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Does anyone have suggestions for smoking a chicken at the same time as a brisket?

I'm new as an Egghead. My first attempt was amazing -- baby backs according to a friend's recipe.

I now want to smoke a brisket as well as a couple of chickens, at the same time..., and I have the brisket recipe, but my wife wants me to cook a chicken or two for the non-meat-eaters in our crowd.

Question -- does someone have a suggestion for smoking both meats at the lower temperature required for the brisket?
I have 2 separate remote thermometers, so I should be able to jam one in the chicken and one in the brisket, so I can gauge when to pull out the first meat -- maybe increasing the temp for the chicken if it's the last to finish. But, I would imagine that the chicken is not cooked nearly as long as the brisket is.

Do you have suggestions?


Wino Jeff



  • IrishDevlIrishDevl Posts: 1,390
    The chicken will absorb quite a bit of smoke, so that could be a bit of an issue. The brisket will cook 12 hours or so if a packer at 250. Pull brisket at 200 internal and chicken at 165 white meat, 180 dark.
  • doubledouble Posts: 1,214
    Wino last time I checked chicken was still meat... I would do the brisket then foil, towel and cooler it whilst you do a couple of chickens spatchcocked.
    Lynnwood WA
  • lousubcaplousubcap Posts: 5,936

    No eggspert here but given the chicken and brisket challenge-the brisket, even a light weight flat (compared to a packer), will take many hours longer to cook than the chix.  I would cook the brisket and then while it is FTC (foil, towels and a cooler) resting crank up the temp and cook the chix.  You can spatchcock cook a chix in around an hour.  Check out the recipe here for spatchcock chix-the easiest and best way to BGE that yard bird. BTW the main TNW site is full of great info.  Enjoy the journey.


  • CGW1CGW1 Posts: 332
    Irish devil is correct, chicken will take on smoke very easy, what you use for the chicken may not be enough for the brisket, and if you over do it the chicken will be over smoked.  Without a doubt the chicken will finish up much sooner than the brisket.

    Temp wise, again Irish devil is correct.  I've pulled briskets at 185 which have been pretty good also.

    Good luck
    Franco Ceramic Grillworks
  • CGW1CGW1 Posts: 332
    +1 for hapster....a good fuente opus x would do nicely
    Franco Ceramic Grillworks
  • I take it you are trying to feed some people with that type of cook, if you are not careful you will produce a tough slab of beef and a over smoked bird.  Not the best way to show off the Egg or your skills.

    The brisket is by far the toughest cook of the two, I would tackle that cook by itself.  I prefer a full packer brisket which should fill up the Egg's grill space.  While resting the brisket remove the platesetter and ramp the temps up into the mid 300's and do you chicken direct on a raised grid for best results (IMO). 


    Good luck, pay attention to your mistakes...practice makes perfect. 



    from SANTA CLARA, CA

  • I agree with Smitty.....these are two separate cooks....plan your brisket to be done a few hours before eating, wrap in foil, put in cooler and then do the chicken just before meal time.......chickens are easy, briskets are tricky
  • Thanks for the advice. I completely understand.
  • Ragtop99Ragtop99 Posts: 1,338
    Forget FTC.  This is a perfect opportunity to suggest a second egg. 
    Cooking on an XL and Medium in Bethesda, MD.
  • LitLit Posts: 3,494
    The brisket should cook aeound 250 dome indirect. The chicken should cook from 350-400 dome depending on the method you choose. I would cook the brisket and pull it to rest in a cooler wrapped in foil and a towel and then kick the egg up to 375 and cook the chicken spatckcocked while the brisket rests. This will give crispy skin versus the tough skin you will get if you cook at 250.
  • winojeffwinojeff Posts: 35
    That's a great idea! Thanks!!

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