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What is the popular Dog breed for eggers?



  • DuganboyDuganboy Posts: 1,118
    edited July 2013
  • We have a chihuahua and this is what he does when I am egging.
    image.jpg 4.3M
  • Labs. Have 2 chocolate females getting up in age (12). Next lab will be a black one. Got to have a hunting buddy


    John Henry Lump Charcoal

    A few toys for the Egg right now but always looking for more.

    Egging in the Lowcountry of SC

  • Beagle1Beagle1 Posts: 37
    Brittany and Beagle, one each.  They go by Ellie and Mable.
    Atlanta, GA and Watts Bar Lake, TN
    2 LBGEs
  • HotchHotch Posts: 1,657
    Sherlock, our rescue 13" Lemon Beagle, you might know his cousin, Underdog!

     "You’re not a real Texan till you’ve been kicked out of every decent state in America." - Joe Bob Briggs

    LBGE, Mini BGE and R&V Fryer

    Prosper TX

    And your are correct, Texas Red has no Beans

  • GreenhawKGreenhawK Posts: 398
    imageHHere is Duke.  He is a Great Pyrenees.  He's as good as they come
    Large BGE Decatur, AL
  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 7,290
    edited July 2013
    @GreenhawK - had a Pyre, super family dog, not big on fetch but loved to watch and guard the family "flock". 

    Now we have a Saint, second one, most gentle and loving dog given she weighs in at about 180 lbs. 

    Kally has been with us going on six years. She is from Lasquite Island, weed growing capital of BC. 
    This link is to the rest of her family....

    Delta B.C. - Vee-Gan: old Indian word for poor hunter. 
  • BuckeyeBobBuckeyeBob Posts: 654
    We have two and they are my constant companions when I am outside cooking.  First is Keira, the Goldendoodle


    Then there is Oliver, the Labradoodle.  Dumbest smart dog you ever met.


    We needed to go the cross breed with the poodle due to allergies.  They are really great dogs.
    Clarendon Hills, IL
  • Skiddymarker, that is a Great video!
  • BotchBotch Posts: 3,647
    Skiddymarker, that is a Great video!
    +1, you can almost feel the humidity go up with all that panting!  I suppose the owners just bypass Pets-R-Us and get direct truck shipments from Purina?  
    Live fast, die young, and leave a well-marbled corpse.  
    Ogden, Utard.  
  • yellowdogbbqyellowdogbbq Posts: 376
    My current egging buddy is Tye, a 2 year old American bulldog mix (rescue dog from a prison program).  My avatar is Malcolm who was my previous egging friend.  
  • ZaltydogZaltydog Posts: 72
    German Wirehaired Pointer.  8 years old, still acts like she is two and she loves Lake Huron (actually any body of water except the bathtub).

  • SmokinDAWG82SmokinDAWG82 Posts: 1,704
    Mini Dachsund
    Go Dawgs! - Marietta, GA
  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,902
    We have a Blue Heeler (Pepper) and a Maltese (Lacy). Pepper is the absolute best dog I have ever owned. Both great dogs.



     LBGE,SBGE, and a mini makes three......Sweet home Alabama........ Stay thirsty my friends .

  • Standard poodle. Her name is Aida.
    image.jpg 868.1K
    Wiggins, MS
  • boatbumboatbum Posts: 1,273
    Check my current profile pic - smart pup - he is a boat dog - through and through.
    Cookin in Texas
  • FlyingTivoFlyingTivo Posts: 351
    My new German Shepperd and the Boss a Shih tzu!


    Men, easier fed than understood!!
  • FlyingTivoFlyingTivo Posts: 351
    Here is the boss!image
    Men, easier fed than understood!!
  • Cairn terrier is a vital member of my bbq team.
    image.jpg 629.5K
  • Dan4BBQDan4BBQ Posts: 269
    We have had some great dogs over the years.  2 minature schnausers when the kids were small.
    English Springer that passed at 12 about 4 years ago. Our yellow lab passed 1 month ago at 12. Our lab Cookie always love egging.

    We have an English Springer pup to be born in 2 weeks.  My wife thinks that we need two pups.

    We have always gotten a pup when our dog got to be 6 or 8 years old--always loved it.

    Any thoughts about getting two pups?  
  • AviatorAviator Posts: 1,548
    American eskimo here. He is so intense when we grill.
    Louie.jpg 767.9K


    Large and Small BGE, and a baby black Kub.

    And all the toys to make me look like a Gizmo Chef.


    Chattanooga, TN.


  • shtgunal3shtgunal3 Posts: 2,902
    @skiddymarker that's alot of Cujo's!



     LBGE,SBGE, and a mini makes three......Sweet home Alabama........ Stay thirsty my friends .

  • SkiddymarkerSkiddymarker Posts: 7,290
    @Dan4BBQ great idea to have two, dogs are social animals and they need/enjoy company. If you leave them alone they will feed off each other's energy and destroy your house (just kidding)
    Dad always had Springers, lots of exercise needed, with two they will tire themselves out. 
    Delta B.C. - Vee-Gan: old Indian word for poor hunter. 
  • Dan4BBQDan4BBQ Posts: 269
    Thanks Skiddy
  • RicklesssRicklesss Posts: 391
    Miniature Schnzuzers for me and the miss's Wish I could post a photo, got some great ones. Dogs are the BEST! RicklessssssssS
  • Dan4BBQDan4BBQ Posts: 269
    My new puppy is somewhere in the tummy.

    View photo.JPG in slide show
  • GK59GK59 Posts: 501
    I had 2 yellow labs. First one from the pound the other was pure. After the 2nd one passed I couldn't  bring myself to get another. Best dogs ever!

    Smitty's Kid's BBQ

    Bay City,MI

  • AcnAcn Posts: 1,260
    I have rescue too, we're pretty sure she is a border collie/lab/chow mix. Sweetest dog I've ever been around.
    image.jpg 1.7M


    Pikesville, MD

  • Z_EggineerZ_Eggineer Posts: 570
    My favorite breed will always be mutt!
    Trixey - adopted pit / black lab / unknown mix.

    Pictures are of her celebrating the 4th and helping me with the remodel.

  • rml2112rml2112 Posts: 5
    buddy my yellow lab
    IMG_0002.jpg 63.3K
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