makes moving the plate setter so much easier ;)

    +1 on the Woo .. the handles make is so much easier to lift the PlateSetter.

    LBGE & Mini
    Orlando, FL
  • nolaeggheadnolaegghead Posts: 12,807
    Get some Tillman 850L gloves. 
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  • BobsBGEBobsBGE Posts: 99
    I tried welders gloves and first try was without a good plan.  Someone on the forum recommended "The Ove Glove" so I bought 2 and they are really good.  I won't say you can hold a platesetter for a long period of time but they are good enough to get it to where you need to set it down.
    Fayetteville, Ga
  • I bought these at a welding supply store, $9.25 they work good, which means about 4 seconds
  • GK59GK59 Posts: 488
    I was told by someone why would you want to remove the PS or pizza stone.
     Changing what you want to cook that's why.
    Then burn your digits once . Spend good money and get good gloves. Gauntlet welder gloves protect while flippn' you meat, not much else.
    Ask a welder how long he holds on to a piece of HOT steel. Not long.
    You'll learn, I did.  Sorry to preach.

    Smitty's Kid's BBQ

    Bay City,MI

  • flynnbobflynnbob Posts: 593
    My Mom gave me these many moons ago.  She got them from LL Bean.  I used them to move hot firewood around in the fireplace.  They are insulated and I can move anything hot around at will - including the platesetter.  I scoff at the fire gods ..........
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    Milton, GA.
  • TurtleCreekTurtleCreek Posts: 140
    My red Lodge brand welding gloves work great.  They are well seasoned and do what they need to do.  I use my gloves to open the egg anytime a burp is necessary ... saves your forearm for the unexpected flash (that's right ... I do not have a 100% burping streak)

    My buddy was using a pair cheaper pair with a liner in them - the liner pulled out every time he took his hand out of one of them.

    As said above - know where you are going with your hot plate and get it there quickly.
  • HotwingkingHotwingking Posts: 183
    If you know a Fireman ask him for an old pair of his gloves, that's what I did and they work great.
    image.jpg 199.3K
  • SoCalWJSSoCalWJS Posts: 257
    I have an old pair with no label that work OK, but decided to get a second pair (I invariably leave the gloves inside after bringing food back inside after a cook). Bought a cheap brown pair marked "Western Electric" (can't remember where).

    Almost a complete waste - only last a few seconds as opposed to the old one which would last 10+ seconds.
  • GrillmagicGrillmagic Posts: 801
    edited July 2013
    The pair I received from the CGS work great of course I haven't had a fire over 500 degrees yet. I just lift the plate setter out and place it on 2 bricks next to the BGE.
  • mdoziermdozier Posts: 86
    We get the plain fireplace gloves from HD or the fireplace/grill shop. Can't remember but I think they're about $14 bucks.
    Very long cuff and well insulated liner, all leather. They work great. Certainly well seasoned but I can still pick up the hot ps, meat, grate and get it to where ever I'm going.
  • PlanoPokes79PlanoPokes79 Posts: 176
    edited July 2013
    I put on a pair of jersey gloves, then the welder gloves, gives you a little more time!!
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